Terraria 8th Anniversary Lore Event

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    I think it might be as @Empty air sandwich said:
    which would somewhat explain the Destroyer's "many small metal devices jutting out of it", similar to that of the spine's transverse processes(I believe that's what the are called, but I'm not sure).
    Spine Destroyer 1.PNG Spine Destroyer 2.PNG
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    I mean, this is obvious when you consider you intentionally kill the Guide by burning him alive through a voodoo doll to summon the Wall of Flesh. It even says "You are a terrible person" in the tooltip. The whole game is basically you killing bad guys in order to unleash WORSE guys so you can kill them too, and unleash EVEN WORSE guys just for the pleasure of also ending them.
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    that was good
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    *A Hat In Time - You Are All Bad Guys Intensifies*
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    Seems like this implies that the Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow are not the only biome entities that spread. "The worlds utilize many defense mechanisms to ensure the balance is upheld at all costs - SOME of them are known as the Hallow, Corruption, and Crimson." The others just aren't implemented in the game, yet.

    In the Crimson section, it states that thousands of worlds have been absorbed before...so Terraria Otherworld. An alternate timeline where the Corruption or Crimson have infested everything.
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    WOW this is a awesome lore a little cheezy with the one dryad but still super cool and it totally puts the whole game together but where dose the destroyer of worlds come in because skeleton prime is cuthulus new skeleton and the twins are his new eyes I think but the destroyer were dose that fit in?
    Could a lore Deb maybe fill us in please? thx if so
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    I'm pretty sure Moon Lord was confirmed to be Cthulu's brother in Terraria, but maybe we'll need more lore to be released before we know for sure.
  9. What they wrote here actually seems to contradict that from what I can interpret from it.
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    This was fantastic, and I love it dearly.

    I always imagined the Lihzards used their Golems to make Cthulhu screw off, but alas, it was the dryads the whole time
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    I really need the story on why the Lihzahrd temple was built and why the Golem is made and also how did the Lihzahrd race came into being
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    I always had my own thought, that the world was trying to defend itself from you. You are seen as a threat to the world, and it then throws everything it can at you to stop you. But, in the end, you grow too powerful for the world to stop.
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    Thats some good knowledge dropped on my head!
    Its a Dokuro reference
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    It's quite underwhelming to be quite honest.

    If Skeletron is the skeleton of Cthulhu and the Moon Lord is Cthulhu reborn, why are their skulls completely different?
    Is the eater of worlds supposed to be the guts of Chtulhu now? His spine? His :red:?
    If Corruption and Crimson are both supposed to be balancing elements, why does only one ever naturally happen on a world? Why doesn't unleashing the ancient spirits of dark release the missing one instead?
    If the dryad is the single survivor, why is another dryad with a different name coming up after she dies in the game?
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    So are y'all gonna give me the credit I deserve or
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    Doesn't really feel thought out enough, especially biome descriptions (except corruption). I'd even say it's almost as bad as Starbound lore.
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    I've been playing/following Terraria since day one, and this lore honestly just feels clunky and redundant. At least the art is nice, but it's not even credited? What a joke.
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    I want to preface this by saying I love Terraria to death. I've dedicated a large amount of my life to the community and it's players, but I have to say, adding official? lore to the game just doesn't sit right with me. I feel a lot of the events that take place in the game have suitable implications and themes that allow a player to form their own "lore" inside the game while not out right stating it. With a set in stone story, I feel it sorta takes something away from a sandbox game that's usually all about what the player wants to do in Terraria. But obviously I'm only one voice of millions. If the majority likes it, it can't be helped.

    Dig, Fight, Build! ...but don't come up with your own backstory. ;)
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    Just why.

    Why would anyone think this was a good idea?
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    This lore is cool as hell

    The coolness quickly faded when all my character ever does is fishing and spelling swear words with the alphabet statues