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The Aberration(new hardmode biome) WIP

What should I focus on adding to my suggestion

  • Developing the boss

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  • Crafting recipes

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • Weapons, potions, and other items to make it more like the evils and the hallow

    Votes: 3 50.0%

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The Aberration is what was created when light and dark clashed. The gruesome and rotting evils of the Crimson and Corruption saw the purity and perfection of the Hallow. They grew ever sour and sections of the evil near the Hallow became infected with hatred for the Hallow. On the other hand, the creatures of the Hallow observed the Crimson and Corruption. One was a amalgamation of flesh, blood, and ichor. The other, a shadowy land plagued with evil and cursed flames. The Hallow was helpless to change the evil of these biomes to purity, and that part of the Hallow fell into a eternal despair, slowly degrading into a wasteland of regret and death.

Themes: Hatred, Jealousy, Helplessness

Actual Biome :indifferent::eek::

As most of you know, at the beginning of hardmode, a V shape of your respective evil biome and the hallow is created. My idea is that in the middle where they meet, the aberration begins. The aberration is a unique evil biome in the fact that instead of spreading through the Purity/Forest/Jungle/Tundra, it only spreads through evil biome and Hallow blocks. Also, Aberration blocks appear anywhere where Hallow and evil touch each other. It is not only created at the beginning of Hardmode.


Stone -> Spitestone (Sprites by Scratch Lunin)

Grass -> Abhorrent Grass

Water -> Murky, Greenish Black

All Ore -> Abhorrent Ore

Sand -> Spitesand

Super Rare

New Hallow Critter:
Utopia Seeker.
Appearance: similar to a fairy, rushes at you, explodes, and heals you

Envy Eaters:
Appearance: looks like a bird from afar, when you get close it turns into a flying monstrosity.
Attacks by dashing at you three times in succession, long amount of time between attacks.
48 melee damage, 210 health, low knockback

Appearance: looks like a wilting flower.
Attacks by shooting a part of itself at you, consumes health by doing it. Stationary enemy.
30 ranged damage, no knockback, high fire rate, 180 health

Appearance: a really disgusting looking combination of mimic teeth and a golisopod body. It looks disentegrating and sludgy like everything else.
Attacks by flinging itself at your arm, latching on, and dealing DPS. To get it off you, you need to click and try to shake it off. The first time you click, you have a 6.25% chance of success. Every successive time doubles your chances.
70 melee damage(to make shaking it off more urgent), 400 health, no knockback

Chaotic Grievers:
Appearance: They look vaguely like Chaos Elementals, but dark green, black, and melting. (Cool but unnecessary idea: They would have an idle animation of them shaking, as if they were weeping)
Attacks by slowly teleporting closer and closer to the player. Does not actually walk. It releases a spray of homing tears when it teleports.
45 ranged damage, 320 health, no knockback

Dystopian Hive
Appearance: shambling husk, combination of zombie and swamp thing from solar eclipse
Attacks by releasing a swarm of 3 Dystopia Finders, a new Aberration critter which rushes at you and explodes, dealing damage.
50 melee damage each, the hive has 300 health and each finder has 5, medium attack speed.

The Gentleman: Spawns during Blood Moons and Solar Eclipses
Appearance: looks like Charlie Chaplin( if you know who he is)
Attacks by tipping his hat at you. A tongue comes out of it and pulls you in very slowly so he can slash you.
80 melee damage, 1200 health, slow attack

Reviled Mimic:

All enemies, 50%, 2 - 4: Grudge Sludge. "It hated you so much some of it stayed behind"
Used in most new crafting recipes

Smiley, 0.05%, Smiley Necklace, cuts enemy defense in half( for bosses, cuts off 1/3 of defense) "That smile... it makes me feel safe..... Aaagh!"
Tinkers with Shark Tooth Necklace to create the Smiling Predator Necklace, combines the effects. "That smile makes me feel like I'm already dead"

Chaotic Grievers, 100%, 2-3: Tears of Regret "We should have stopped it before it spread'
Used in most new crafting recipes

Dystopian Hives, 80%, 4-5: Dystopian Dust "The dust that the shambling hives leave in their trail"
Used in a few new crafting recipes

Reviled Mimic Drops:

Smiley Stave "All smiles welcome here"
Summons a smiley that floats through the air, latches on the enemies and deals DPS.
36 summon damage, Fast minion speed

Petrified Tongue
A new whip, shoots out projectiles of sludge. These projectiles do not affect minion targeting.
75 summon damage, very slow attack

Sentient Sludge
Shoots homing sludge
68 magic damage, medium attack speed

Shoots arrows at an extreme speed
10 ranged damage, insanely fast speed

The Accident (looks like a mutilated version of the vanity Unicorn on a Stick)
One of the new lances(increases damage based on movement speed) When you dash in the opposite direction that you are moving while you are holding this weapon, you maintain all your momentum and the Accident gains a 2% damage buff.
starts at 34 melee damage and rises.

Boss: The Helpless Hater
"It can't help but want to kill you"
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Scratch Lunin

Eater of Worlds
Interesting concept with the way it forms. I'm curious to see how this will turn out later on. What colors will the biome be?


Eater of Worlds
I like the new enemies and they seem balanced to me. You should ask some spriters on the TCF to make prototype sprites for them. Could you further explain the Utopia Seeker? It's certainly an interesting idea and I'd like to hear more. Also, it might be good to condense all the enemies into a spoiler to save space.


I like the new enemies and they seem balanced to me. You should ask some spriters on the TCF to make prototype sprites for them. Could you further explain the Utopia Seeker? It's certainly an interesting idea and I'd like to hear more. Also, it might be good to condense all the enemies into a spoiler to save space.
This was my first post, I don't know how to make a spoiler.

Edit: Found out!
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