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WIP The Alpha Wyvern - An giant wyvern boss

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Empress of Light
You killed the Wyverns. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't defeat you. Ever wondered where this wyverns are coming from? They are coming from the Sky Kingdom. And their king is mad. Mad at you.



Can be spawned with the Wyvern Feather. Post-Mech boss.

Everything written in Italic words is expert only.

28000 HP / 35000 HP
40 damage/ 50 damage
15 defense / 25 defense

The Fight:

Phase 1: Behaves like an wyvern, shooting blue fire balls at you. Has an chance to spawn an Small Wyvern which is twice smaller than the normal Wyvern.
Phase 2: Is now faster, shoots blue fire barrages instead of balls. Stops spawning Small Wyverns.

10 Gold Coins (100%)
20-40 Souls of Flight (100%)
Treasure Bag (Alpha Wyvern) (100% in Expert)
Has an chance to drop the following:
Wyvern Blade (33.33%)
Wyvern Staff (33.33%)
Unleashed Wind (33.33%)
Alpha Wings (33.33%)
The Feather (33.33%)


Dragon's Gift (EXPERT) - The power of the dragon protects you. Grants immunity to Harpys, 20% increased damage against flying monsters, Feathers will rain down when hurt.


Wyvern Blade

65 melee damage
4% critical strike chance
Very fast speed (Autoswing)
Good knockback
Shoots three feathers on every second swing.


Wyvern Staff
27 summon damage
Summons an small wyvern to fight for you (Stardust Dragon AI)


Unleashed Wind
50 magic damage
6% critical strike chance
Fast speed
Insane knockback
Shoots an bolt of wind to knock back your enemys


Alpha Wings
Same stats like Frozen and Fire Wings.
Allows flight and slow fall.


The Feather
62 ranged damage
7% critical strike chance
Very fast speed (Autoshoot)
Weak knockback
Shoots feathers instead of arrows

Summoning Item Craft:


Wyvern Feather - 15 Souls of Flight, 10 Souls of Sight, 10 Feathers at an Mythril Anvil.

So, that's it for now! Like every time, suggest some changes!


@TheQueso - for his amazing sprites on this thread.
You - for reading
Re Logic - For creating Terraria
@iShadow - for porting this idea to his mod "The Ethereal Mod"!
@LeeTG3 for creating the Alpha Wyvern sprite

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Itz Queso


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Official Terrarian
A wyvern boss seems like a perfect fit for Terraria and I had always hoped to see this added in the future.
Although I feel like it should be a little bigger than normal wyverns.

Just One Byte

Skeletron Prime
I really like this , but mostly for the Wyvern Blade because it acts a good substitute to the Cutlass , I can totally see myself farming this thing for items.
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