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tModLoader The Havoc Mod

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by TheRandomMidget, Mar 6, 2017.


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  1. TheRandomMidget

    TheRandomMidget Terrarian

    Hello all! Welcome to the thread for the Havoc Mod!

    Important: We're especially in need of coders, as we can only go so far with one on our team. Knowledge in boss AIs and ore generation is preferable. PM me on the forums or on discord if you want to join us!

    Murk: This boss can be spawned anywhere with a roiling sludge (crafted with murky gel). The Murk behaves similarly to king slime, but is more aggressive and spawns both swamp slimes and flies as it takes damage. This boss is advised to be fought after obtaining post-Eye of Cthulhu gear.

    Sharkvern: Half-shark, half-wyvern, completely deadly. The Sharkvern can be spawned anywhere with a conch horn (crafted with seashells). This boss moves through the air much freer than a wyvern, and can pose a serious threat to players without good mobility. The Sharkvern is best fought around the tier of the mechanical bosses.

    Swamp Wood: Gathered from swamp trees.
    Swamp Wood Armor: Provides 4 total defense and +9% magic critical chance. Wearing the full set provides +5% magic damage.
    Swamp Wood Sword/Hammer/Bow: Basic weapons and tools.

    Swamp Wave Staff: Shoots a wave of swampy water; caught from fishing in the swamp.
    Mudrock Crasher: Dropped from Murk.
    Mossthorn: Dropped from Murk.
    Landslide: Causes mud to rain from above; dropped from Murk.
    Mudmore: Unleashes mud upon striking enemies; dropped from Swamp Mimics.
    Treepeater: Dropped from Swampy Mimics.
    Mud Absorber: Provides boosted stats while near mud; dropped from Murk.

    Mangrove Bar: Crafted from biomass (found underground) and murky gel (dropped from swamp enemies).
    Mangrove Armor: Provides 16 total defense. Wearing the full set provides boosted regeneration.
    Mangrove Striker/Shiv/Bow/Staff/Pickaxe/Axe/Hammer: Basic weapons and tools.

    Snappy Shark: Rapidly fires shark teeth (dropped from Sharkvern in high quantities).
    Jaws: Dropped from Sharkvern.
    Skytooth Storm: Causes shark teeth to rain from above; dropped from Sharkvern.

    Fiery Shard: Dropped from red devils and lava bats.
    Thermal Blade: Inflicts thermal blaze.
    Thermal Pike: Inflicts thermal blaze.
    Kelvin: Inflicts thermal blaze.
    Heat Beater: Fires a burst of bullets.
    Djinn's Inferno: Spews burning tendrils.
    Heat Wave: Shoots a flame wave.

    Celestial Flare: Inflicts a variety of burning debuffs.
    Cosmillash: Shoots homing bolts that latch onto enemies for additional damage.
    Shadeflare: Shoots a cascade of shadowflame arrows.

    Claymore: Deals heavy knockback.
    Machete: Found in overgrown chests.
    Guerrilla Pistol: Shoots high-velocity bullets; found in overgrown chests.
    Quagmire: Acts like a yoyo.
    Upheaval: Shoots boulders as it's held out; dropped from Golem.
    Tornado: Shoots whirlwinds as it's held out; dropped from Wyverns after Golem has been defeated.

    The Dev Team
    Me (TheRandomMidget)- mod owner (I don't do all that much, these guys are really hard workers)
    Kooyah - lead spriter
    IDGCaptainRussia- lead programmer
    vasyanex- programmer
    AlexusIchimonji - spriter
    Mister Creeper - spriter
    Skyre Ventes - musician
    Koichiphonic - translator

    Former Dev Team Members
    Iggysaur - spriter/coder
    Flamified the Marksman - spriter
    FargothNin - coder
    RecreationDeveloper - coder
    Fernium Dennis - spriter

    Special Thanks To:
    Lyriss, for helping out with a boss and a lot more too :)

    Join our discord through this link: https://discord.gg/hHZzdBx
    LATEST VERSION DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xq0b9t1520r24u9/Havoc.tmod?dl=0
    The wiki we have is still VERY WIP. Any help on expanding and managing it would be amazing! Wiki link: http://the-havoc-mod.wikia.com/wiki/The_Havoc_Mod_Wiki
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
  2. Is your profile picture Godzilla Slime? Also, I feel like there are a ton of mods that add hardmode king slimes, and they all play the same to me. It's repetitive. Also, I would like to see some sprites.
  3. TheRandomMidget

    TheRandomMidget Terrarian

    Sprites are coming soon, just you wait :)
    Also, yes, my profile pic is Slimezilla :p
    TheGeckoGamer likes this.
  4. LeeTG3

    LeeTG3 Eye of Cthulhu

    I'm the only coder for the mod... I am the only coder for too many mods... I need to leave a couple mod... (not this one)
  5. Freckles

    Freckles Slime Collector

    ill animate sprites if you would like
  6. TheRandomMidget

    TheRandomMidget Terrarian

    Could you PM me with an example of your animating? (It can be on any sprite :) )
  7. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    I think the sharkvern should be called the wyvark.
    Chips and LeeTG3 like this.
  8. nerd50

    nerd50 Eye of Cthulhu

    there is sprite for those?
  9. TheRandomMidget

    TheRandomMidget Terrarian

    There are sprites, I'll post them soon :)
    nerd50 likes this.
  10. TheRandomMidget

    TheRandomMidget Terrarian

    Sprites have been added to the OP :D
    LeeTG3 likes this.
  11. bootr bawss

    bootr bawss Skeletron Prime

    this mod looks cool, even though its in its very early stages.
  12. Harpy queen is broken.
  13. TheRandomMidget

    TheRandomMidget Terrarian

    Seems to only be broken to others, she's fine to me. Hm... I'll fix it soon :)
  14. TheRandomMidget

    TheRandomMidget Terrarian

    Thanks :) We're gonna work out most of the sprites before we start coding.
  15. Mister Creeper

    Mister Creeper Skeletron Prime

    This looks great so far! I was thinking as for The Harpy Queen's drops, maybe make them kinda like Sunplate weapons? That would fit with the houses on the floating islands that the Harpys protect.
    I also had an idea for a new Friendly NPC, but I'm still working on the details. :p
  16. TheRandomMidget

    TheRandomMidget Terrarian

    EDIT: also, forgot to say that I updated the OP :)
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2017
    Mister Creeper and LeeTG3 like this.
  17. Mister Creeper

    Mister Creeper Skeletron Prime

    That sounds cool! Also, would the Armored Harpy drop pieces of Sunplate armor?
  18. nerd50

    nerd50 Eye of Cthulhu

    still cant see the harpy boss
    TheGeckoGamer likes this.
  19. TheRandomMidget

    TheRandomMidget Terrarian

    That's fine, as Kooyah is currently giving her a resprite. She's gonna drop the Sunplate stuff, now :)
    nerd50 likes this.
  20. nerd50

    nerd50 Eye of Cthulhu

    make discord for the mod