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Terraria Bad Ideas

Derpling Ω

Right clicking the Piggy Bank deposits all the coins in your inventory on it. To get the coins back, you have to break it, losing the piggy bank in the process.
That's ok though because you can spend money from the piggy bank... it doesn't have to be in your inventory!

Anyway: added sun lord which turns every block and item in the world into silt the moment he spawns, and always appears when your character has any copper item.


The gravitation potion is now a permanent buff, but to balance it out you cannot go back to normal gravity and must remain flipped
The Excalibur and the Night's Edge are bosses now, you have to fight them after you craft their respective weapons.
Health: 42424242.
Damage: 42424242.
Defence: 42424242.
Knockback resistance: 100%.
Immune to: ALL debuffs.
Quotes: "CURSE YOU..."
Drops: itself as a working weapon.
Health: 57575757.
Damage: 57575757.
Defence: 57575757.
KBR: 100%.
Immune to: All debuffs.
Quotes: "You Fool".
Drops: itself as a weapon.
-The Edge Lord (who is, actually, the same Ninja as the one trapped in King Slime, but actually an immature 7-year-old Terraria-Fortnite elitist that is edgy, pretends to be the most professional Terraria player while Yrimir actually is the most professional, swears every 3 seconds, calls your character a Noob, accuses you of hacking after you beat him, wears sunglasses, has a red cape, equips an Ankh Shield, and uses the Meowmere to kill you) replaces the aforementiomed King Slime, the only way to kill him is by stabbing him with a Broken Copper Shortsword or maybe even a broken wood hammer.
-The archaic default Roblox Character (also known as the Noob) is now Terraria's final boss. He may have only 1 hp, but he has an OP attack that deals 1,000,000 dmg. Plays the Roblox Death sound version of "Boss 4" (all versions except for the Switch edition) or the altered theme of Ocarina of Time's King Dodongo (switch).
Completely broken Copper Shortsword:
-Does absolutely no damage, because it is a material.
-Replaces ALL Copper Shortswords, even newly-crafted ones.
-To fix it you need 999 Luminite Bars.
Completely Broken Tin Shortsword:
-Same function as the Copper one, except that it replaces all Tin Shortswords.
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Blood Crawler

Brain of Cthulhu
The world is also spawned with a turret that is spawned in random place and it attacks dealing 666.666 dmg, the attacks are like clinger's fireball, except it goes through walls and is being fired every minute.
The Moon Lord is replaced with "Dark Lord: Garakdorf" (intended a pun on Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda, and "Lord Garak")
-Health: 500,000.
-Damage: 50,000.
-Defence: 5,000.
-Attack 1: Throws his trident.
-Attack 2: Summons people who worship him as a God (his fanboys), except wearing Flame Wings.
-Attack 3: if you wear Gladiator Armour, he'll call you a Roman (the owners of the aforementioned Armour are from Greece), thus instantly killing you.
-Attack 4: In his Second Form (250,000/500,000 HP) he'll become invisible using his Technique of Darkness (and to make him visible, you need to place torches) and fire a block-penetrating Last Prism projectile from his eyes.
-Attack 5: if you use one of my Terrarian names, he will yell "KRUSTOFSK3L3TRON, YOU NOOB!" at you, and throwing a gigantic blade at you.
-A.I.: acts like Ganon from the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, where you need a Terra Blade, or stronger to strike him, and after you hit him enough times, he will be killable only with a Pulse Bow and a Cursed/Ichor/Luminite Arrow.
-Drops: Trident of Darkness.

His "Trident of Darkness":
-Does 50,000 damage.
-Spins in a manner too similar to Ganon's Trident in A Link to the Past.
-Summons 8 Fire Bats, consuming ALL OF YOUR MANA.
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Official Terrarian
Every time an ore is mined (doesn't matter which) there is a 10% chance for Skeletron to spawn. However if it is daytime the chance for that to happen is doubled, and if the player dies the game instantly crashes.


Official Terrarian
All enemies are replaced with bosses respectively and all weapons base damage are changed to 1, so no one complains about their favorite weapon being weaker than other said weapon.


Official Terrarian
Every time the player breathes, the game changes all of the soundtrack and instead become repeated noises of a fifteen year old gangster with golden donut hair repeatedly punching a mentally unstable doctor. This lasts for 40 minutes and can be only fixed by breaking your computer with an old ancient arrow or either not playing the game for 7 days.


Official Terrarian
Every item has become a JoJo's Reference and does nothing, this can only be changed if you change the language every 2 hours whilst playing the game.


Each wire now has individual properties. Sadly, actuators had to be removed to reduce layers .
Red wire can only power for a length of 15 blocks.
Blue wire actuates blocks it touches, to replace actuators.
Green wire does not need an input, instead activating only when placed.
Yellow wire gives touching players the electrified debuff, as it is not properly sealed.
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