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Terraria Anniversary Spoiler!


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Good Evening Terrarians!

As many of you know, our sweet little baby game just turned 8 years old! It feels like just yesterday we were hold up in a tiny hotel room in Minneapolis writing the initial design doc for 1.2! As the years have progressed and our community has grown, it has become very apparent that we all share one common goal: seeing our little game reach its full potential! With that I would like to share with you one of the many new critters you can expect to find in the upcoming 1.3.6 PC update;


There are no words to describe how much your continued support and passion means to the entire team. Terraria definitely would not be what it is today without our community and we thank you all so much for that. <3
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Just want to echo every bit of the above - each and every one of you is amazing, and your support is valuable beyond words. It is something we never take for granted and treasure greatly. Thanks for making what we do both possible and a heck of a lot of fun! Here's to continuing that relationship as studio and gamers!


That spin in the air is positively delightful! I can't help but wonder if the dolphin will be hostile though... After all, while often considered adorable, they can be very vicious, and it is pretty focused on the player...

Thank you though, everyone at Re-Logic, for coming back time and time again and continuing to support this game we all love with amazing, quality content! I can't say I've ever been disappointed with a Terraria update, and have never been anything but awed at the amount of work you all put in! I love that you all care so much about your playerbase too!

Please, keep coming up with fun new things, keep taking player feedback to heart, keep working to make this game the best it can be!
You all continue to be a shining example of what an indie studio can do! One of the best, in fact! That players keep coming back, many never even leaving in the first place, and that Re-Logic keeps coming back after each "last" major update to give us more, is a true sign of that!


Ooo, I love dolphins! I kinda wish, though, that monsters didn't kill critters. I hate seeing a little cute bun - *SQUISH* some random slime killed it. Awwww.

I'm sure like first 5 seconds I see a dolphin in the ocean, a jellyfish will make it explode into pieces.

But this is cool nonetheless though!


Dolphins are love. Dolphins are life. I want to catch one in my golden bug net and take it home with me!

(Also. Happy 8 years to Terraria! I always love seeing what Re-Logic creates!)

I thought of that after I sent my post above, I was like "wait... if it's a critter.. does that mean I'll be catching dolphins with my bug net?"
This is truly incredible, exactly what I wanted; More life in the Ocean. With the Dolphin apparently being one of many new critters, it'd be great to see more across other biomes, such as Monkeys in the Jungle and Meerkats in the desert.

Though, I wouldn't mind a lot of love going towards the Ocean, especially considering it's lack of content compared to other biomes. Some good additions would be more marine life, like seahorses, manta rays, and octopus, and even some humanoid characters like sirens and undead divers.

No matter what though, it's outstanding how much love, care and time is put into this game, even after all of those years, and how close the developers are to their community, it brings a tear to my eye.


Don't worry y'all, the dolphin is actually a hostile mob. No chance of a random shark or jellyfish just casually swimming by and ripping it to shreds.
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