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The Last Post Wins!


Eater of Worlds
The character þ (pronounced th, spelled þorn or thorn) changed over time into Y. That's why people say things like "Ye Olde Example"


Stardust Pillar
I think the old backup had 90 of the songs, don't know how many copied over before I stopped it, but I think it got a good chunk of them
Kinda forgot to bring my cable though, so once the battery dies, I can't use it until I get home and charge it


Stardust Pillar
Big F
I can't charge it at school either because it needs a mini usb cable rather than micro USB or usb-c
At least I was able to stall out needing to use my phone to listen to music


Stardust Pillar
Ah yes
(Look at the name of the pixel art thing)
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