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Anything sounds wrong if it's violent. Just make sure it's [FOR THE GREATER GOOD], and everything will be okay, friend. : )
Dw i am just being taught and hopefully i will never have to use my training in any threatening situation
Edit 1: once more: i am not threatening anyone, i just feel this is a cool thing i could let yall know about
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Current progress:

The main quality update will be the head, though the shoulders also need a tweak
I would improve the arm proportions and anatomy, but not having layers here is a problem that would take a bit to fix so I'll only do so if you guys want me to
Im working on an angel character, long story short loses his wings and left arm to a cursed fireball thrown by a demon and later on gets his right side of his face blasted off by mercenaries. His lost arm and chunk of his face are basically still there thanks to his cool magic. If it sounds weird, what do you expect?
Edit: thing i left out, the magic arm and chunk of head are yellow in comparison to my normal shaded in stick figure bodies
Time to awkwardly deselect the border lines of the cliff
that or I could remove those lines or change their color, but I like them
Tomorrow on PFQ I'll be continuing my Snivy hunt
or rather, once I reach 1,300 points for TR, which is very soon, I'll stick Snoralts once more and get back to the snivy hunt a little bit early so I can also build up a heck ton of eggs with my best pair before switching to double serious
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