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tAPI Terraria+

Discussion in 'Released' started by Everybody, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Everybody

    Everybody Spazmatism

    (Download is at bottom)
    Magma Pickaxe | 225% Pickaxe Power/+5 Range | Crafting: Molten Pickaxe/Magma Bar/Beetle Husks
    Petal Pick | 200% Pickaxe Power/+2 Range | Crafting: Petalstone/Chlorophyte Bar
    Magma Hamaxe | 200% Axe Power/115% Hammer Power/+5 Range | Crafting: Molten Hamaxe/Magma Bar/Beetle Husks
    Petal Axe | 120% Axe Power/+2 Range | Crafting: Petalstone/Chlorophyte Bar
    Magma Warhammer | 140% Hammer Power/+5 Range | Crafting: Molten Hamaxe/Magma Bar/Beetle Husks
    Petal Smasher | 90% Hammer Power/+2 Range | Crafting: Molten Hamaxe/Magma Bar/Beetle Husks

    Melee Weapons
    Melee Weapons.png
    Axel Blade | Inflicts On Fire! | Crafting: Keybrand/Ectoplasm/Flask of Fire
    Broomstick | Crafting: Wood
    Curtain Ripper | Shoots Musket Balls | Crafting: Musket Ball/Iron(or Lead) Bars
    Meteor Ripper | Shoots Meteor Shots | Crafting: Curtain Ripper/Soul of Balance/Meteorite Bar
    Jungle Blade | Crafting: Jungle Spores/Iron (or Lead) Bars
    Snow Crasher | Inflicts Frostburn | Crafting: Frost Core/Chlorophyte Bar/Ectoplasm
    Soul of Pow | Inflicts On Fire! and May inflict Confused | Crafting: Dao of Pow/Sunfury/Soul of Balance
    Glass Spear | Crafting: Same as Glass Shield
    Bixrus Blade | Crits can deal 300% | Dropped from Lihzahrd
    Venom Sickle | Death Sickle Like/Attacks deal Venom | Crafting: Death Sickle/Vial of Venom/Ectoplasm
    Blazing Greatsword | Inflicts On Fire! and Shoots a Fireball | Crafting: Fiery Greatsword/Magma Bar/Beetle Husks
    Petal Blade | Shoot a Petal out | Crafting: Petalstone/Chlorophyte Bars
    Enchanter's Sword.png (Enchanter Swords)
    Enchanter's Sword | Dropped by Solar Eclipse Monster
    Vez'Nix | Attacking enemies will cause you to deal multiple debuffs to them (one at a time)
    Sor'Vaac | Attacking an enemy will increase your stats (by class)
    True Swords.png (True Swords)
    True Light's Bane | 4th Strongest/1st Fastest
    True Muramasa | 3rd Strongest/2nd Fastest
    True Blade of Grass | 2nd Strongest/3rd Fastest
    True Fiery Greatsword | 1st Strongest/4th Fastest
    Legend Swords.png (Legend Swords)
    Legend's Night's Edge | Strong but Slower | Beams deal Cursed Flame
    Legend Excalibur | Fast but Weaker | Beams deal Confused
    Copper Claw | Crafting: Copper Bars
    Tin Claw | Crafting: Tin Bars
    Iron Claw | Crafting: Iron Bars
    Lead Claw | Crafting: Lead Bars
    Silver Claw | Crafting: Silver Bars
    Tungsten Claw | Crafting: Tungsten Bars
    Gold Claw | Crafting: Gold Bars
    Platinum Claw | Crafting: Platinum Bars

    Ranged Weapons
    Ranged Weapons.png
    Cerberus | 3-Spread Shotgun | Drop from Voodoo Demons
    Crossbow | Shoots Arrows | Crafting: Wood/Iron(or Lead)/Bones
    Laser Gun | Shoots Lasers | Crafting: Illegal Gun Parts/Hellstone Bar
    Laser Taker | Uses Cell Fuel as Ammo | Crafting: Laser Gun/Heat Ray/Lihzahrd Power Cell/Soul of Balance
    Scalinator | Better than Megashark | Crafting: Megashark/Ectoplasm
    Tinker Shot | Shoots Bullets | Sold by Goblin Tinkerer
    Petal Repeater | Crafting: Petalstone/Chlorophyte Bar
    Everscream Double | Shoot 2 Close Bullets | Crafting: Pinewood
    End-Game Bows.png (Endgame Bows)
    Red Bolt Converter | Shoots 5 Short Range Red Bolts | Crafting: Soul of Balance/Ectoplasm/Broken Hero Bow
    Teleport Bow | Shoots 1 high velocity bolt that pierces 6 times | Crafting: Soul of Balance/Ectoplasm/Broken Hero Bow
    Eridium Bow | Shoots a spiral that gradually gets faster | Crafting: Soul of Balance/Ectoplasm/Broken Hero Bow
    Electrolyte Bow | Shoots a volt that will bounce infinitely | Crafting: Soul of Balance/Ectoplasm/Broken Hero Bow

    Magic Weapons

    Magic Weapons.png
    Crimtane Staff | Shoots Rockets | Crafting: Crimtane Bar/Ichor/Ectoplasm
    Dagger Star | Shoots out Throwing Knives | Crafting: Hallowed Bars/Throwing Knives
    Demonite Staff | Shoots Rockets | Crafting: Demonite Bar/Cursed Flame/Ectoplasm
    Grenade Sack | Shoots Grenades | Crafting: Grenade/Iron(or Lead)
    Lihzarhd Lantern | Shoots lasers randomly | Drop from Golem
    True Ice Rod | Shoots Ice Blocks | Crafting: Ice Rod/Ectoplasm
    Venom Wand | Shoots a single venom bolt | Crafting: Vial of Venom/Chlorophyte
    War Peace Repeater | Shoots Arrows | Crafting: Soul of Balance
    Spell Tomes.png (Spell Tomes)
    Crystal Beam | Shoots a Crystal Line | Crafting: Spell Tome/Crystal Shard/Soul of Light
    Deadly Transfer | Not Working | Not Working
    Flurry | Shoot out a Flurry of Waves | Crafting: Spell Tome/Soul of Balance/Soul of Flight/Ectoplasm
    Scrolls.png (Scrolls)
    Leaf Scroll | Shoot out a powerful leaf | Crafting: Scroll/Soul of Flight/Chlorophyte Ore
    Water Scroll | Shoot out a powerful Water Bolt | Crafting: Scroll/Soul of Flight/Bone
    Fire Scroll | Shoot out a powerful fireball | Crafting: Scroll/Soul of Flight/Hellstone
    Dark Arts Scroll | Shoot out a powerful Demon Scythe | Crafting: Scroll/Soul of Flight/Demon Torch
    Ectoplasm Blades.png (Ectoplasm Blades)
    Sanguis Blade | Offensive Stance | Crafting: Broken Hero Sword/Chlorophyte Bar/Ectoplasm
    Vorpal Blade | Healing Stance | Crafting: Broken Hero Sword/Chlorophyte Bar/Ectoplasm
    Spiritual Blade | Defensive Stance | Crafting: Broken Hero Sword/Chlorophyte Bar/Ectoplasm
    Ethereal Blade | Strategical Stance | Crafting: Broken Hero Sword/Chlorophyte Bar/Ectoplasm

    Summoner Weapons

    Piranhastaff.png Piranhasummon.png
    Piranha Staff | Summons a Piranha | Drop from Piranhas
    Piranha Minion | AI Style: Raven | Damage: 8


    Ice Queen Armor | +36% Magic Damage/+100 Max Mana | (Set Bonus) Magic Weapons deal Frostburn
    Dropped from Ice Queen
    Elf Armor | +30% Melee Damage/+30% Melee Speed | (Set Bonus) Attacking will start a damage combo
    Crafting: Elf Vanity Suit/Beetle Armor
    Value Armor | +18% Melee Damage/+18% Magic Damage | (Set Bonus) Attacking an enemy will inflict Midas
    Crafting: Adamantite(or Titanium) Bar/Hallowed Bar/Gold (or Platinum) Bar
    Santank Armor | +45% Ranged Damage/+30% Movement Speed | (Set Bonus) -25% Chance to Consume Ammo
    Dropped from Santa-NK1
    Radesteel Armor | +14% Magic Damage/-10% Mana Usage | (Set Bonus) Being hit will restore Mana
    Hellstone Bar/Obsidian/Stone
    Shadows Armor | +21% Melee Speed/+27% Movement Speed | (Set Bonus) +13% Melee Critical Strike Chance
    Ninja Clothes/Demonite (or Crimtane)
    Darksteel Armor | +30% Melee/Summon Damage/+2 Max Minions | (Set Bonus) +20% Melee/Move Speed
    Soul of Night/Obsidian/Hallowed Bar
    Spiky Armor | +22% Ranged Damage/+14% Ranged Crit | (Set Bonus) When under 25% Health will drop Spiky Balls
    Spiky Balls/Iron or Lead Bars
    Halo Armor | +34% Bullet Damage/+17% Ranged Crit | (Set Bonus) +15% Bullet Damage when below 33% Health
    Spiky Ball Armor/Mythril or Orichalcum
    Sunfire Armor | +18% Ranged/Magic Damage | (Set Bonus) Enemies who are near you are set On Fire!
    Molten Armor/Radesteel/Adamantite or Titanium Bars
    Hunter Armor | +25% Ranged Damage | (Set Bonus) Enemies near you are highlighted, and get a move speed boost
    Hallowed Bars/Adamantite or Titanium Bars/Hunter Potion
    Blue Frost Armor | +45% Melee Damage | (Set Bonus) Melee attacks inflict Frostburn
    Frost Armor/Frost Core/Hallowed Bars
    Skyware Armor | +18% Ranged Damage | (Set Bonus) Featherfall Effect
    Sunplate Blocks/Feathers
    Demonic Armor | +33% Melee/Magic Damage | (Set Bonus) Melee/Magic Crits deal 275% Damage
    Necro Armor/Ectoplasm/Adamantite or Titanium Bars
    Molten v2 Armor | +54% Melee Damage | (Set Bonus) Magma Stone Effect and +25% Melee Speed
    Molten Armor/Magma Bars/Beetle Husks
    Armors 2.png
    Petal Armor | +33% Magic Damage/-24% Mana Usage/+120 Max Mana | (Set Bonus) Set off Stationary Petals when below 25% HP
    Petalstone/Chlorophyte Bars


    Absorbent Cloth | Normal Move Speed in Water | Crafting: Flipper Potion/Silk
    Absorbent Diving Gear | Absorbent Cloth+Diving Gear Effects | Crafting: Absorbent Cloth/Diving Gear
    Antlion Emblem | +8% Magic & Summon Damage | Crafting: Antlion Mandible/Mana Crystal
    Band-Aid | Increased Regeneration when hit | Sold by Skeletal Seller
    Blood Crawler Egg Sac | +1 Max Minion | Drop from Blood Crawler
    Bubble Wall | Releases Fishron Bubbles on Hit | Drop from Duke Fishron
    Destroyer Quiver | Magic Quiver + Crit | Crafting: Magic Quiver/Destroyer Emblem
    Eater Eye | +1 Max Minion | Dropped from Eaters
    Gravity Emblem | Reduced Gravity | Crafting: Feather/Cloud/Demonite (or Crimtane) bar
    Molten Diving Gear | Absorbent Diving Gear+Lava Charm Effects | Crafting: Absorbent Diving Gear/Lava Charm
    Obsidian Aegis | No Knockback/No Fire Damage/Lava Charm | Crafting: Lava Charm/Obsidian Shield/Hellstone Bar
    Rainbow Shield | +15% Magic Damage/+40 Max Mana/No Knockback | Crafting: Rainbow Bricks/Pixie Dust/Cobalt Shield
    Spikes | Release Spikes upon being hit | Crafting: Iron(or Lead)/Silver(or Tungsten)/Spiky Ball
    Vampirism Cloak | Attacks heal you for 1% of your Max Health | Dropped from Vampire
    Venom Spike Release | Release Venom Spikes upon being hit | Crafting: Vials of Venom/Spike Release
    Vulture Feather | Water Candle Effect | Drop from Vultures
    Accessories 2.png
    Crystal Necklace | Critical Hits restore 5% of Max Health | Life Crystal/Demonite(or Crimtane) Bars/Bones
    Blood Accessories.png
    Band of Rejuvination | Increased Regeneration/+20 Max HP | Crafting: Band of Regeneration/Band of Starpower
    Demonic Heart | Band of Rejuvination + Panic Necklace | Crafting: Band of Rejuvination/Panic Necklace
    Bloodstone Magnet | Increased Heart Pickup Range | Sold by the Travelling Merchant
    Heart Monitor | Effects of its Components | Crafting: Demonic Heart/Bloodstone Magnet
    Flareform Wings | 210% Flight Power | Crafting: Hellstone Bar/Obsidian/Ectoplasm
    Fallen Angel Wings | 250% Flight Power | Crafting: Harpy Wings/Hellstone Bar/Ash Block
    Empty Emblem.png
    Blank Emblem | Crafting: Warrior or Ranged or Sorcerer Emblem and Cobalt/Palladium Bars
    Golem Power Emblem | +18% Crit/+12% Damage | Crafting: Golemite/Golem Power Core/Empty Emblem
    Mecha Emblems.png
    Destroyer Emblem | +18% Damage/+12% Crit | Crafting: Destroyer Trophy/Mechanite Bar/Blank Emblem
    Twins Emblem | Crits deal +25% Damage | Crafting: Retanizer or Spazmatism Trophy and Mechanite Bar and Blank Emblem
    Skeletron Prime Emblem | -15% Damage Taken | Crafting: Skeletron Prime Trophy/Mechanite Bar/Blank Emblem

    Ore Shields.png
    Copper Shield | +1 Defense | Crafting: Copper Bars
    Tin Shield | +1 Defense | Crafting: Tin Bars
    Iron Bulwark | +2 Defense | Crafting: Iron Bars
    Lead Bulwark | +2 Defense | Crafting: Lead Bars
    Silver Ward | +3 Defense | Crafting: Silver Bars
    Tungsten Ward | +3 Defense | Crafting: Tungsten Bars
    Golden Aegis | +4 Defense | Crafting: Gold Bars
    Platinum Aegis | +4 Defense | Crafting: Platinum Bars
    Elemental Shields.png
    Golden Shield | Lucky Coin Effect
    Wind Shield | Increased Movement Speed and Jump Height
    Water Shield | Absorbent Cloth Effect
    Fire Shield | Lava Charm Effect
    Earth Shield | Titan Glove Effect
    Other Shields.png
    Glass Shield | 16.66% Chance to Block | Crafting: Cobalt (or Palladium)/Glass/Soul of Light/Soul of Night/Soul of Balance
    Crysik Shield | 25% Chance to Block | Crafting: Glass Shield/Shroomite Bar/Ectoplasm
    Moon Shields.png
    Mourning Shield | On hit, release 4 Stakes | Dropped from Mourning Wood
    Everscream Shield | When below 50% HP, +2 Max Minions | Dropped from Everscream
    Other Shields.png
    Monado Shield | On Critical Hit, recieve Jump/Speed/Shield/Buster/Smash
    Unicorn Ward | -15% Mana Usage/+80 Max Mana
    Golem Power Shield | +15% Damage


    Bullseye Potion | +15% Ranged Critical Strike Chance | Crafting: Bottled Water/Bone
    Carpet Potion | Summon a Carpet Beneath yo feet | Crafting: Bottled Water/Antlion Mandible/Cactus
    Cross Potion | When damaged, longer invincibility | Crafting: Bottled Water/Soul of Light
    Ninja Potion | Grants the ability to Climb Walls | Crafting: Bottled Water/Any Ninja Clothing
    Swimmable Potion | YOU CAN SWIM. WHAT DOES IT SOUND LIKE? | Unobtainable
    Ankh Potions.png
    Blood Plus Potion | Immunity to Bleeding Debuff
    Broken Armor Plus Potion | Immunity to Broken Armor Debuff
    Burning Plus Potion | Immunity to Burning Debuff
    Confused Plus potion | Immunity to Confused Debuff
    Cursed Plus Potion | Immunity to Cursed Debuff
    Darkness Plus Potion | Immunity to Darkness Debuff
    Poison Plus Potion | Immunity to Poison Debuff
    Silence Plus Potion | Immunity to Silence Debuff
    Slow Plus Potion | Immunity to Slow Debuff
    Weak Plus Potion | Immunity to Weak Debuff


    Scroll | Sold by the Wizard
    Broken Hero Bow | Dropped by Eyezore
    Magma Powder | Dropped by HM Underworld Enemies
    Golem Power Core | Dropped by Golem
    Radesteel Bar | Crafting: Hellstone/Obsidian/Stone
    Magma Bar | Crafting: Hellstone Bar/Magma Powder
    Mechanite Bar | Crafting: Mechanite
    Golemite Bar | Crafting: Golemite
    Soul of Balance | Crafting: Soul of Light/Soul of Night/Hellstone
    Soul of Value | Dropped by Pirates, me m8y!


    Popcorn | Gives 35 HP/Well Fed | Sold by Top Hat Skeleton


    Underlord | Spawns in HM Underworld at Night Time


    Lihzahrd Power Cell :: Chlorophyte Bar/Soul of Light/Soul of Night/Lihzahrd Bricks
    Slime Staff :: Wood/Gel
    Harpies :: Sunplate Blocks
    Red Devil :: Magma Powder
    Lava Bat :: Magma Powder
    Merchant :: Bottles

    Mechanical Bosses now spawn Mechanite Ore upon defeat!
    Plantera now spawns Petalstone Ore upon its defeat!
    The Golem now spawns Golemite Ore upon its defeat!


    Development Team

    Everybody - The Main Coder. He's really an all around guy, if you know what I mean? He always works so hard. He's been working on this mod ever since. He's coded this mod since the very start.
    Everybody - The Main Spriter. He's the awesome kind of guy you always want to have him around all the freaking time. My favorite member of the development team. He's sprited this mod since the start. Also good at ore frames.
    Everybody - The Main Director. He's been directing this mod for a long time. When we didn't have his guidance, it was sort of like the mod didn't even exist!



    ThatOneRobloxHater - Really a nice guy. He did most of the armors and all of the frames for them too. No idea where I'd be without him right now.
    Berberborscing - A Really cool guy. His guide and Accessory list of effects helped me code, because, often, I forgot what the effects were. He also helped me out on hooks (which were being called in the accessories/armors).
    Pumpking - He helped me with the Armor Set Bonus code. He's also the original coder of the very first mod I ever attempted to put together. But he was so busy, I decided to learn coding myself. Thanks, Pumpking (really, I mean it).
    Sin Costan - He was there for me, and helped me on projectile code, because Projectiles are freaking hard sometimes, if you all know what I mean. Also a chill guy. Check out his mod, Collection of Fun Projectiles! Decompile it if ya need some projectile help, or give his guide a holler!
    Yoraiz0r - He helped me on a lot of code! He also codes Terraria, helped make tAPI, and is a pretty nice guy all around. He almost beats @Everybody in awesomeness!
    Chazm - A pretty cool guy, and he's coding a boss for me! He's really nice, and is super epic! His coding skills are also off the chartz, because, well, we ran out of charts about a week ago (@LeFr33)
    Seeker - One of my best buds on TCF! He loves Destiny and stuff, and we're- oh, never mind that. But anyway, he's a pretty cool guy all around, so he gets a section!
    LeFr33 - Drop that Nae Nae. And then do the whip. And then when you're done with that, I need you to flicker your wrist. The world depends on it!
    LameCube - He created the beautiful banner you all see at the top. he also created a 2D version. Would you guys like to see that one too?
    Freddy's - He's an awesome guy, and a spriter/coder who also aspired me to reach great heights. Thanks for all your work, Freddy's (I accidentally stole his mod name, so...)
    _Mish - Hamburger00, Mishu, whatever you call him, he will still be as epic as hell, with an Australian accent to top it off. He's in here for being too epic.
    Logodum - He sprited the Monado Sword, and the Monado Sword when it's open. His sprites are amazing, yet he's made just 100 or so. It's magic.
    Sherbet - For Introducing me to Terraria. This mod, and me, would literally not be here without his showing me Terraria. You can all thank him, or hate him. Your choice.
    TheGamingBoffin - Helped me out on the World Generation Code, and helped me make a function to spawn all of the ores you guys can find (like Petalstone, Mechanite and Golemite)

    Bluemagic123 - Helped me out on the enemy code, and a bunch of other code, but mainly manipulating Enemy AI and helping me make my own
    Everybody - He's always been there for me, if you know what I mean. Really the nicest guy you could ever find out there. He's so freaking cool, you'll never know what he's gonna do for you next. He works in lots of different mods, which just shows how nice he is. He's also good at ore frames.


    Changes from Solo Mod
    Added Lesser Cell Fuel
    Added Cell Fuel
    Added Laser Taker
    Added Broken Hero Bow
    Added Value Armor
    Added Elven Armor
    Added Santank Armor
    Added Ice Queen Armor
    (CHANGE) Removed Acorn Nut
    (CHANGE) Red Bolt Converter has a better recipe
    (CHANGE) Red Bolt Converter now uses Arrows as Ammo
    (CHANGE) Teleport Bow has a better recipe
    (CHANGE) Teleport Bow now pierces 6 times, instead of 2
    (CHANGE) Teleport Bow now uses Arrows as Ammo
    (CHANGE) Slightly buffed Crystal Beam Damage (44->48)
    (CHANGE) Slightly buffed Dagger Star's Damage (36->41)
    (CHANGE) Slightly buffed Dagger Star's Mana Cost (6->4)
    (CHANGE) Dagger Star can no longer be crafted from Shuriken
    (CHANGE) Significantly reduced Grenade Sack's Damage (33->17)
    (CHANGE) Slightly increased Grenade Sack's Mana Cost (9->11)
    (CHANGE) Hydrogen Staff is no longer obtainable (it was broken)
    (CHANGE) Reduced True Ice Rod's Mana Cost (12->7)
    (CHANGE) The Piranha Minion will now last for 2 minutes
    (CHANGE) Removed Snow Block and Ice Block from Snow Crasher's Recipe
    (CHANGE) Cross Potion's recipe no longer uses Cross Necklace
    (CHANGE) Cross Potion's recipe no longer makes 30, instead, it makes 1

    (Worth 117.1 KB)
    Added Soul of Pow
    Added Eridium Bow
    Added Electrolyte Bow
    Added Glass Shield
    Added Crysik Shield
    Added Monado Shield
    Added Mourning Shield
    Added Everscream Shield
    Added Copper Shield
    Added Tin Shield
    Added Iron Bulwark
    Added Lead Bulwark
    Added Silver Ward
    Added Tungsten Ward
    Added Golden Aegis
    Added Platinum Aegis
    Added Radesteel Armor
    Added Shadows Armor
    Added Darksteel Armor
    (TEXTURE) Wind Shield now has an animation Texture!
    (TEXTURE) Water Shield now has an animation Texture!
    (TEXTURE) Fire Shield now has an animation Texture!
    (TEXTURE) Earth Shield now has an animation Texture!
    (TEXTURE) Golden Shield now has an animation Texture!
    (CHANGE) Buffed Red Bolt Converter Use Time (18->15)
    (CHANGE) Red Bolt Converter (Bolts) now last for 1/2 second instead of 1/4 second.
    (CHANGE) Earth Shield will now give +70% Melee Knockback instead of setting it to 300%.
    (CHANGE) Nerfed Snow Crasher (does anyone even use it)?
    (CHANGE) Nerfed Broomstick's Damage (19->11)
    (CHANGE) Nerfed Broomstick's Use Time (26->28)
    (CHANGE) Nerfed Crossbow's Damage (26->19)
    (CHANGE) Nerfed Crossbow's Knockback (8->2)
    (CHANGE) Nerfed Scalinator's Damage (37->35)
    (CHANGE) Nerfed Scalinator's Knockback (7->1)
    (CHANGE) Scalinator now requires Shroomite
    (CHANGE) Nerfed Laser Gun's Use Time (14->16)
    (CHANGE) Laser Gun is now Auto Reuse
    (CHANGE) Removed Alchemist's Mix #1

    (19 Items)
    (14 Balancing)
    (5 Textures)

    (BUG FIX) Ankh Potions now work correctly
    (BUG FIX) Piranha Staff now works correctly
    (BUG FIX) Ice Queen Greaves no longer go crazy
    Glass Spear
    Soul of Value
    Enchanter's Sword
    True Light's Bane
    True Muramasa
    True Blade of Grass
    True Fiery Greatsword
    (CHANGE) Soul of Balance will now float
    (CHANGE) Soul of Value is dropped by Pirates
    (CHANGE) Reaper drops the Enchanter's Sword (0.3% Chance)
    (BALANCE) Soul of Value is now used in Value Armor instead of Gold/Platinum
    (BALANCE) Red Bolt now lasts for 1/3 second instead of 1/2 second.
    (BALANCE) Mourning Shield now deals 60 Damage instead of 12
    (BALANCE) Santank now has a 1/50 chance to drop each piece
    (BALANCE) Ice Queen now has a 1/20 chance to drop each piece
    (TEXTURE) Teleport Bolt now has dust!
    (TEXTURE) Red Bolt now has dust!
    (BUG FIX) Everscream now drops Pinewood
    (BUG FIX) Pinewood is now placeable
    (BUG FIX) Pinewood block now drops Pinewood
    (BUG FIX) Elven Battle Armor's set bonus works properly now
    Venom Sickle
    Bixrus Blade
    Legend's Edge
    Legend Excalibur
    (CHANGE) Added Top Hat Skeleton (otherwise known as Vesk)!!! NEW NPC!!!
    (CHANGE) Added Skeletal Seller!!! NEW NPC!!!
    (CHANGE) Band-Aid is now sold by the Skeletal Seller!
    (CHANGE) Scroll is now sold by the Wizard
    (CHANGE) Tinker Shot is now sold by the Goblin Tinkerer
    (CHANGE) Bottles are now sold by the Merchant
    (CHANGE) Bloodstone Magnet is now sold by the Traveling Merchant
    (CHANGE) Ice Queen Armor's set bonus now makes Magic Weapons deal Frostburn.
    (BALANCE) Tinker Shot's value has been halved (60->30)
    (BALANCE) Electrolyte Bow now pierces 2 times
    (BALANCE) Electrolyte Bow now has +6 Velocity
    (BALANCE) Lihzahrd Lantern's Damage has been slightly buffed (80->88)
    (BALANCE) Slightly lowered Venom Wand's Mana Cost (7->6)
    (BALANCE) Slightly buffed Venom Wand's Damage (41->46)
    (BALANCE) Buffed Glass Spear's Damage (56->68)
    (BALANCE) Meteor Ripper's Damage has been nerfed (40->38)
    (BALANCE) Slightly buffed Soul of Pow's Damage (45->48)
    (BALANCE) Slightly buffed Tinker Shot's Damage (19->21)
    (BALANCE) Slightly nerfed Tinker Shot's Use time (13->16)
    (BALANCE) Nerfed Laser Gun's Use Time (16->18)
    (BALANCE) Buffed Laser Gun's Damage (18->24)
    (BALANCE) Slightly nerfed Crossbow's Damage (19->16)
    (BALANCE) Slightly buffed Crossbow's Use Time (27->23)
    (BALANCE) Soul of Balance now requires Hellstone in its recipe
    (BALANCE) Absorbent Cloth now requires Silk instead of Leather
    (BALANCE) Absorbent Cloth is now crafted at a Work Bench
    Fallen Angel Wings
    Radesteel Bar
    Value Potion
    Value Hair Dye
    Golemite Bar
    Mechanite Bar
    Petal Sword
    Petal Pickaxe
    Petal Axe
    Petal Smasher
    Petal Repeater
    Magma Powder
    Magma Bar
    Blazing Greatsword
    Blazing Pickaxe
    Magma Hamaxe
    Magma Warhammer
    Crystal Necklace
    Unicorn Ward
    Blank Emblem
    Golem Power Emblem
    Golem Power Shield
    Golem Power Potion
    Destroyer Emblem
    Twins Emblem
    Skeletron Prime Emblem
    Copper Claws
    Tin Claws
    Iron Claws
    Lead Claws
    Silver Claws
    Tungsten Claws
    Gold Claws
    Platinum Claws
    Everscream Double
    Spiky Armor
    Halo Armor
    Sunfire Armor
    Hunter Armor
    Blue Frost Armor
    Skyware Armor
    Demonic Armor
    Molten v2 Armor
    Petal Armor
    [ENEMY] Underlord!
    (CHANGE) Radesteel Armor now requires Radesteel Bars
    (CHANGE) Changed Spectre Helmet's Set Bonus
    (CHANGE) Legend's Edge now pierces 3 times
    (CHANGE) Legend Excalibur now pierces 3 times
    (CHANGE) Legend's Edge now requires Terra Blade in its recipe
    (CHANGE) Legend Excalibur now requires Terra Blade in its recipe
    (CHANGE) Piranha Minion now correctly uses a buff
    (CHANGE) Piranha Minion will now last much more than 2 minutes
    (CHANGE) Harpies now drop Sunplate blocks!
    (CHANGE) Magma Powder is dropped by Red Devils and Lava Bats
    (CHANGE) Mechanical Bosses Now spawn Mechanite ore On Death (Thanks @TheGamingBoffin)
    (CHANGE) Golem now spawns Golemite on death! (Thanks @TheGamingBoffin)
    (CHANGE) Cerberus now has a 30 Degree Angle Spread instead of 15
    (CHANGE) Axel's Blade now emits Fire Dust!
    (CHANGE) Snowcrasher now emits Ice Dust! Again, does ANYONE even use this?!
    (BALANCE) Value Armor's Magic Bonuses are now the same as its melee ones
    (BALANCE) Ice Queen Armor now gives a +36% Magic Bonus instead of +30%
    (BALANCE) Shadows Armor now gives +21% Melee Speed instead of +30%
    (BALANCE) Shadows Armor now gives +27% Movement Speed instead of +36%
    (BALANCE) Shadows Armor now gives +13% Melee Crit Bonus instead of +17%
    (BALANCE) Santank Armor now gives +45% Total Ranged Damage instead of +35%
    (BALANCE) Darksteel Armor now gives a total of +30% Melee/Summon Damage instead of +36%
    (BALANCE) Darksteel Armor Bonus now gives +20% Melee/Movement Speed instead of +25%
    (BALANCE) Soul of Value is now dropped in stacks of 1-3 from Pirate Captains
    (BALANCE) Piranha Minion is now the correct Size!
    (BALANCE) Glass Spear no longer "deals 300% Critical Hits"
    (BALANCE) Nerfed Scalinator's Use Time (3->6)
    (BALANCE) Spikes now last for 30 seconds instead of 120 seconds
    (BALANCE) Spikes now pierce infinitely
    (BALANCE) Venom Spikes now last for 25 seconds instead of 150 seconds
    (BALANCE) Venom Spikes now pierce infinitely
    (BUG FIX) Every Shield (except Ores) will now give Correct KB Resist
    (BUG FIX) Elven Armor now correctly gives Combo (Wombo) III
    (BUG FIX) Red Bolt Converter's Projectiles are now counted as Ranged
    (BUG FIX) Bullseye Potion now says Bullseye Potion instead of Bullseye
    (TEXTURE) Soul of Value has a refined Texture! Now looks 100% More Valuable!
    (TEXTURE) Eater Eye has a new refined Texture! (Thanks @Logodum)
    (TEXTURE) Vulture Feather has a newer Texture! (Thanks @Logodum)
    (TEXTURE) Antlion Emblem has a better Texture! (Thanks @Logodum)

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  3. Shaedric

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    Cool! Can't wait to play it! :D
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  4. Everybody

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    Thanks! This is just the start of Isaac's MY rebirth!
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  5. Qw2

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    Oh cool, it's released! Time to play it!
    (I like that logo, too) :dryadsmile:
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    Much love even doe I did nothing but be your friend.

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    U a nudle head.
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    lol you literally tagged everybody :p
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    Did you not see me in the credits? I'm a very modest. person.
  11. Pawlick

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    I didn't like your first mod, it was unbalanced and pretty... weird.
    But this mod rocks! It's awesome! Gonna make a new character for a new gameplay... with your mod! :D
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  12. Everybody

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    Well I think you'll be disappointed. But yes, it was unbalanced and weird (it was meant to be weird). I balanced any items from the old one, and I added some new stuff. I'm going to be working very hard on this one, and if there's anything that's not balanced, just holler at me and tell me.
  13. cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool
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  14. Fortanono

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    Wow! This is epic. I see you've found an epic idea in Value Armor, and a ton of stuff is still there that I loved (such as the Blood Accessories). Just... awesome. But where is Everscream Armor?
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    I am here to bump?

    Also, why am I not in the credits for being awesome? Disappointed @Everybody.

    Really really nice mod and logo!!!
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    Still there. Just got a bit... lazy. We'll call it hidden content, eh?
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    Alright. Let's not talk about Everscr- I mean-- that easter egg, right? :p
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    Everscrape? Were you going to say Everscrape? Because I'm totally going to add Everscrape now.
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    Great to see this mod improving! Where is the Everscream armor (If not mistaken) that was made from pinewood? Did you remove it?
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