Terraria Anniversary Spoiler!

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  1. Ascrein

    Ascrein Terrarian

    Dolphins... I wonder if there would be a golden dolphin someday too. That aside, if there are conveyor belts then there should be elevators.
  2. Stahn Aileron

    Stahn Aileron Terrarian

    It just hit me when I read this... I wonder if it's possible to code the conveyor belts and various grappling hooks to work so that if you grapple a belt, it will still move the player. You could then have a vertical conveyor line act as an elevator. (Being grappled to the belt will pass you through platform in either direction, up or down, to take care of floor selection.)

    Rope's nice to have (and probably faster), but the automation is nice.

    I would worry about handling the loop-around or any turns/angling of the conveyor though. Not sure if the game would just drop you from the conveyor or somehow keep you attached.
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  3. dogefan91

    dogefan91 Terrarian

    Those animations are so good! Also i noticed the shiny hair, is that a new type of dye? Dev only thing? Hair spray? Who knows, but I'll wait!
  4. greatergood45

    greatergood45 Terrarian

    Related to anniversary part: Steam Spring Clean-up tells me that Terraria is the first game I own. And I am glad.

    I have nothing to say to the spoiler part tho. :(
  5. Blood Crawler

    Blood Crawler Brain of Cthulhu

    Well, release 1.3.6?
  6. Empty air sandwich

    Empty air sandwich Terrarian

    I think that's already an expert treasure bag dev item, Leinfors' shampoo accessory (Leinfors set was only added since 1.3.5)
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  7. Jamlink

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    I like the dolphin but I don’t get to experience having dolphins in the mobile version of terraria. Also the dolphin most likely seems small because of the size of the picture. The picture isn’t the full size of a computer, tv, or even a phone screen.
  8. Destroyer213

    Destroyer213 Terrarian

    You developers should make an item called devils contract and this item would give you max health if a fatal attacks happens and you have to wait 4 minutes for the effect to happen again and would get a debuff that makes your weapons deal 50% less damage
  9. SrDurp

    SrDurp Steampunker

    There is a discussion about fan suggestions. I think you should create a page for the Devil's Contract
  10. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    Specifically the Player Suggestions Forum.
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  11. ZombieKillerX

    ZombieKillerX Terrarian

    What if, the dolphins could be nice or evil. Like there is a 50/50 chance it will act like or critter or help the player (kinda like in Minecraft) or it could be unpredictable at other times and act like a shark. I don't know. Just throwing out ideas.
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  12. Phoenix798

    Phoenix798 Skeletron Prime

    Dolphin is number 1
  13. Plaszczka

    Plaszczka Terrarian

    I like dolphins.:naughty:
  14. ImoutoAmmy

    ImoutoAmmy Terrarian

    Dolphin friend!

    I wonder if touch ups to the oceans means they'll be a bit livelier when corrupted. My hype for this next update refuses to die! I don't care how long the wait is. I want to play it day one if I can, and share my experience with my friends when I get there.
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    So what else is new? I mean as in other new items. Also, is this on ps4? Im hoping that Terraria will be on Ps5 too! I already pre-ordered mine! And it is PURDY.
  16. Jack1248

    Jack1248 Terrarian

    1.3.6 looks better and better with every new spoiler released. The Ocean was one of the few
    places in Terraria that really needed some love. I'm very glad that you people from Re-Logic keep supporting Terraria
    even after 8 long years full of adventures and fun, and I have to say, the 9 dollars I spent on this game on release day
    8 years ago were the most well invested purchase I ever made. No other game could ever compare to this masterpiece,
    and I really hope that Terraria will still be around in 8 more years, or maybe even have a worthy successor by then.
    I'm so in love with this game, I even bought it on all of my consoles despite only regulary playing it on pc, lol.
    I'm serious. Not a single full-budget blockbuster game I ever played came even close to Terraria, and I played many.
    It's my favourite game for all time, and I guess I just want to say, thank you. Thank you for making this amazing game.
  17. The Cakemaster

    The Cakemaster Skeletron

    You guys should add a pet rat.