Terraria: Journey's End Vanity Contest Winners!

A mod which added all the finalists would be awesome. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up getting made. I’d love to wear the TV head outfit as well. Well done all!
Someone should just make a mod where you can easily equip any vanity item, and add as many of the entries as possible, or even every vanity they can put in.
Really good entries, but means might be able to rule the slimes in style. Loved the Slime Queen design. I probably wouldn't use any beyond the ronin hat; but that is ok. I am looking forward to see what other things the devs came up with. All were interesting designs it was hard to choose beyond my first choice.

Would have been nice to add a bit o colorful sets. So glad that capricorn made it in, though was not my vote; it was however one I was debating to vote for third. Not too many female outfits to choose from this round... Congrats to the winners, and may the rest have high hopes for the update to bring in more lovely samples.

Thank you for adding two more in the mix, as yes would have been dull otherwise. That is color-scheme. Great to see all the effort put into the finalist, since again there are a lot of brilliant artists out there. :dryadhappy:
Ronin is a word from Japanese culture. It means a samurai who has lost their status and salaries. They existed during the Tokugawa Shogunate (the Edo period), but the design of the Wandering Ronin costume is actually Chinese style (and is also mistaken in many ways).

Maybe the Ronin wandered to China and got a neat hat!
awww the floret protector was only an honorable mention? well, congrats to all the winners!

(also later can you show us the semi finalists? i kinda want to know if mine was garbage or not:D)
As promised back when the original finalists were introduced, I have finally finished it:
Without further ado, I present to you my drawings of the finalists from the Terraria Vanity Contest.


This is the biggest drawing that I've ever done, topping off at 12500px by 8000px. This version is far smaller. To get an idea of how big that is, if you matched up every pixel on this drawing to a pixel on a 4K TV, you'd need around 10 TVs. Big, right?!
If interest for the drawing at its full resolution is wanted, I could post a public-share link from Google Drive or something here. Idk, though.

message to the finalists:
When I was watching the livestream where Loki was introducing the finalists, I was looking at the first few drawings he introduced and was shocked. These were amazing! As Loki went through all of the finalists one by one, my want to land on the finalist podium dissipated. How could my design even match up with these guys?!? Before the stream even ended, I already knew what I wanted to do.
I was going to draw each and every finalist's design, one by one, worn by myself.
I got right into it. When I first started to draw, I got scared for a little bit wondering if my rendition of you guy's designs could bring justice to their awesomeness. Slowly updating my progress on a previous thread on the finalists page as well as the post here, this is the final product.
Drawing each one of your designs by hand made me truly realize the effort and thought put into each and every one. I was shocked by the effort and love you gave your designs. From the concept, art, color, and everything in between, you all did absolutely fantastically. I am very proud of all of you and the work you did.
I guess the only thing I'm bummed about is that only 5 of them are being put in the game and not all of them! I think I took an hour plus just to vote. How could I decide on only three...?!
Anyways, I'm pretty sure that a couple people are working on mods to add your designs in the game if they didn't win. At least, that's what I've heard. :D
Congrats to the winners, though! I can't wait to see your designs in-game. Who ever thought that community-created designs would ever officially get in the game...? Even the thought of that is mind-blowing. I'm psyched!

message to the community:
I had an absolute blast working on this. It was so much fun and I genuinely enjoyed every moment of it. The amount of positivity received on it, even in the early stages of the drawing, made such a big impact on me. I plan to stick around this community a little longer than I originally thought because of that. ;)
All of your positive messages and comments, as well as the likes and things given were absolutely shocking. I've never posted my art on the internet, with the exception of my original contest submission, let alone even have a social media platform (i had a pintrest when i was eight, if that counts). Just moments after I originally posted it, your positivity made me just want to keep working on it for you guys. Man, I haven't worked on a drawing this much ever. The result was worth it, though! But dang, believe me when I say I really appreciate your gestures. When I saw them, I was grinning ear to ear. Given the recent, I haven't felt this joyful in a long time. In short -
Thank you. For everything.
I hope to see you guys and many more around the community though the times. :D I can't wait for whatever's next!

I hope you enjoy the art and I'll see everyone around!!! ~Abby


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I feel like they could have been a bit more diverse, maybe for a voting system there should have been themes that we could choose from so that we only got one dark and edgy finalist, or two from each category would've been nice. The Dev's could've had more power in selecting them. The first three are really cool and well done (most excited about timeless out of them), but all three winning is disappointing (my entry was really edgy though so who am I to talk).

Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated!

Maybe down the line we can has more? Please?
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As a man, I STRONGLY disagree. Feminine anime outfits would have been better than two skull heads and a monk costume that can be easily replicated already within the game by dyeing other vanities.
You got those mage Hoods (Spectre, Nebula) (tho regardless the designs are pretty neat)
You got the grim reaper from Halloween event
You got the ninja outfit where you can find something else for the hat

Dang that's kinda of an oof right there now that you said that
I'm gonna read on how we will obtain each of those, tho if I would choose one, Capricorn speaks to me the most. Whatever is ahead of us, we will not stop our advance, even if an entity stronger than the Moon Lord is going to face us!
A mod which added all the finalists would be awesome. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up getting made. I’d love to wear the TV head outfit as well. Well done all!
why stop at finalist? do all the entries, sure that is a lot of work to make them all look at least ok but it would be really cool.
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