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Terraria: Otherworld Terraria: Otherworld - An Update

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Judging from older spoilers, I wonder if you'll be able to re-name items? That would be cool.

Also, why Crimson? Sure it's kind of cool, but why?
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The Hookshot doesn't swing. According to that post the item called the Hookshot in Otherworld functions like the regular Terraria grappling hooks.
what post is this? Just curious. I really hope T:OW doesn't come out in the first twoish weeks of 2016 because I am disconnected from society as such and want to buy it as fast as possible.


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I have a feeling that the Crimother(or the corruption version) is a late game/final boss. Also, DEFINATELY getting it on Day 1.


Speaking of Crimson, it would've been cool if Crimson's counterpart to Dark mummy was Bacon Mummy, a Mummy wrapped on bacon.


Mind: Crimson seems more hard hitting than the grappling hooks.
Mouth: Criiiimmmmsooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn
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Ohhhhh Boy, super Brain of Cthulhu aww yeah. Also those grappling hooks are like exactly how I always wished Terraria hooks would work.

Otherworld is looking as awesome as ever. :D
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