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Member-Run Project Terraria Animated Music Video! Submit your characters!


We forgive,only a heartless person wouldn't know how tough animation is and how much work and effort that's needed to do this kind of thing.
Hope you can Make MLG montages <3 have a better future for the time being
And who knows? One year you might decide to finish it.


King Slime
It's allright. It's indeed a big project. I also had to cancel several projects despite I'd fun making them. But it is so much effort. I know that feel.

I hope you're still doing the smaller animations, because i like them. ;)


Empress of Light
Nah, it's fine. Honestly, most of us have at least one project that they gave up on/ keep putting off for one reason or another.

You have my respect for trying something ambitious and getting the community involved in it. That, my friend, is worthy of much respect.
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