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Does anyone have made excessive use of cutting objects with tedit? For example: Just using half of a statue, half of furnitures or whatever.
I wanted to know if there's any potential danger regarding a broken/corrupted map data.
Hi there @Warden Shape I moved your post into this thread for TEdit so that more people that may know the answer can see it.


Hello all, i'm enjoying my time but would love a hardmode world without the V biomes spread. I have checked and you can toggle the Hardmode status of a world in TEdit, however this does not spawn a V upon entering the world as I would have suspected, however I'm unable without spending much time to defeat the Wall of Flesh yet. Does anyone know if this bypasses the V creation?
Created a small test world, edited it to be in Hardmode. The Wall of Flash was marked as already defeated by TEdit. Saved and fought the Wall of Flesh. After 1 day in game time, no spirits were released and no hallow was created.
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