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Terraria 1.3 PS4 Hotfixes Released + Plan Moving Forward

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by ClearConscious, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. NotSoSlimJim

    NotSoSlimJim Terrarian


    This isn't towards you, but more so 505. Your team was hired to essentially rebuild from scratch Terraria 1.3 onto consoles, which is a tall order. I respect your openness and attempt to make it work, but you failed horrible, not to say that you were entirely at fault. 505 expected consoles to fall in line with the PC platform. To better "Streamline" the games when updates come out. That's not what you're supposed to do 505. I hate to point at it, but Minecraft on console has you beat, of course, yes they have a bigger team, and a bigger budget. But they kept one thing in mind, it's on consoles. The original UI for terraria on consoles was for most parts console friendly. Same as Minecrafts. Terraria's current UI is horrendous to use on consoles have to hit the trigger to switch, not jusy left and right, but; left, right, up, and down not knowing where the highlighter was going to land. Yes, Minecraft did include handcrafting, but that was optional and could be turned off. Save feature. Only 2 options; "Save&Quit" or "Auto Save". No choosing when to save in the middle of the game. Minecraft gave you all 3 options, even simultaneously if you wanted to. Having the option to save mid game is a life saver. Even in 1.2 when you could only save mid game if auto save was disabled was a better choice than not having that option available at all.

    I'm not saying 1.3 on console shouldn't or can't happen or that it's stupid. I'm saying trying to make a console into a PC shouldn't happen because it's stupid.

    Look at Minecraft on consoles, it's a console game.

    Look at 1.2 Terraria, that's a console game

    Look at 1.3 Terraria, it's a sad attempt to force your entire community play on PC.

    Terraria on consoles can still be great, just treat it as if it's meant for consoles, instead of just another port from PC.

    P.S. If anyone tries to reply to this, I most likely won't answer back. I only came back to the fourms because things were so bad. I couldn't stand and watch it. I just had to say something. Even though I know no one cares. Terraria's a great game, I love it. But in its current state. I can't help be see it's destruction on consoles come to fruition.
  2. mickylovefist

    mickylovefist Terrarian

    Well, I've clocked up 120 hours on my new character and expert world! This update is awesome! Sure, there are a few bugs, no game breakers though.

    The new UI was a pain at first, now I am used to it, I honestly think that it is better. Everything is on one screen. I struggle reading the text sometimes but it's not too bad.

    I guess I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you guys have put in! Can't wait for xbox to get the update and for the hot fixes!
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  3. PersiaFire

    PersiaFire Terrarian

    I get what you are saying, but they are still fixing the bugs. The reasons they released it at this state is that many people were asking for a release even with bugs, and this early release also helps fix the bugs faster, something like a beta state. That said, I've played this version continuing my save from PS3 and finished moon lord and the martian event, and thankfully I haven't encountered any game breaking bugs, so you gotta give them more credit. I'm sure the rest of the bugs will be fixed in not too long of a time.
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  4. Nilruin

    Nilruin Terrarian

    That's the problem. Pipeworks was yanked on to the project to develop the console port of Terraria, but they had no say in what was implemented. ReLogic handed them work, and they completed the work. But the work is garbage. It's been over a week, and they aren't fixing game breaking bugs. Multiplayer does not work correctly, and is the result of numerous and terrible glitches. How about enemies that turn invisible and can't be hit by any attacks? How about my own worlds being overwritten when I play online? The numerous graphical glitches, one of which prevents being able to see any projectiles in the game, enemy or friendly? These are all things that should've been worked out before release.

    Not to mention all the UI changes that no one was a fan of, or got to see and vote on before release, among other little things that weren't tested before release, like bubble blocks not interacting with liquids correctly.

    This update is a :red:ing joke, and I would be ashamed to have my company logo on such a project, ReLogic and Pipeworks included. This is on par with some of the Binding of Isaac console port releases, and those were a disaster.

    The only way for Pipeworks and ReLogic to salvage this mess is to put all of their effort into fixing this :red:. It's unacceptable, and has made me cautious to purchase anything from either of these companies ever again.

    I'd like to also mention that single player works mostly alright, it's really just the multiplayer. Which is a large part of the game. This game is a hundred times better with friends.

    Fix your :red:, guys. Seriously. Give us an ETA on the hotfixes, please.
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  5. Shinma

    Shinma Terrarian

    Let's be completely honest here, everyone. This is largely on the gaming community. Everyone put this whole rush on them. To appease fans they released the game without a good beta/QA period. Testing in the office is a lot different than testing out in the world. Had people not been clamoring for a pre-holiday release then the bugs would likely have had a chance to be fixed. Had they allowed a beta program instead of a release the fans would have lashed out at them. Had they not released before the holidays the fans would have lashed out on them. (Look at the Xbone player base as proof for that). No matter what Pipeworks did, they would have taken heat.

    PS4 players: Single player is largely bug free. At least there is that. Take solace in it. We got it before the holidays, like we all wanted.
    Xbone players: It is in MS's hands. Pipeworks is unable to rush MS into granting certification. It has been in their hands just as long as it was in Sony's.

    As mentioned, posted and explained in a video, MS and Sony shut down for the holidays. As such Xbone was unable to release pre-holiday and the patches would not go into effect until after the holidays... again, this is out of Pipeworks hands.

    That being said, Pipework's should have given us some info about the patches as soon as they got back into the office. Most people return to work from the holidays on the 2nd. I am not saying Pipeworks did, but a quick message on the forums would have pacified most.

    All in all, great work on the single player, Pipeworks, but you did drop the ball a bit on keeping us informed post holidays on the status of the patch. Looking forward to the patch. My friends and I have halted multi-player for now due to the crashes.
  6. Project echo

    Project echo Eye of Cthulhu

    I’m new to this terraria for him stuff but I’m seeing a lot of negativity I’m going to stay positive and continue waiting I still think it’s going to be January 10
  7. Nilruin

    Nilruin Terrarian

    I'm surprised no one felt it was a red flag that Microsoft has taken this long to verify certification for the update on Xbox One. These are the people that have brought you such video game innovations as having to pay for sub-par social service, and even if you don't want to use most of the features, just to play online with other people. If the company that was okay ripping off millions of customers with Xbox Live takes this long to give you certification for a game patch, turn 180 degrees and book it in the opposite direction. Run fast, run far.

    And for the people trying to defend the fact that PS4 got the update before the holiday season ended, they can screw themselves with the sharp end of a rake. At no point did the developers say they were dropping the console update earlier than intended for "bug testing". They've been feeding us the notion that they've been doing bug testing for months. That's the whole reason the update took this long in the first place.

    And as for PS4 players being happy that "at least single player works", that's a load of crap, too. How hard is it to make congruous players in the same server work correctly, when the single player aspect is mostly ironed out? It's lazy, and Pipeworks knows it. They spent all that time making the single player work right, and completely shoehorned the multiplayer after. Do they think multiplayer isn't important? Or did they think they could fix it later? In either case, they :red:ed up. They've given us little information regarding when this game will be actually playable online.

    I miss the days when this half-assed standard wasn't the norm for video game developers.
  8. BATBAT55

    BATBAT55 Terrarian

    Alors, quand la mise à jour 1.3 arrivera sur xbox one ??
  9. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

  10. colincoo6

    colincoo6 Plantera

    Nous ne savons pas actuellement, nous supposons dans les 10 jours, mais c'est juste une supposition. Personne ne le sait vraiment.
  11. toggety

    toggety Terrarian

    ¿Dónde está el 1.3 para móvil?
  12. colincoo6

    colincoo6 Plantera

    Está siendo trabajado, vendrá después de Xbox.
  13. toggety

    toggety Terrarian

    Thanks you my brother v:
  14. colincoo6

    colincoo6 Plantera

    No problem :p
    No hay problema :p
  15. xSaviiez

    xSaviiez Terrarian

    I dont have 1.3 at PS4
  16. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    Your PS4 copy should list itself as version 1.11, which is equal to the PC version. If you don't have that you need to update your game.
  17. toggety

    toggety Terrarian

    [QUOTE = "colincoo6, post: 1522745, member: 50436"] No hay problema :pag
    No hay problema :pag[/ QUOTE]
    Ya que sacron la de xbox, donde esta la 1.3 para movil >:v