Terraria: Twenty Million Strong & Counting!

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I just can't even describe the time that I've had playing this game since it launched on Mobile back in 2013. I rember in those days that Mobile was essentially equivalent to Terraria 1.0 with the 1.1 pre-harmode features, which made me thouroughly confused at the time since 1.2 just came out on PC at that point. I saw new things pop up everyday on the wiki and I thought to myself, "Wow!, that's so cool"!, which drove me to be able to defeat the wall of flesh, only to my surprise that hardmode was not a thing in the mobile version yet. It wouldn't be until the August afterwards in 2014 when hardmode was finally and fully brought to mobile. I was a freshmen in High School at the time and I remember being so escatic about it when my friend told me. After that, I learned the differences in versions and waited for the day that 1.2.4, the current version on PC at the time, would come to mobile. Over the course of the next year or so, it would eventually happen, as I expirienced the core of 1.2.4 when it came out for Mobile devices in December 2015. I remember the June before, when it was announced, it was 10:00 EDT when that short clip was shown with the minecart in mobile for the first time. Thereafter, I decided to come here amd post more often, as my account before that had just been an afterthought as I used this as my source of Terraria news. From that August all the way to that September, I became more active on everyplay also, as I launched the initiative there to help people there who had not heard of the forums here to be quickly informed of the news involved with the release of 1.2.4. I got so excited, I launched my first real Terraria series on youtube, the Ranger Playthrough in which I wholly enjoyed and just finished recently. Following the release of 1.2.4 on mobile, everyplay was removed and I rarely go there amymore. But, through all of this, the ups and downs, all of it has been such a great experience for me and I hope that experience finds its way to all those who just started the game very recently. A truly remarkable accomplishment, 20,000,000 sales on PC alone just speaks for itself when it comes to the excellence and truly remarkable experience this game and community has to offer. I'm going to finish reminiscing and feel good about what has been accomplished here. Props to everyone involved. Thank you all! :D
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You deserve everything that you gain through all this years, I am not a old school player, played the game entirely last year, and i have been playing on each update you release and it's on of my favorite games of all time, and i trust me , i played a lot :D
I'm glad to be one of the many people who have experienced to watch Terraria growing and growing to something greater. 20.000.000 and counting is seriously a lot of sales. along with it's massive replayability and freedom you can have, a lot of buyers will likely also spend their time well in this game too.

Thank you devs for creating such a masterpiece of a game. And onwards to an even greater future!

Also, if I may ask, who made the banner artwork? :)
I started playing a cracked version of Terraria (Bad me, I know) back in 2011, then brought it two years later after a major update. I still remember my heart pounding when I killed Skeletron for the first time, and again with Plantera, then Fishron.

I've never really had the chance to play it with others, only playing it a few times with friends, but those times were still epic. A great game, worth all it has earned, and a great dev team, who have earned everything they have gotten. Keep up the stellar work, and may the Dryad's blessing be with you.
I am speechless. It's just amazing to see your favorite games evolve in a good way. I have started playing probably at the end of 2015, blind with little info about it, and now I'm like a veteran of the game. Thank you for giving us such an amazing game to all of the Re-logic members and the moderators.;(
Been playing since only a week after launch, made my steam account just for this game. Never regretted any of it. Congrats on 20 million! Excited for the future and for other world ( excpecially excited for more news! It's been like 5 months) either way, the future is gonna be awesome! Hurray!
:eek: Wow, I have barely any words to say... I remember the times when I said terraria was a ripoff of minecraft.... I remember buying it on my Ipad while it was in it's first few versions.... Now I love Terraria to bits and minecraft is the forgotten friend of mine. Seeing such a huge milestone that came from a game I never expected to love is just amazing!! :passionate: AMAZING!-:redspin: Lel, I had to put in a spinning Red!
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