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Terraria: Twenty Million Strong & Counting!


This is fantastic, awesome, ULTIMATE FANTASTIC! Terraria was the first PC game i played. I am playing it that day to this day. Keep up the good work!
Also, when the Otherworld will release? I started saving money for it one week or 2 weeks ago. Will it ever release until Half-Life 3 releases?
Again, this game is fantastic. Sure when Otherworld released on the first day, everyone will buy millions of copies. Thanks for this game. Thanks to the Devs, Staff and everyone who bought the game and spend hours on it. This is an awesome experience.

Otherworld Release Date > Half Life 3 Release Date ?

Otherworld Release Date < Half Life 3 Release Date ?

Otherworld Release Date = Half Life 3 Release Date ?


Congrats on the huge milestone. 20M is a big deal for any game, but even more so for an Indie Dev. You guys made it happen though, bot just from launch, but from years worth of hard work to turn Terraria into the amazing game it is today. Otherworld is going to have a huge pair of shoes to step into and massive expectations to live up to from it's older brother.

Props also to the community, because it's people like those here who spread the Terraria love with friends, family, and loved ones. You guys rock. This is one of the best gaming communities that I have seen.

I hope I can share a little Terraria love too, which would be about my first time playing it and how I got into the game.

One of my ex GF's and I used to play games a lot when we were together. Our relationship didn't work but we stayed friends because we had something special. One day she told me she found a new game, Terraria, and I should check it out. I didn't know what platform she was playing on, but it had just come out on Xbox 360 at the time. I ended up getting the demo from the Xbox Live marketplace. As soon as I built my first house I was hooked and I bought the game, only to find out that night that she was playing the PC version of it lol. I immediately bought it on PC though so her and I could play together. That was October 15, 2013.

Today I have 443 hours spent in Terraria and I have all achievements but the 200 fishing quest one (PIA and time consuming!). I've bought the game on 3 different platforms for myself, and 3 times on PC for others including my current GF. There are only a handful of games that I could say that I have spent so much time in besides Terraria (FFVII, Diablo 3, Dragon's Dogma, Breath of Fire 3. just to name a few). I look forward to spending more time in Terraria in the future, finally getting that darn fishing achievement, and getting back to the youtube project I started last year.

Here's to Terraria, and hopefully several more milestones to come! :happy:


Duke Fishron
Well this game is amazing. And the devs are. The game is bound to reach many people, it was meant to be.
I can say this as I have contact with a dev nearly daily. The best dev ever. Not only does he great work for the base game itself, he helps people with modding. We all know there is no official modding support and we're not likely to hear about it probably ever, but we are grateful to have 2 devs at our side whenever we need help.

Mooawvez 2

Wow. 20 Million? Can we even call this a 'community' anymore?
When my brother introduced me to terraria, I HATED IT. Then a year later (mid 2015) I became an addict. Now it's nice to see Terraria put on some big boy pants and being a huge, awesome game.


Official Terrarian
I whimpered, watching the old trailer. Nostalgia hit me like a damn truck...
[doublepost=1487438482,1487438103][/doublepost]Oh... I love this game so much... all you devs are probs my favourite people in the world! I am proud to say that Terraria is my favourite game!


i first learned of this through chippy's video, i am really glad terraria is continuing to do so well, and i hope it grows even more! :dryadgrin:

i have absolutely fallen in love with this game, and it is by far one of my favorite games that i've ever played, without a doubt.

re-logic deserves all the success they've experienced so far, and so much more.

i honestly have a hard time imagining anyone else in game development that i respect more than the re-logic team, because of them treating their fans so well, listening to feedback, giving us such amazing surprises, and actually respecting us. :dryadsmile:

not to mention giving us the overwhelming amount of content updates that terraria has, completely for free!

i guess i should cut this short before i gush over the game and team too much, but this game really is amazing, and i look forward to everything else you guys have planned. :dryadpassionate:


20 Million? WOW. You came an looong way.

This is one of the best games I ever played. I just can't enough of this game. I am so happy that I began playing it because it's so cool! Thank you. Thanks to the dev team, which continues to bring awesome updates or even little ones, still to create us playes an awesome experience. Thanks to Loki, Cenx, Redigit and of course the rest of Re-Logic, thanks to the mod creators which provide even more fun to this game, thanks for all those people who let's played this game such as Baum Productions, HappyDays, FuryForged, MabiVsGames and many more. BUT THE MOST THANKS TO Re-Logic. Best game ever made in 2011.

I love you guys for doing an awesome job and creating such an awesome game.
I hope this game will evolve even better and will get the double or even the triple of 20 million.


This game has, by far, been the most value of any of my 130-some steam purchases.

I've put 1,053 hours into Terraria, and IIRC, I bought it on sale for like $7.50. This means that each hour cost me $0.007 per hour, or almost a penny per hour.

No other game can come anywhere near that close, except for free games (which are rarely all that good).

Not only is Terraria an awesome game, but I also think (and if someone hasn't said so already, I will) that Re-Logic itself is a huge part of Terraria's success.

Re-Logic is a breath of fresh air in an environment that has become so anti-consumer and anti-gamer. Game companies trying to milk us out of every dollar, Paid DLCs, Day One DLCs, content being released, but locked behind a paywall on Day One, pre-order BS, etc.

Re-Logic doesn't do any of this crap. They gave us a $10 game that is frequently discounted, and they continue to give us free content and they don't go calling their lawyers if someone pirates the game or uses their content in Youtube videos or what-not.

I think a lot of Terraria's success is because of this... we gamers, we love to simply have fun playing games, and not having to deal with the ridiculous crap other developers think they can get away with. Re-Logic delivers awesome gaming with none of the stupid crap.


1.1 Veteran here! Congratz on this amazing milestone.

I remember buying Terraria with my brother some years ago, in our favourite department store that is located somewhere in the middle of Berlin. He saw Terraria in the games section and after a quick look at the cover he showed it to me and we bought it. I remember how sad we were that we only got a 'Blue Slime'-Card and a 'Dirt Block'-Card. He was the first one who started playing it and soon I also created my own character and started a new world. At the time there only was the "Corruption" and I think that was what interested me the most in the game. An evil force taking over the world and me having to stop it. I also liked how the enemies and some creatures changed when the Corruption took over a specific biome. After I defeated all bosses, I started to play the game less and less. I only played Terraria after some minor updates to see what had changed or to get this old Terraria-feeling.
I think the music was always a big part of this feeling. When I created a new world I was immediately greeted by this music which I was pretty used to by then.

After 1.2 came out in September 2013, I immediately started a new world to check out the new features and to explore a 'new' world. The thing I was excited for the most was the "Crimson", an alternate to the Corruption (I think I encountered the Crimson in the second world I created after the update). I started to play through the game again. For me it was like a familiar world just became new and even better than before. So when I explored it didn't feel like I've seen everything before. It felt like a different adventure entirely. Because of school and because there was a lot more to see in the new update it took me a little longer to finish everything and to kill all the bosses in the new world. Even though I also stopped playing Terraria after that for some time, I always checked the internet for any Terraria news.

So when Terraria 1.3 came out last year I was super excited. I saw the trailer that was made by Yrimir and immediately logged into Terraria when I came home. Even though there were new Biomes introduced, I played in the world that I created in 2013. After some days of playing it I felt really weak somehow (ingame). I remember that a Martian Probe spotted me and a Martian invasion occurred. Of course I was excited to see the new enemies but after I've been killed 4-5 times I closed the game only to cancel the invasion event.
After that I didn't really play Terraria for a month.

One month later, it was July and the Summer holidays just started in Germany, me and my best friend wondered what we could do. I think it was him that suggested playing Terraria and we created a new world that we called "Ist mir egal" which literally translates to 'I don't care' in English [Because when I asked him what we should call the world he said that he doesn't care. I know it's a stupid name, but I still wanted to tell about it
x D]. So we started to play through the game again and in September we defeated the "Moon Lord" for the first time. I remember how stressed we were after that. It was our 7th try on the boss and because we didn't want to defeat the Lunatic Cultist and the four Celestial Towers over and over again we just used a Celestial Sigil to summon him. The first weapon we got was the Lunar Portal Staff. Because my friend was the one that used many summoner items, he took the new weapon while I took the portal gun. After that, we defeated the Lunatic Cultist, the Celestial Towers and the Moon Lord until we had all the weapons ML drops {Even though I use Terrarian for the most time, my favourite weapon of the ML drops was the Star Wrath which always remembers me of Starfury, the sword with which I killed the WoF in my 2013 playthrough and which I used in all of pre-hardmode in that same playthrough}.

After we had nothing left to do in our normal world, we created an Expert Mode world. We took our best weapons with us and defeated all the bosses in one day. For the Moon Lord we used a Celestial Sigil. Even with our OP post-Moon Lord weapons we weren't able to defeat Expert Mode ML in our first try. I think in the end we used 6 Celestial Sigils that we took from our Normal Mode world "Ist mir egal". It was even more stressing than when we tried to kill NM Moon Lord for the first time. But it was worth it.

After that we stopped playing Terraria and moved onto other games for some time. We still played after the 1.3.3 and 1.3.4 updates though. The last thing that we did in "Ist mir egal" was that we defeated The Old One's army very often and aquired all the items that the three event bosses drop and the items that the Tavernkeep NPC sells. Even though I have been looking at many threads on this forum before, I only created my account recently. (I especially like the 'Alternates'-threads : D ). I invested almost 300 hours into Terraria and it gave me a lot of good memories.
Thank you for that Re-Logic. You created an amazing game and you deserve all the fame you get from your hard work! I'll definitely continue playing Terraria (Waiting for 1.3.5 and Terraria OW), because it always feels like a new adventure altogether.

(Sorry that my post became that long, I just started typing and in the end it became a lot more than I thought it would be ^^' )


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I started playing this game at 1.3 version. Most games today not interest me at all, but this sandbox-adventure style keep me so long. Will be waiting for more stuff.
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