tAPI SonicR's Doctor Who Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by SonicR, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Benven99

    Benven99 Terrarian

    You would be correct, as it currently uses tAPI, which was discontinued after Terraria This could eventually be updated to work with tModLoader, but as the last word from the author was in May, and he was last on the forums in June, that doesn't seem likely.
  2. imkSushi

    imkSushi Skeletron Prime

    Well maybe someone at the moment is currently working on their own Doctor Who Mod...
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  3. TheLowGodPrim

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    wait really?
  4. imkSushi

    imkSushi Skeletron Prime

  5. Benven99

    Benven99 Terrarian

    If you do, i will prob love you more than i already do because of your other mod
  6. imkSushi

    imkSushi Skeletron Prime

    thnx. I just need to get the thingy to actually work.
  7. ThePerson111

    ThePerson111 Terrarian

    It can't download. every time I try to download it (and I do exactly what the guide above says) it looks like it's going to work but then when I try to open it, it just makes the sound for when you click on something in the title screen. How do I fix this? are there any specific versions of windows you need to have it work?
  8. ThePerson111

    ThePerson111 Terrarian

    Don't download this. I tried & it ended up deleting my vanilla version, making it unplayable. Don't download it if you want to keep your main version. I had to uninstall my terraria so I could play it, which made all my progress get deleted. Downloading this mod has that risk to it.
  9. Gord

    Gord Terrarian

    What? This mod is for tApi, a mod tool that was discontinued pre-1.3. This mod can (I believe) still be installed and played without issues, but judging from your posts above you didn't know this and installed it incorrectly onto the current version of 1.3. It isn't entirely fair to tell others not to download it if that is the case too.
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  10. ThePerson111

    ThePerson111 Terrarian

    I tried to install it to tApi. It just didn't work. I followed the steps exactly as it said and tried to install it onto, but it still didn't work. Although, it might be because I might've had the wrong version of the game launcher.
  11. theozian1

    theozian1 Terrarian

    i just wish it could be ported to Tmodloader, so i could use some of the great content ive seen with this mod
  12. ThePerson111

    ThePerson111 Terrarian

    I agree.
  13. The 10th Doctor

    The 10th Doctor Official Terrarian

    I have a question. Can you make a TARDIS mount so we can fly and materialize at wherever the mouse pointer is at, provided that there's enough space?
  14. Fireomo

    Fireomo Steampunker

    Can you update it to be compatible with tmodloader too? If you could, that would be great because this mod looks AWESOME but I don't have tAPI so....
  15. Cyborggamingcat

    Cyborggamingcat Terrarian

    Will this be able to run on TModLoader