Adventure Starraria - Starbound/Terraria Adventure Map

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  1. Baih

    Baih Terrarian

    Starraria is a massive adventure/exploration map combining core elements from Starbound with Terraria. Explore 30 varied and unique planets with one of 6 classes. The map is designed for up to 6 people and will take around 10 hours to complete everything.


    Main Features:
    -Wide variety of planets with all sorts of dungeons and caves
    -6 races to choose from
    -Up to 6 players can play this map
    -Mining and building is allowed

    danielbr1993 - Full Playthrough:

    Mangetsuu - Full Playthrough, Polsih:

    rwm8558 - Half Playthrough:

    Zeb - Half Playthrough:

    The Spaceship:


    Exploring the first planet:


    Deep into a pyramid:


    Discovering a NPC village:


    Solving a puzzle:


    On a painted planet:


    How to Play:
    -Create a new softcore character and go onto the Part 1 world
    -When you have completed Sector IV you then go onto the second world

    -Set your spawn on the Spaceship, do not change your spawn
    -Do not change NPC houses or create new ones
    -Do not change any wiring/teleporters
    -Do not edit the Spaceship

    Useful Tips:
    -Use the minimap
    -Statues will give you clues

    How to Install the Map:
    -Download the map
    -Go to My Documents->My Games->Terraria->Worlds
    -Move the world (.wld) files from the download to the Worlds folder

    -Made for Terraria:
    -Based on Starbound:
    -Vast majority of building done with TEdit:
    -Additional help with map making and testing with TShock:

    Thank you to my testers:
    -Cursed Wanderer
    -Noel (Inventor of the NoelCube)(Also loosely inspired the BiyaCube)
    -Super Luigi Brothers

    If you have any feedback then please feel free to tell me.
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  2. Elk

    Elk Terrarian

    This is quite fun, and a pretty unique idea, although at a point it just becomes go through this maze, walk through this trap, go through another maze, more traps, maybe a boss, then another maze, then maybe even another maze.

    It is really clever, and super fun but I feel like 40 planets is just too much, especially when most of them boil down to some kind of maze, whether it be a straight up closed off one like the temples and pyramids, or the caves which really are just mazes in disguise.

    In the first 10-15 planets its pretty unique and a really good experience, but then it just gets repetitive and ends up leaving a bitter taste in your mouth. I'm not going to lie, I didn't actually complete it, I think I gave up somewhere around the 30th planet, because it was just getting too annoying, dieing to some spike or dart trap, then going all the way back through to die some other way in 50 feet.

    These are just my thoughts on it, but I think you just made too much of the same thing.
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  3. Baih

    Baih Terrarian

    Yeah I agree, I tried to make the designs as unique as I could but there is only so much I can do. I think part of the problem is that some of the planets were too long and some of them were too hard. I plan on going through and shortening some planets and making them easier but I still think this will be too slow paced for most people.

    I am working on a new adventure map where this shouldn't happen. Considering it won't be nearly as big I will be able to put more effort into detailing this map and making it look better.
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  4. robflop

    robflop Terrarian

    Seems like an awesome map.
    I'm gonna try it soon.
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  5. Flamer_ion

    Flamer_ion Official Terrarian

    I just can't get past the city planet, I keep dieing to those traps, it's hard to avoid traps when you need to battle like vs 3 cursed skulls, 2 dark caster and a ton of angry bones, all doing just 10-15 damage but throwing me into traps that deal 50-100 damage in my 400 life character. It took me approximately 30min just to get near the room that unlock the first door, just to be thrown in the last lava pit by a cursed skull and burnt until death...

    The map is very nice, but, for me, while the last boss battles were very easy, getting through the many traps is nearly impossible.
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  6. AgiDine

    AgiDine Terrarian

    I played through the map and said screw it at sector 7 planet 4 and cheated to win the Destroyer (I am terrible at fighting the Destroyer) because the spawn rate of mobs was insane and the path to getting there (even with the teleporters) was too long. Other than that this map was great!
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  7. Baih

    Baih Terrarian

    Yeah I made the map harder than I intended, though some people enjoy the difficulty level it is too high for most people.

    Stopping mobs spawning in hardmode boss arenas is on my to do list for this map, and it doesn't help that the destroyer got buffed quite a lot in an update after I released the map.
  8. Kryzelauf

    Kryzelauf Terrarian

    The Map sounds very intresting.
    I will give it a try and after this, i give you my feedback.

    Im afraid of saying this, but i hope this give me the "real" Starbound since the Game Starbound, wasent that Game that i expact.
    Maybe, your Map is perfect for me.
    I love Terraria and of corse, i like the Idea and Setup from Starbound, but the playstyle, the movment/ control of the Charakter are not very "dynamic" and at least for me, i dont have fun playing this Game.

    So this is the best way for me... playing Starbound as Terraria. :D

  9. AgiDine

    AgiDine Terrarian

    I think I got 5 key molds from playing the map
  10. Coolgum15

    Coolgum15 Terrarian

    I end up using tshock warps to boss arenas when i play with friends (and for teleporting as well) because some of the boss areas are a PAIN to go through twice (city planet, I'm talking to you >.>)
  11. Master Geass

    Master Geass Terrarian

    Had a bit of fun so far with sector one. Just a quick question. One of my teammates misplaced his Magic Mirror somehow. Do you mind if I give him another?
  12. neoselket

    neoselket Dungeon Spirit

    this is a really fun map. are you allowed to fight the same boss more than once if you already beat it? and what happens if you run out of boss spawners but still havent beat the boss?
  13. Baih

    Baih Terrarian

    Yeah no problem with fighting bosses multiple times. I would expect after a few failed attempts the player would try to gear up some more, otherwise it is understandable someone could lose 10 times, especially with certain bosses. There is nothing you can do if you run out other than just go onto the next sector, which is what I would recommend at that point. If I ever get around to updating the map I'll add more bosses spawners to be safe.

    As for the other posts on this thread I never answered, here are some late/useless replies. Regarding the use of magic mirror yeah by all means replace any items you accidentally lose/delete. As for using TShock for warping it is something I've said before, play my maps however you like, I tried including checkpoints to save tedious walking through already explored areas, but I do want to add more if I do update the map.
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  14. Baih

    Baih Terrarian

    After releasing The Legend of Zelda - Two Worlds which I worked on with some friends, I have started to do a large update to this map. It's been more than a year since it was released and I have gotten a lot of feedback and experience making maps from which I can improve the map. I also plan on doing weekly challenge maps until 1.3 at least. During 1.3 I'll make some of my more bigger and popular maps such as this one 1.3 compatible, and will likely make another adventure map with Noel and mbran. Other than that, I am unsure what I will do in 1.3.

    Things I plan to update:
    -Remove a quarter of the planets, to 6 sectors with 5 planets each. Map can get too long/repetitive and some planets were not well designed.
    -Make some planets shorter and/or easier. Again map is too long, and also too hard.
    -Redo the balance of the items/gear player get. Want to distribute items better and also make the map easier with them.
    -Change the rules. I want them to be simpler to understand and less limiting.
    -More secrets/side type content. Map feels too linear at places.
    -More visual detail. Not very important, but I have more energy to go through and add more visual detail.
    -A ton of other smaller things.

    Well I have already done the first two things, shouldn't take me long to do everything at this pace.
  15. Baih

    Baih Terrarian

    I've updated the map to v1.1. This includes:

    -Removed 10 planets
    -Made some planets shorter
    -Made some planets easier
    -Changed a lot of items and rules
    -Lot's of other stuff

    I didn't add any more visual detail or secrets like I wanted to as it would take a lot of time and there are other things I want to work on, but this update should make the map a lot better.
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  16. windfisch

    windfisch Terrarian

    Great map Baih, i really enjoy it!
    I've found two broken teleporters.
    - on Starraria p1 - Barren Planet, the one to the room with the chest containing the molten chestplate, break at pos (6912,2009)
    - on Starraria p2 - The Teleporter to Sector VII Planet selection, break at pos (2810,461)

    edit: uhm, what happened?
    - Teleporters to Sectors VIII, IX and X level selection are directly cut off, pos (4211,425)
    - Level selector room in VIII (1006,672) and IX (3873,600) has no wireing at all
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  17. LOL Nope

    LOL Nope Terrarian

    Well. Played the first sector, currently at Sector 2 World 3.

    Nice map. Died more than I was wishing for on the corruption one (Ironically didnt die any time for the EoW, only trying to get there).
  18. FineandDandy

    FineandDandy Terrarian

    Nice map i will take a Look at it after a while! :redmunch::joy:
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  19. Shady_93

    Shady_93 Spazmatism

    Hi Baih
    I found an Issue on Sector IV City Planet Puzzle no.3
    i hope you have a time to fix this it would be cool
    this is screen Issue Sector IV City Planet Puzzle no.3.png
  20. Master Geass

    Master Geass Terrarian

    I read on the wiki that as of 1.3 the biome keys no longer work unless Plantera as been defeated, but I haven't tried this myself. Will this mess with your map? I liked how you where able to give each of the up to six players different keys so they can't empty the chests that weren't meant for your class. I haven't beaten your map yet as I was trying to play with a group and things getting most of them at once was hard.