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New Armors for v1.0.1

A new weapon and armor item


v1.0.1 "The Goblin Update" is now out!
v1.0.1 "Goblin Update"
Added Goblin War armor, Goblin Thief armor, Goblin Archer armor, and Goblin armor
Added Goblin Knife, Goblin Bow, and Goblin Blade
Added Chaos Sphere
Added Goblin Sorcerer Robe
Added Blood Staff
Added Grand Brand
Added Goblin Summoner Dress
Added Cursed Flamethrower and Ichorthrower
Added Stardust Whip, but made it unobtainable due to bugs

Goblin Warriors now have a 1 in 20 chance of dropping one piece of the Goblin War Armor
Upped the hitbox of the Hellstorm projectile
Updated Holy Guard and Ancient Light sprites
Shrunk Bloody Drops sprite
The Cosmic Edge now requires a Grand Brand to be crafted
Reduced the number of Shrooms released by the Shroomite Launcher and made it set instead of fluxuating
Added Galactic Amulet body animation
Made the Shroomite Rocket partially transparent
Reskinned all of the Amaza items
Updated 'The Team' part of the description
Renamed Amaza Discus to Amaza Chakram
Corrected spelling of Adamantite Shortsword
Hardmode Shortswords now behave like 1.4 Shortswords instead of 1.3 ones

Fixed Vanadium Heaume glitch
Fixed Blade of Cthulhu firing at the wrong times
Fixed Amaza Shotgun being uncraftable
Fixed Amaza Blade having 2 recipes
Fixed Amaza Chakram firing twice
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v1.0.2 "The Space Update"

Added Stardust
Added Enraged Star
Added Asteroid Head and Asteroid Blitzer
Added Asteroid Bars
Added Feather Sword, Staff, and Bow
Added Asteroid Gauntlet, Asteroid Shards, Asteroid Blaster, and Asteroid Rifle
Added Orion, Canes Venatici, Sagitta, and Star Caller
Added Star and Asteroid Armors

Resprited Cactus Staff, Iron and Lead Boomerangs, Celestial Globe, Coral armor, and Frost Blade
Bloody Drop now has a tooltip
Redid Amaza Projectile
Amaza Shotgun now acts like a shotgun
Frost Rifle now only fires once per click
Resprited Fire Wizard
Gave Fire Wizard, Ice Wizard, Desert Spirit, and Hellfire Dragon bestiary entries
All Bosses now have BossBestiaryPriority
Fire Wizard can now spawn in the Underworld
Partial rework of Hell's Blaze
Desert Spirit now has a third attack, summoning a random Desert enemy

Cactus Needle now rotates correctly
Corrected Amaza Pickaxe's pickaxe power
Fixed a bug that prevented ores from being placed
Fixed Steel Drill not being held by the Handle
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