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Terraria 1.3 PS4 Hotfixes Released + Plan Moving Forward

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by ClearConscious, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Moat

    Moat Terrarian

    Agreed... don't understand how this update with its UI overhaul passed internal console testing, QA and Sony certification. This update ruined the game in terms of controls/playability for many. Ditching the "invite only" online mode was another big mistake. If developers and designers don't understand the essence of console gaming while their predecessors did, they shouldn't be updating the game.

    I've decided to move on and play other games instead...
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  2. bam

    bam Terrarian

    • Negative feedback is fine. Being rude to other members is not.
    dude i don’t like that “tunnel king” guy. trying to keep this so called “peace” but doesn’t understand why people are frustrated. they claim to know but they just say that so you don’t lose faith or something. people are always getting butthurt on this forum and all because we express the way we feel. rude or not, that’s just how we feel.
  3. Salazar

    Salazar Eye of Cthulhu

    I cant even see a good reason for removing the multiplayer host feature. They really ruined Terraria.

    And same here. I cant play this game until they remove all of these `quality of life` , stupid changes. But that wont happen. It would be them admitting that they made a huge mistake and they cant have that.
  4. Dark Wiz

    Dark Wiz Spazmatism

    Then maybe you shouldn't have updated the game? It was completely your choice to update the game.

    Pipeworks worked for a whole year, pretty much making a new game so we could have the update. But at least you PS4 players got the update, and are playing it. Once Xbox players get the update, I'm sure we won't be ungrateful people like you because we had the patience to wait for the update without whining too much.

    And you better watch because he's a moderator and I'm still afraid of them since I joined.
  5. PapaPete

    PapaPete Terrarian

    I mean, this is great but...Where's Xbox One 1.3?!!?????
  6. Hippohello

    Hippohello Terrarian

    It's microsoft, not pipeworks.
  7. PapaPete

    PapaPete Terrarian

    I know but surely they can contact them.
  8. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    Sadly no, they can't. Microsoft and Sony don't divulge much about their certification process. They don't give progress updates either. Pipeworks and ReLogic are stuck in the same waiting game you are.
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  9. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Assuming that the teams at RL/PW don't work nights and weekends would be incorrect. The gaming industry is infamous for crunch time. That said, it takes the time it takes. Rest assured everyone would love things to be faster and cleaner.

    Stream < having every able body working on fixes and investigating issues to generate more fixes. As with the above, you do what you have to do.

    Re: Switch

    Switch/Mobile have some initial design work done - but the core codebase needs to be solid and stable before that work can push forward full speed. That is what is going on right now with all of these fixes (if you fix it now, in the foundation, then it won't need fixing on multiple versions - as they will all have said fixes).

    Re: Negativity
    Feeling negative and expressing that is fine. Feedback is a gift.

    Being overtly rude to other people and attacking them directly is not. You only serve to taint what might otherwise be something important to say when you do so - this much is true here as it is everywhere else in life. :)
  10. Hippohello

    Hippohello Terrarian

    Mate they were/still are on christmas break, be freaking patient

    CMCARTA Terrarian

    I was wondering since Microsoft is off brake do we have a complete release date for Xbox One?
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    Yeh, but do we have a complete release date for Xbox One ?
  12. Retalionist

    Retalionist Terrarian

    I just want the update to finally come thru I don't understand how it takes Microsoft this long
  13. r4v1n6

    r4v1n6 Official Terrarian

    Even if Microsoft do approve (which isn't a sure thing), I would expect Pipeworks/ReLogic to want to fix at least some of the major bugs before releasing it into the wild. So I'm not expecting the update to come out until the end of january (at the earliest).
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  14. BATBAT55

    BATBAT55 Terrarian

    What is that on Xbox one we shall have less bug or we shall have the same numbers of bug as on ps4
  15. Hippohello

    Hippohello Terrarian

    They probably won't have the same bugs, because if they did, neither console would have 1.3 right now.

    DILAVNI Terrarian

    Hey @Pipeworks, could you restore the invite only option? I'm a moderator for two communities; one consisting of 16 thousand members, and another consisting of 6-7k. It's impossible to make a world with friend without some random joining, stealing and destroying my stuff. Please, it was a a awful mistake to get rid of the option. I want to play with my friends in peace. I can't, won't, and don't want to trust everyone who joins me...:sigh:
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  17. Natsufire

    Natsufire Terrarian

    I wouldn't call it garbage, I personally liked the changes, It's just harder to get used to. Pipeworks didn't choose to make those changes, Relogic did, and I understand that you might be annoyed, some people won't like the update, but (I'm guessing) most of us do. Aside from bugs, I really liked the update, especially the UI changes since it might be easier for a PC player to switch to console and have no issues. Only bad thing for me is that they took out the "Invite Only" option. I can't imagine trying to play with friends and having random strangers join you. I guess in Xbox you can just appear offline, but i don't know how you can do that on PS4/PS3.
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  18. Lublue

    Lublue Terrarian

    Hi, I like 1.3 bye. (Good job pipeworks keep it up)
  19. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Woo, 2018 and counting on 1.3 for xbox 1
  20. Adam Nowak

    Adam Nowak Terrarian

    So what's the news on xbox? Takes only a moment to share ones plans moving forward. Will there be a hold on release for bug fixes or will it release with hot fixes to follow? Microsoft should be pulling the trigger shortly....
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