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Update 1.1.4 is now out! It includes many new throwing weapons and gear, as well as some melee improvements.

v1.1.4 "Throwing Evolution Pt. 2"

Added Wooden Knives
Added Stone Javelins
Added Nautilus Javelins
Added Steel Throwing Spears
Added Copper, Tin, Silver, Tungsten, Gold, and Platinum Throwing Spears
Added Chakram
Added Lunarang
Added Meteor Grenade
Added Granite Knife
Added Throwing Glove
Added Hallowed Hat
Added Chlorophyte Crown

Removed unneccesary files
Reduced Truffle Bow damage from 18 to 14
Reworked Hellfire Blade
Made visual improvements to Cosmic Edge
Gave energy effect to Galaxy Blade
Reworked Frost Blade
Altered Lutetium Bar sprite
Reworked Sacred Tide into a true melee sword
Iridium Sword now spins around the player, but has reduced damage
Buffed many throwing weapons' knockback
Nerfed Ceramic Sword knockback
Nerfed Cosmic Edge damage
Decreased Enchanted Fury damage and increased its use time
True Enchanted Beam no longer pierces
Reduced True Enchanted Fury damage and critical strike chance
Reworked Gladiator armor into a throwing set
Altered Spaz Shirt sprite

Fixes and Corrections
Fixed evil knives not being crafted at a regular anvil
Fixed Ninja damage not scaling
Fixed a graphics error with throwing hats

The next update won't have much content, if any. It will be focused on adding new localizations. Right now, I've decided on added German, Italian, and Spanish, but that may change
v1.1.5 has been released! I dropped Italian localization from the update, but there were several additions, balance changes and resprites that were unplanned

v1.1.5 "Localization Update"
Added German Localization
Updated description
Resprited Hellfire Blade
Resprited Ceramic Sword
Added Spanish Localization
Frost Bullets now stack to 9999
Added Star Bullets
Added Hellfire Bullets
Resprited Frost Blade
Renamed Plantera Spikeball to Plantera's Spiky Ball
Reduced Asteroid Servant dust
Made Sky God's movements more erratic
Fixed Cosmic Catastrophy being crafted at a Mythril Anvil instead of Ancient Manipulator
Replaced Meteorite with Luminite in Cosmic weapon recipes
Elemental Chakram now requires a Possessed Hatchet
Buffed Elemental Chakram
Damage: 70 -> 100, Velocity: 15 -> 18, Knockback: 0 -> 7, Use Time 12 -> 10
Removed aura of energy from Adamantite Shortsword, but increased its damage
Resprited Hardmode shortswords
Buffed Cobalt Shortsword
Fixed Orichalcum Shortsword glitch
Sand Drips no longer anticipate player movement
Reworked Desert Spirit expert attack
Reduced Sand Cloud damage
Added Petrification Coating
Added Spazmatic Shotgun
Reduced Elemental Catastrophy damage to 95
Moved Music Box (Endless Mysteries) and the gamemode activators to the Sacred Pouch
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Updated Music Loader compatibility
Fixed several game breaking ore spawning bugs

Fixed another game breaking bug
Updated Music Loader compatability (again)
Screenshot 2023-09-08 165849.png

The mod has reached 5000 downloads! Thank you all for your support

As thanks here's a new spoiler:
1.2 has been released! It's a lot smaller than 1.1 was, but I felt that it should be released so the mod is available on the October Stable.

v1.2.0.1 "The Nighte Begins"
Added Nighte ore and bar
Added Tenebris
Added Tenebris Brick and Brick Wall
Added Tenebris Chest
Added Moonlight
Added the Nighte biome
Added Nighte Slime and Cursed Eye
Added Dark Journal, Nighte Sword, Acid Spout, Cursed Eye Staff, and Nighte Hatchet
Added Defiled Gel
Added A Glimpse of the Void and Devourer's Scream soundtracks
Added Slimy Catalyst
Added Gelominum ore and bar
Added The Great Slime Amaglation
Added Super Slimer, Gelominum Blade, Slime Rain, and Defiled Slime Staff
Added Soul Artifact
Added Treasure Bag (The Great Slime Amaglamation)
Added Defiled Jelly
Added Slime Amaglamation Trophy and Relic
Added Nighte Torch and Campfire
Added Diamond Edge
Added Brimstone Cleaver
Added Soul Burn debuff
Added Devourer of Souls
Added Phantom and Angry Phantom
Added Treasure Bag (Devourer of Souls), and Devourer of Souls Trophy, Relic, and pet
Added Purified Soul Artifact
Added Soul Spinner, Breath of the Damned, Soul Staff, and Soul Pitchfork
Added Spirit Essence
Added Hellfire Ore
Added Soul Cooldown debuff
Added Soul armor
Added Slime Egg
Added Boss Masks
Added Spelunker's Blessing
Added Crystal Edge
Added Comet Bomb
Added Supreme Flare Gun
Added Unstable Core
Added Torrential Bow
Added Cryonic armor
Added Infernal Whip
Added Heavy Shield
Added Sacred Forge
Added Storm armor
Added Supernova, Wormhole, Otherworldly, Oort, and Eclipse Fragments
Added Supernova, Wormhole, and Oort Spirits
Added Supernova, Wormhole, Otherworldly, Oort, and Eclipse armors
Added Supernova Swiftness and Oort Cloud buffs
Added Otherworldly Curse and Oort Cooldown debuffs
Added Soul Fruit
Added Infernal Star
Added True Sight Potion
Added Angler's Gift
Added Dopamine Potion


Reworked Holy Guard
Reworked Shield of the Sun
Reworked Otherworldly Insignia
Reworked Sand Shotgun
Reworked Storm's Fury
Reworked Hallowed Altar, now only counts as a Demon Altar
Amaza Blade now has the energy effect
Cepheus now has the energy effect
Reworked Tome of the Spectre Curse

Gave HM Shortswords autoswing
Heavily reduced Jormungandr Venom duration
Sky God no longer fires feathers while doing the Solar Flare attack
Royal Shield no longer provides defense
Debuff Gun now requires 16 Vortex Fragments instead of 10
Reduced Shadowfire Bow damage from 50 to 46
Increased Soul Crusher axe power from 180 to 200 and reduced use time to 6
Increased Soul Fragment sell price to 10 gold
Increased Cosmic Catastrophy and Stave prices to 100 gold
Increased Soul Crusher price to 15 gold
Increased Asteroid Behemoth health, but reduced its damage
Sky God now only summons 2 Skylings at once, but they deal more damage
Reduced Brightcore Barrage damage to 30
Increased each piece of Ancient armor's defense by 1
Buff Ancient armor set bonus crit chance from 5 to 8
Decreased Sacred Tide useTime from 25 to 22 and increased energy size
Buffed the size of the Hellfire Blade projectiles
Icicle Ray icicles no longer pass through blocks, but now deal 86 damage instead of 80

Graphic Changes
Resprited Desert Spirit map icon
Resprited Benthic Box
Resprited Benthic Fishing Rod and Bobber
Resprited Benthic Bug Net
Resprited Terrager
Resprited Asteroid Relic
Retouched Galaxy Fragment sprite
Recolored Stardust Whip projectile
Resprited Storm Bar
Retouched Ceramic Sword
Modified Brightcore sprite
Resprited Frost Bar
Resprited Frost Bullet
Resprited Iridium Bar
Resprited Torrid Bar
Retouched Steel Bar
Resprited Bar of Life
Resprited Soul Fragment
Resprited Soul Crusher
Resprited Comet tools
Gave Amaza Sword's projectile a trail

Renamed Shield of Ra to Shield of the Sun
Renamed Ancient Altar to Hallowed Altar
Renamed Soul Picksaw to Soul Crusher

Replaced Enchanted Wrath with Terra Blade in Cosmic Edge recipe
Frost armor is now crafted with Frost Bars instead of Adamantite/Titanium
Removed Sorcerer Emblem from Cloak of Hecate
Removed Sniper Scope from Quiver of Artemis
Removed Cobalt/Palladium Shortsword tooltips
Galactic Sigil recipe now requires 13 Spirit Essence
Hallowed Altar now only requires 10 Hallowed Bars at a Demon Altar
Sacred armors are now crafted at a Sacred Forge instead of an Ancient Manipulator
Hellfire, Galactic, and Cosmic gear is now crafted at a Sacred Forge instead of an Ancient Manipulator
The Infinity now requires a Sacred Forge and all items removed from Hallowed Altar recipe
Saxum is now crafted from Jungle Temple materials

World Gen
The Desert Shrine now spawns in the Underground Desert
Ores spawn in much smaller clumps
Kryokeen's Altar, Twisted Tree, and Shrines are protected structures

Condensed buff tooltips
Modded flamethrower tooltips mention armor penetration

Jormungandr drops Hardmode crates in Hardmode
Golem no longer drops Saxum
Ancient armor is now dropped by post-Moon Lord dungeon enemies instead of the Lunatic Cultist

Kryokeen weapons can now be shimmered into each other
Desert Spirit weapons can now be shimmered into each other
Ninja pieces can be shimmered into each other
Bee weapons can now be shimmered into each other
Deerclops weapons can now be shimmered into each other
WoF weapons can now be shimmered into each other

Added a config to respawn with max health

Get Fixed Boi Changes
Desert Spirit
Faster attacks
Summons Sand Elementals
Sky God
Summons regular Harpies instead of Skylings
Summons a Wyvern every 1/4 HP
Feathers inflict Poisoned
Lightning spawns above the player
Kryokeen, God of Illusions and Ice
Has 8 hands instead of 2
Summons real enemies instead of phantoms
Asteroid Behemoth
Faster attacks
More minions
Moves faster
The Great Slime Amaglamation
Launches bouncy boulders
Hellfire Dragon
Bullet Hell
Devourer of Souls
Lasers fire quicker
Summons Dungeon Spirits and Phantoms every 5% health instead of 10%
The Galactic Peril
Hit Counter

Bars now show as a specific color on the map
Improved Boss Checklist support
Sigil Cores stack to 9999
Added a warning about multiplayer to the description
Overhauled Mod Calls
Consolidated teleportation code
Changed Benthic Fishing Rod line color
Ported to October Stable

Fixes and Corrections
Hellflame Chestplate is crafted at a Ancient Manipulator
Ores now appear on the map
Desert Shrine no longer spawns in the ocean
Refractive Ice now only drops after all 3 mech bosses are defeated
Treasure Bags stack to 9999
Fixed Storm Ore spawning
Bosses are now immune to Shimmered and Stunned
All Debuff Gun projectiles deal Ranged damage
Iridium Sword inflicts Iridium Poisoned
Strawberries now only take 5 to research
Fixed GalaciticMod error

Removed Blood Mode
Removed Petrification Coating and Stun Bomb
Removed Localization (will be added to a seperate Localized edition of the mod)
Removed Belt of Savitr, Scroll of Osiris, Universal Insignia, and Neutron Insignia
Removed No Item Animations config
Removed Cornucopia
Removed Ancient Bars
Removed Sensei armor
The first patch is now out. Please make sure to report any bugs you see

Resprited Heavy Tip
Rod of Harmony can no longer be used until Galactic Peril has been defeated
Rod of Harmony can now be shimmered back into a Rod of Discord
Corrected number of new enemies in the description
v1.2.1 is a small update focused on fixing issues in multiplayer. It makes all bosses spawnable in multiplayer, and adds an NPC to sell Treasure Bags. If you are on normal mode, there is still no way to obtain a bosses drops in multiplayer. It was done this way to retain the RNG portion of obtaining boss drops

v1.2.1 "Multiplayer Fixes"
All bosses are now spawnable in multiplayer
Desert Spirit drops Lesser Healing Potions instead of regular
Resprited Frostburn Fountain
Added Bag Merchant
Balanced Treasure Bag prices
Shotputs can now be bought for 30 copper
Fixed Ninja not selling progression-locked items
Updated description
Added a warning for when you enter a multiplayer world
v1.2.2 is out! Hope you all enjoy

v1.2.2 "Throwing Overhaul"
Removed Coatings
Updated description
Fixed Chakram sizing
Buffed Chakram knockback
Buffed Lunarang velocity
Resprited Heavy Shield equip texture
Bone armor also provides increased movement speed
Asteroid Knife inflicts Asteroid Blaze, but only deals 48 damage
Adamantite Knife inflicts Bleeding, but only deals 48 damage
Bloody Knife inflicts Bleeding, but only deals 17 damage
Chlorophyte Knife inflicts Poisoned, but only deals 52 damage
Cobalt Knife inflicts Confused, but only deals 45 damage
Demonic Dagger inflicts Slow, but only deals 18 damage
Granite Knife inflicts Confused, but only deals 16 damage
Lihzarhd Dagger inflicts Venom instead of Poisoned, but only deals 73 damage
Luminite Dagger inflicts Iridium Poison, but only deals 290 damage
Mythril Knife strikes now grant the player Swiftness, but only deal 46 damage
Orichalcum Knife strikes now grant the player Wrath, but only deal 44 damage
Palladium Knife strikes now grant the player Regeneration, but only deal 45 damage
Palladium Knife strikes now grant the player Rage, but only deal 47 damage
Holy Dagger strikes now grant the player Shine and Warmth, but only deal 39 damage
Copper Throwing Spear deals 9 damage, but has a 0% critical strike chance
Gold Throwing Spear deals 18 damage, but has a 0% critical strike chance
Nautilus Javelin deals 19 damage, but has a 0% critical strike chance
Platinum Throwing Spear deals 19 damage, but has a 0% critical strike chance
Silver Throwing Spear deals 15 damage, but has a 0% critical strike chance
Steel Throwing Spear deals 94 damage, but has a 1% critical strike chance
Stone Javelin deals 7 damage, but has a 0% critical strike chance
Tin Throwing Spear deals 10 damage, but has a 0% critical strike chance
Tungsten Throwing Spear deals 16 damage, but has a 0% critical strike chance
All throwing axes had their velocity increased to 9f, but useTime increased to 22
Meteor Throwing Axe had its velocity increased to 10f
All tomahawks had their velocity increased to 10f, but useTime increased to 22
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