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Terraria Bad Ideas

Terraria's font is replaced with the CraftronGaming "Minecraft" font (which is way too overused within Minecraft's community, and it is too different to Minecraft's actual text font), Burbank (Fortnite's font, which is too overused in Minecraft's, and Fortnite's, communities), Super Mario 256, or any other overused font such as Comic Sans or Papyrus.
Vendors sell misspelled items that instakill you if they're possessed in the inventory (just like in Ocarina of Time's fan-made Randomisers where you combine the "Shopsanity" mode, which is a shop item randomiser, with Ice Traps, so you get misspelled Ice Traps), examples are: Shoald af Cthalha (misspelled Shield of Cthulhu, sells for a randomised price, at least 99 Platinum), Plitanam Baw (Misspelled Platinum Bow, sells for at least 1 Golden Coin).


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Alexander The Great is now a boss added to Terraria which spawns after an invansion, he summons every enemy in the game every time you attack him.


Both ores spawn in worlds, with half replacing the already existing ore (ie: a world with gold ore would get half of the gold ore turned to platinum). This is to counteract the "luck" of worldgen. On a similar note, crimson hearts now spawn in place of shadow orbs and shadow orbs in place of crimson hearts.
All bosses are replaced with the most evil people in the history, with their stats multiplied to 500 times the original amount.
-King Slime is now Kim Jong Il, who summons his minions each time he is hurt.
-The Eye of Cthulhu is now Idi Amin.
-The Eater of Worlds is now Adolf Hitler.
-The Brain of Cthulhu is now Joseph Stalin.
-Skeletron is now Vlad Tepes Dracula.
-Queen Bee is now Pol Pot.
-The Wall of Flesh is now the Devil (goes with many names such as Satan, Iblis, etc).
-The Destroyer is now Heinrich Himmler.
-Skeletron Prime is now Ivan the Terrible.
-Spazmatism and Retinaser are now Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.
-Plantera is now Mao Zedong.
-Golem is now Attila the Hun.
-Duke Fishron is now Reinhard Heydrich.
-The Cultist is now Ayatollah Khomeini.
-The Moon Lord is now Genghis Khan (Hulagu Khan serves as his meat-shield, making Temüjin furious to destroy you and 33% of all of your NPC's, and corrupting 50% of Terraria), riding a horse (his spawn quote is "Conquering the World on horseback is easy; it is dismounting and governing that it is hard").
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-Added The Legend of Zelda (NES) Sword, deals 1 damage, stabs like a shortsword, and fires a beam at full health.
-Added the Black (Corrupt)/Red (Crimson) Paladins, both spawn in PreHardmode dungeons as a boss, have taken inspiration from The Wind Waker's Darknuts, and have the same attacks as the White Paladin, but with higher stats rounding up to about 100,000,000.
-The Arms Dealer has a 100% chance of saying "Subscribe to PewDiePie".
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There’s a chance the guns dealer will shoot up everyone including you in your base and becomes a boss with 999999 HP and deals 6969 damage.
There is a 50% chance that the Janjawid (a militia coming from Chad and Sudan) and Sudan's Rapid Support Forces will invade your world (just like how did they invade the Sudanese Darfur) when you make a new character. Even the aforementioned militia has tons of health compared to the Lunar Events (their boss has 50x more stats than the Expert-Mode Moon Lord).
The other 50%, however, is the chance where Sudanese protesters are taking over your world when you make your character. The protesters themselves will spam "Tasgut Bas" ("تسقط بس" which means "just fall" in Sudanese Arabic), "Hurriyah Salam wo 'Adalah" ("حرية، سلام وعدالة" aka "Freedom, Peace and Justice" in Arabic), among others of their mottos. They also have the same power as the Lunar Events' enemies.


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Removed the 1.3 update from all consoles, so mobile players don't complain and replaced it with the 32.07 update that removes system 32 from your system or it can just set the device to explode right in front you.
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