Terraria: Journey's End Vanity Contest Winners!

I am shocked that the firefly didn't make it
but these are pretty cool too!
As an avid Hollow Knight fan I wish the bugman costume was in the game too... I'm so sad that we could get only 5 but we also have to appreciate that this is two more than Re-Logic said we would get originally, so lets look on the bright side.
First of all, thanks for everyone who participated, it was a great experience! Everyone, not only the finalists, did a great job. I wish all of them could make it into the game! I wouldn't have been able to select 25 finalists, I imagine that must have been a really tough decision for Re-Logic. So congratulations to everyone!

Now, when it comes to all this controversy regarding my submission and Timeless Traveller, I understand where you are all coming from, but its the popular vote after all. Both of them existed as finalists, and there was always an option for this to happen. Its extremely demoralizing as an artist to see the kind of treatment some people are giving to both submissions, but thats just my opinion.

About my entry, I created it for myself as something I would like to use, not as something that I felt would be popular, and I was surprised at how well received it was. It might have plaguebringer as the name, I didn't put much thought into it, but it definitely isn't a plague doctor. If anything its more of a sorcerer/necromancer. And i wouldn't say either that theres anything like that ingame at the moment.

Now, for everyone that supported my submission, thank you from the bottom of my heart . From the developers who created this contest and thought I had a good enough submission to be a finalist, to every little comment or reaction people sent to me. Even though I'm usually quite quiet, I honestly enjoyed reading every comment, specially those who explained what they would do with different parts of the set, or those who gave me new ideas that could be explored with the costume.

So thank you everyone!
You're really a pirate legend now eh? Were you reconsidering the name for it? I'm guessing the devs have the final say, but Vestments of Pestilence has a nice ring to it 👀. Thank you for taking the time to create your design, you deserve to enjoy it as much as anyone!
Congrats to the winners ! :happy:

Hey Re-Logic, could you add 12 extra vanity slots so I can wear all of them at the same time? Also... if, maybe, you're bored after 1.4 comes out and... I don't know, maybe you don't really know what to do in the future, well... there are 20 finalists left. Not saying you should... Just saying you could... ;)

(Subliminal message : surprise vanity patch... surprise vanity patch... surprise vanity patch...)

Greetings Terrarians!

We are but a few short weeks away from the launch of Journey's End! We know that all of you are just as excited as we are for the release of the fourth and final major content update for Terraria... but we also know that you are equally excited to find which fan-generated vanity sets will be making their way into the game.

After a journey of over 7,000 entries, 431 Semi-Finalists, 25 Finalists and then counting more than 143,000 votes from the Terraria community - we at long last know the winners of the Journey's End Vanity Contest!

Winners were selected via a points system, rewarding FIVE points for each First Place vote, THREE points for each Second Place vote, and ONE point for each Third Place vote.

If you did indeed present a winning entry, Loki will reach out to you on TCF PM to gather contact information so that we can handle the legalities and then go over the process of how your design will make it into Terraria!

We will present the Top 3 winners in the order that they finished in the fan vote - and then maybe share a few surprises at the end. So, without further ado, the envelope please!


by SodaHunter

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Far and away the top vote-getter, SodaHunter's entry finished first in points, total First Place Votes, and in total votes received - and by a large margin in each category. Clearly, the people have spoken and they loved the idea and execution behind the Plaguebringer's Robes!


by crowflux

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The competition really started to heat up and was a LOT closer once you got past First Place. After the dust had settled, crowflux's mysterious, masterless samurai warrior stood tall in Second Place. This will be a unique addition indeed that Terrarians everywhere will look forward to proudly sporting as they battle the relentless foes in Terraria!


by DisRicardo

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A popular fan prediction to come out on top, Timeless Traveler ultimately emerged from the space-time continuum in Third Place, edging out some very tough competition right on its heels. We still do not know what is peeking out from inside that robe, but we hope that knowing they will be making it into Terraria will keep their wrath at bay for the time being!


by yikescloud

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Clearly, the Terraria Community went with a very clear theme when you look at our First and Third place winners - and while we did want to honor those selections, we felt that having a bit more diversity in what makes it into the game was the right way to go. So, as we told you on the livestream - we will do the Top 3 and beyond that, we will do what we want.

With that said, we are happy to share that we will be adding a Fourth winning entry to our list of champions and also adding this design into the game. It is our pleasure to reward our Fourth Place/Honorable Mention to the very cool and very "Terraria" Floret Protector.

(We seriously still want to know what is animating the dirt blocks in that suit... earthworms?)


by R-MK

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Once again, we did say we would do whatever we wanted outside of the Top 3... and so we decided that we would add a fifth winning entry. This one was based on a team vote based on the remaining entries... which narrowed us down to two that were in a dead heat. For the tiebreaker, we turned back to the fan vote, where one entry had a clear advantage over the other (finishing a full 9 slots ahead). Thus, the bright and vibrant entry from R-MK makes the final cut! We found this design to be quite unique, hearkening perhaps a
My vote got in!​
none of my votes made it in.... just hope someone mods in bubblehead and not in 2031... but I expected cyber angel to win but I am a fan of the plaguebringer now I think about it....

cheers to the plaguebringer
Proud goldfish and sad bubblehead.png
(I wish I could I could know bubblehead's position… but someone can mod the fish in)
final post for a while - forgot to post a lil picture... to congrat the winners so...…. HERE YOU ARE...…..

Come live with us in Terraria.png

COME LIVE WITH US IN TERRARIA, THERE IS A HOUSING WAITING FOR YOU.... (This got kinda rushed so I edited terraria sprites and the only thing I drew was the background and the newcomer which gives you a hint from the flames.)
Congratulations to all the winners! While IIRC I only voted for one of these, there were none that I disliked; quality finalists all the way through.

I'm a bit surprised TV head didn't make it. They seemed like a crowd favourite to me, but there you go; the discussions about votes are often very different to the votes themselves.
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