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tModLoader Start with base

Discussion in 'Released' started by Unftf, May 21, 2018.


Which base you like most?

  1. base 2

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  2. base 3

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  3. base 3 extended version (b3b)

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  4. base 4

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  5. base 6

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  1. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    "Start with base" is a small mod which generates a base at the end of world generation considering all NPC's of all active mods. So if you are tiered building your own all the time that mod might work for you. But it won't give you too much. You still need to place chests and crafting stations. For NPC flats you don't need to care about. It will check how many NPC your mods contain and resize the base accordingly. There will be also enough space for chest which allow you to store each item from active mods in you current game (only base 3 and base 4).

    It won't win a design award for good looking :) That's also your part.
    The main concept about this base is to reduce ways to NPC's, crafting stations, chests and a high amount of chest you can quick-stack too (after teleport back).
    It should balance a high NPC flat density with a high chest density. Each of those can be done better but with negative effect for the other. If you think you got a better base structure with higher NPC and chest density write me here please. (base made for vanilla, there might be better if you play with mods)

    What you will start with (Base3 (enter "$Ba3" ):
    Capture 2018-05-21 18_39_02.png
    In that small base all NPC's will get a room, you can build all important crafting stations (and many more) and you can store all items of vanilla version.
    If you have multiple mods active it might looks slightly different. It adepts to the number of town NPC's and the number of items of all active mods have together. It will use some quality with this.

    How it could look later on:
    Capture 2018-05-21 18_45_16.png

    WhyI build like that?
    -you can quick access 14 NPC's just by holding 1 to 2 directions or jumping.
    -around your spawn point (bed) you have a high number of chests to quick-stack with (dynasty chests)
    -important crafting stations nearby
    -you can brew nearly all potions, flask, and food in bottom left corner + 6 extra chest to storing inclusive recipes ingredients

    mod made with personal preferences and for own usage (and to test icon and github :) ). But feel free to try it as well. As mentioned above if you think something can be done better or more efficient write me please.

    It would be nice if you can also write me your experience during playthrough with this base mod.

    Thanks for testing. gl hf!

    -some code improvements
    -added many new
    upload_2018-10-29_23-34-5.png (those numbers let you save/load your styles) - small improvment - pearl brick (wall) added + fix - peal furniture, chain lantern, - instead of furniture tiles your start with some of those in the starting chest, - some base fixes on base3, -random only random style not base - you can pause world gen in Gui mode, you can also disable gui mode: $noG

    -GUI added!
    -option for changing platform
    -option for changing lantern style

    Update new bases and style options:

    2 new base structures you can choose from and can compare with:
    Base2 (enter "$Ba2" behind you world name):
    Capture 2018-05-24 04_35_34.png and with some stuff added: Capture 2018-05-24 21_19_49.png

    Base6 ($Ba6):
    Capture 2018-05-24 20_33_12.png and here how it could look later in game: Capture 2018-05-24 20_35_27.png
    This base 6 was originally idea from @Sergo. In this mod is a slightly modified version.
    Both of this bases have 24 NPC flats. So it's big enough for vanilla. It will also grow if you have mods with more NPC's installed. Unfortunately they not made for storing many items. So you might run out of space. But besides NPC you can also place all important crating stations there. The number behind base (base2 -> 2, base6->6 ) means the smallest size of the core NPC flat structure. So if you need more flats it always grows by at least this size.

    If you need more storage also a variation of base 3 was added ($b3b):
    Capture 2018-05-24 21_17_03.png (with a random style ( worldname + "$b3bsy*" ) )
    or later in game: Untitled.png As alternative top floor can also be used to grow some seed.

    Upade 0.1.4: added a base 4 for many NPC's
    use $ba4 for this
    e.g. thats a base which has place for over 100 NPC's:
    Capture 2018-05-31 22_02_35.png
    if you have no mods installed, this basic version can hold all vanilla:
    Capture 2019-01-17 20_58_20.png
    This base uses some structure which allows very small distances between NPC:

    Here some quick ideas what could be added where, including some modified structure:
    Capture 2018-05-31 21_53_21.png
    only thing you need to care about are the lower flats of the extension. Something need to be placed at the bottom there. Otherwise npc's prefer low spot. Image shows some working examples. They don't like chests nearby. If one is placed on top they tend to go down. To prohibit that you can place some platforms or a chest at lower.

    EDIT:since Update you can do this with GUI and not needed anymore

    To change these options you need add them at the end of your world name with "$" plus the options you like

    new base types:
    Ba2 = base with 2 NPC flats as core structure
    Ba3 = base with 3 NPC flats as core structure (§b3b for big version)
    Ba4 - base with 4 NPC flats as core structure (this base is good for many npc)
    Ba6 = base with 6 NPC flats as core structure

    you can change which tiles are used:

    change Furniture:
    Fpa = Palm Wood Furniture
    Fdy = Dynasty Wood Furniture
    Fwo = Wood Furniture
    Fgr = Granite Block Furniture
    Fbo = Boreal Wood Furniture
    Fri = Rich Mahogany Furniture
    Fmb = Marble Block Furniture

    Wha = Hay Wall
    Wdg = Diamond Gemspark Wall
    Wdy = White Dynasty Wall
    Wwo = Wood Wall
    Wss = Stone Slab Wall
    Wdi = Dirt Wall
    Wri = Rich Mahogany Wall
    Wbo = Boreal Wood Wall
    Wgr = Granite Block Wall
    Wmb = Marble Block Wall

    Tha = Hay
    Tob = Obsidian Brick
    Tdy = Dynasty Wood
    Two = Wood
    Tss = Stone Slab
    Tri = Rich Mahogany
    Tbo = Boreal Wood
    Tgr = Granite Block
    Tmb = Marble Block

    $Lho, Lgl, Ldy, Lwo, Lpa, Lbo, Lgr, Wmb --> changes the used lantern
    $Ppa, Pri, Pdy, Pwo, Pbo, Pgr, Pmb, Pic --> changes the used platform

    ...many more added in update 0.3.1. With GUI no input needed anymore. If you still want to do, new endings are:
    di, st, me, cr, ma, ic, sb, sl, ca, sk,

    $Sy* - random style out of those above or some predefined combinations $Sy0, $Sy1, $Sy2

    You can combine those, e.g "MyWorldName$Ba3FdyTssWdi" (without quotes) will select base 3 with dyndasty wood furniture (Fdy), stone slab for Flats (Tss) and dirt as wall behind (Wdi)

    Now you can also add your own custom styles and save combinations from above.
    For this type Cx1, Cx2, ... or Cx9 in world file name.
    It will create a config file named config1.txt in StartWithBase folder close to your Terraria world files ( or config2.txt if you entered Cx2, last digit is equal in both).
    If that file already exists, it will set the values as stored in that file.

    Content of that file looks like:
    (custom style crystal blocks)
    # Config file of Start with Base mod
    # here you can setup custom values
    # lines start with '#' get ignored
    # basetype values ba2=0 ba3=1 b3b=2 ba4=3 ba6=4 currently supported
    basetype = 1
    # In following part you can change each type of placed objects.
    # For tile ID's look e.g. at https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Tile_IDs
    # For items types look at their wiki pages. Those are placed in a starting chest.
    # Tiles used to build base
    TileID = 385
    ItemIDoftileType = 3234
    # Wall
    WallID = 186
    ItemIDofWallType = 3238
    # Furniture
    PlatformStyle = 30
    LanternStyle = 37
    ChairStyle = 36
    WorkBenchStyle = 31
    LampStyle = 31
    TorchStyle = 4
    FurnitureCraftingItemType = 3234
    There you can edit each parameter which is used in base generation.

    At you next world generation write something like "YourWorldName$Cx1" and it will load config1.txt parameters and creates the base with this. You can also change parameters of you config file, e.g. "YourWorldName$Cx1Wss" will overwrite the wall property in your config file with stone slap wall (only for this generation, config file untouched).

    mod in early development. write me if you found some bugs, have a good idea for new feature or found a base structure which might be better.

    Your first mod? Download t-modLoder first: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/1-3-tmodloader-a-modding-api.23726/ . There you can find this mod (and nearly any other) in Mod Browser menu.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
  2. Capnhuh

    Capnhuh Terrarian

    i LOVE this concept. it helps me since every world i start i always use an editing program to plop a premade house right in the spawn area.
  3. QubeTown

    QubeTown Spazmatism

    This. I never knew I wanted this until now.
    nikivan likes this.
  4. Capnhuh

    Capnhuh Terrarian

    oh man, this new update is friggen amazing. the mod pack i'm using currently has so many npcs that the house reaches space on a small world lol.
  5. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    ^^ ye that can be a problem. It's not caped to world borders yet.
    Those structures made for vanilla. Not that good with very high NPC's number.
    You could try base 2 with "$ba2" behind your world name. This base grows in horizontal direction.

    If you have a good idea for many npc's could add that too.
  6. Capnhuh

    Capnhuh Terrarian

    now if there was a way to have it grow out like a + sign that would be even better, becaues right now if i did the horizontal building it would cross like three or four biomes lol
  7. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    lol how many npc's do you have?
  8. Capnhuh

    Capnhuh Terrarian

    as of right now, just before i fight the queen bee i have 43 npcs.
  9. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    and do you know the total number? So. e.g. the total number of flats generated in you world.
  10. Capnhuh

    Capnhuh Terrarian

    after doin' a little maths, my total amount of town npcs is 87. although not all live in the town, some like the witch doctor and fungus guy, have their own biome specific houses.
  11. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    lol thanks, 87 that is a number. Those bases won't work good for that number. Might I ask which mods you are using which give that many NPC's (only those which give many)? I only know material trader and Thorium mod with about 10 npc each.
  12. Capnhuh

    Capnhuh Terrarian

    no idea at all, i just started with the mod list that the yogscast are usin' for their "druidaria 2" series then added a few extra mods on top of it.
  13. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    ah ok, thanks, will have a look. gl hf
  14. temery2383

    temery2383 Skeletron Prime

    What a great idea! As someone who really likes to play modded (my current world has Calamity, Thorium, Tremor, and Spirit, and I'll likely do a world with far more in the future), this would be really useful to get NPCs to move in quickly as soon as they're available!
  15. Smackydafrog

    Smackydafrog Terrarian

    I don't get how "$ba2" base works.
  16. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    how the base structure functional working itself and lead to valid flats or how it can be generated?

    If it is the 2nd: You need to add $ba2 at the end of your world name, e.g if you name your world like FrogWorld add $ba2 behind, so write FrogWorld$ba2 as a world name.

    Some more options in the spoiler of the top post. E.g. if you want another wall (stone slap) you can write: FrogWorld$ba2Wss

    I should add some GUI later on.
  17. temery2383

    temery2383 Skeletron Prime

    I agree with you on the GUI. I just went with the standard hay/palmwood setup, but I could totally see that being useful to choose the style. Other than that, the mod seems to work great! I tried to test its limits by making a world with a ridiculous number of NPCs (way too many mods lol), but it even handled that just fine.
  18. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    Did some update! Added a base structure which allows more NPC's in shorter range:
    name is base 4 (so add $ba4 behind your world name if you want to use it)
    the new base structure should have a smaller distance.

    How many npc you got in total? At the current state you can break it if you have enough npc to reach the sky. At base 3 it's around 80 NPC at small map and 90 for base 6.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2018
  19. temery2383

    temery2383 Skeletron Prime

    No idea - I haven't even fought Skeletron yet and there's already quite a few. I put a buttload of mods on the world, and most of them add NPCs lol. I didn't make any world name changes to the base. So far it seem to be working well though. We'll see how it goes when I get post-Moon Lord.

    Capture 2018-05-30 22_57_41.png
    Last edited: May 31, 2018
  20. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    It generates the full base during world generation it won't add stuff later on. At world gen it counts the npc's which are possible with you current active mods and scale your base with this number. If you add some new mods including npcs during your playtime at this world there can be npc's without a flat afterwards. But if you generate a new world it again your new base will include the new npc's as well.
    As long mod creators do no fancy npc stuff, the available flat count tells you the maximal number (or a upper border) of possible npc which can spawn during your play through.