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Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
It all started when an alien came.

The alien wasn't from outer space, and she didn't have advanced technology, and she didn't have superpowers. She was almost human, except for her anatomy.

Her skin was a deep blue, and her head was floating, as she lacked a neck. Her head was a cube, and she was abnormally tall.

She said she came in peace, but as soon as she shook the hand of a reporter, he started to develop the same features as her.

This shocked everyone, even the alien, who insisted that she didn't mean to do that to him. Everyone backed away from the two squareheads, not wanting to become one.

But it was too late...

...the Cube Virus was already spreading fast.

Hello and welcome to yet another roleplay! Once more, it's about humanoid squares dealing with a contagious virus. Only this time, the squares are the ones who have it, and the normal people are scared of them. There's no alignments this time, and the world in in chaos because of the accident that Ms. Mystery Alien caused.

Application Format:

Infected Name: Your character might develop an alias once infected. Leave blank if you always want to go by your original name.
Human Appearance: Your character normally.
Cube Appearance: Your character when infected.
Already Infected?: Do you want to start human or infected?
Personality: what do you act like. Nuff said.
Cure cause: Everybody gets cured by different means. How would you be cured, and for how long (in posts or pages) would it last? Simply state the cure cause if it lasts until you contract the virus a second time
Other: things like allergies, genetic mutations that aren't easily visible, and other stuff goes here

My character:

Name: Alias
Infected Name:
Human Appearance:

Cube Appearance:

Already Infected?: Yes
Personality: Alias is cheerful, happy, and easygoing. He tries to distance himself from society for fear of spreading the virus.
Cure cause: Certain music, lasts for three pages. Things like Electro and Dubstep work
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Eye of Cthulhu
Name: Program
Infected Name: Code
Human Appearance:
Cube Appearance: ///ERROR 404
Already Infected?: no
Personality: ok at this point you should already know
Cure cause: beating the :red: out of him
/Race: Void guardian
//VOID STABILITY: due to being a void guardian, Program's genetic code is laced with void stability, which means most of the symptoms of the virus would be suppressed by the void, and spreading would be entirely contained.
//VOID INSANITY: due to being a void guardian, Program has void insanity. mostly, void insanity just means you occasionally have panic attacks that are totally not the man in the wall bombarding your mind or anything.
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