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tModLoader Team Rift: Mods and More!



ALmaZss [Coder, Spriter]
gh0stb0y3 [Spriter]
Dat Nub Scrub ۞ࢧࢧ [Spriter]
TMC [Spriter, Main coder]
Darkninja [Spriter]
Dr Slappy [Coder]

Who are we?
We as Team Rift are a small team of coders and spriters who work to bring you a wide selection of mods, both big and small.
We work on all sorts of mods, and aim to offer new and exciting content to your terraria game world.
This page itself will come to serve as a hub for you to navigate around our mods, and keep up-to-date with out development!


Mechanical Core is the basis of all our mechanical mods
It adds the basic components of mods like cogs and ways to get them.


Pre-Hardmode Items plus is a mod that offers a selection of otherwise post-hardmode tools and items,
like drills, to become available in their pre-hardmode counterparts.
Thinks wooden wings and iron drills!
It extends the gameworld by adding various variations on NPC's, whose drops you'll need to make your new gear.​
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Brain of Cthulhu
It would be nice to see a version with both mods combined, or if you have more mods, all of them combined.
The way it's going to work, I think, is the mechanical core will be what you need for all the mods that use it's features.


Can you guys add a download link for PHIP mod? The mod browser doesn't work on a mac.
We are currently working hard on the next stable release of PHIP and MechCore. Once these are released, we will put up download links to those versions on this page.
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