Terraria: Twenty Million Strong & Counting!

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  1. BattleDragon45

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    and im one of the people that helped reached this!
  2. Aurora3500

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    It feels amazing to compare just how far the game has come. I remember when I started playing Terraria from 1.1.2, and thought it was an amazing game even then. To see the Developers give so much love to the game, and wanting to improve a game that has lasted me over 1,000 hours even more, shows to me how much the Developers love this game as we do.

    Regardless of the content that's added, just seeing what's changed in Terraria and how it's evolved has been very thrilling to watch for these past 5 years.
  3. Zanderthestorm

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    I've never felt more at home than here, with all these friendly faces, I look forward to meeting more
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  4. SpectreFKD

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    I know this number doesn't seem big: 0.27%
    That is, out of context.

    20 Million Terraria copies sold = 0.27% of the Earth's entire Population (Assuming the world population is ~7.4 Billion). That's quite the achievement!
    Congratulations to 20 Million! Let's keep climbing, shall we? :D
    It's been fantastic to see this game grow from its debut (I picked up my copy a week or two after release); To another 20 million!
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  5. zenmai

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    I would like to continue enjoying terraria from now on
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  6. DankySkeleton

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    Terraria is my life and soul.
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  7. LuminaryEm

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    Terraria is the game that made me into the person I am today, without Terraria, my life would have been very miserable, thank you to the Team and everyone that has made this game possible and making me happy and all the people that support the game <3333
  8. Kiddles

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    I am glad to have found this game, as it has easily become my favorite indie game of all time, having logged over 2500 hours since I started playing 1.1! Although I don't keep active very consistently, and am a bit of an awkward penguin for my part, I still check back regularly just to see what people are posting, and look for any news regarding game updates. I especially love looking at the Creation Compendium every month and checking out cool designs from the community. I am glad to see that this game has come so far, even just since the days of 1.1, and especially comparing it to 1.0 by looking at the trailers! Terraria will always hold a special place in my heart, and I look very much to the future of this franchise!

    So thank you, to all Re-Logic staff and forum team, for making this game and this community as awesome as it has been! Let's keep the future bright!
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  9. It's pretty amazing to see how far everything has come from "ye olde SMBX days". You guys give yourselves a pat on the back of something, You really deserve it.
  10. Joost8910

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    Over twenty million copies sold! Now, how many actual unique players are there? Because I own the pc, xbox360, and mobile editions, and there are many more people with multiple versions.
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  11. Hacharma213

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    Wow. I'm really happy for this. Terraria is one of my favorite videogames. :pumpking::redmunch:`:passionate::rslime::hoppinjack:
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  12. Techdude594

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    I have well over 4300 hours in Terraria. This is by far my longest played game so far, here's to another 4000+! I love everything about this game, the franchise, the community, the game-play, and more! I've bought multiple copies of the game, and plan on buying even more (ToW on day one)! Everyone at Re-Logic, Engine Software, and 505 Games who have worked on Terraria in recent memory, THANK YOU for an incredible experience. I've played this game for over 4 years now, and we've never had DLC, over ANY platform. Absolutely incredible, considering the countless hours we have all spent playing this amazing game, and will continue to spend on future entries in the franchise! Best 10$ ever. PERIOD. I cannot thank all you guys enough!

    Congratulations on 20 million.
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  13. Greenie

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    Oh man, now I'm thinking about the old days of 1.1 when hardmode was more of a late game thing than a midgame thing, there were only 2 types of wings, the mech bosses were some of the hardest bosses ever, and the Megashark was the absolute best weapon that was perfect for all situations and all bosses and you can't tell me otherwise.

    I think back then we were celebrating 1 million sales and 1.2 had just been announced. To think we're here all these years later celebrating 20 million, and not only is the main game still being updated, but there's also a spinoff title on the horizon.
  14. Rough Draft

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    All this from a game that was 'finished' at 1.1.2 in early 2012. They've really pushed that little game engine to do everything it can and a lot of things it probably shouldn't. I blame Y0raizor for that last part.
  15. Joop

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    I like that WE all did this. we are part of the twenty million people. WE helped do this.
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    Twenty million is a huge number.
  16. Leinfors

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    Pretty impossible question to know, I would suppose. Would have to have all Xbox, Playstation, PSP, Wii, 3DS, Mobile, and PC accounts linked to find out.
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  17. Scarecrow

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    ah, I remember when the sky in the corruption was a trashy puke green color.
    I was happy to see it change to a spooky purple color.

    this game's graphics have improved astronomically over the years.
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  18. BlueZeroZeroOne

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    From being there on the team at the beginning, to now where I'm just a player, the game has always been amazing to me.

    Keep up the great work guys! Terraria forever!
  19. Hyero

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    Now I'm going to watch and see if it hits 30m before Otherworld releases lol.
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  20. Incinerate

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    For a team made by a guy then known for a Super Mario fan game that Nintendo loathes nowadays... That team went the :red:ing big mile.

    A toast to Terraria, the sleeper killer app of 2011 that prospers even six years later.
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