Official The Path Ahead: Major News Updates for Console & Mobile

Discussion in 'Mobile General Talk' started by 505Games, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Terraria guru

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    Buddy, we will have to wait a bit longer. At least they're working on it. Im super excited to play the update. I hope they tweak the controls to make it better. Specially regarding the use of grappling hooks. On console they are very useful but on mobile, sometimes hard to use. The quickslot is so short only 5 spots...
  2. Why do we need to wait for months for the mobile update? I think you just have to change the inventory and the controls. What will come out first: Terraria for Switch, Android or IOS?
  3. KOtz11

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    So far the devs are planning for switch to come out first.
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  4. Proto Persona

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    Mobile needs to wait until PS4?XB1 are stable because that is the same code that will be used to port 1.3 to mobile. They are starting over with brand new code instead of just building over the game engine you already have.
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  5. r4v1n6

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    Also, the Switch version comes before the mobile version because it requires less work as it's more similar to PS4/XB1 (and more powerful than a mobile phone).
    The mobile version will require a lot of extra work optimising the code.
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  6. Loki

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    1. Still some fixes ongoing on the main code branch ( what is now known as console)
    2. User Interface and Controls are two MAJOR gameplay design and implementation elements... especially on Mobile where you are weaving in touch controls on top of things like virtual joysticks and the like.
    2a. Now couple that challenge with the wide variety of screen sizes out there....
    3. QA for mobile is a very tough challenge due to device diversity. iOS is a bit simpler, but there are literally hundreds of Android devices globally - and just because one version of Phone A doesn't have an issue, some other configuration in another location might. You have to tackled that up front AND on the back end.
    4. As Proto noted, this is a full fresh codebase here, not just an update. Getting optimization right so that it will work well on as many devices as possible is a big task.
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    FULLOFSTARS Terrarian

    Now is the time to uninstall Terraria and play another cool games with good management of development. Do you still belive the update will come? Lol this will never happen, just look at Overworld. Just forget Terraria, remember even Terraria does not care about you waiting for years.:sigh:

    Bye Terraria

    Hint: 2069 Terraria still on 1.2
  8. DawnOfHumansEnd

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    As a very harsh judge of anything I buy, I used to view updates to terraria the same way you do now , in this post. In fact i got confident that updates would come approximately 1 year after announcement. Silly huh?
    ....Then I threw my digital skills at developing my own games and quickly developed a respect for long wait times betwixt game updates; in part because of how much effort must go into it.
    You can still enjoy Terr as it is.
  9. Permalogia

    Permalogia Plantera

    That's a very harsh thing too say, how can you be for certain that the update will "Never" come out, you will not know that for sure if you actually experience it, instead of making false remarks, you are just extremely impatient.
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  10. TheOrangeCat

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    More items is one thing I hope for in the mobile edition. That way it's more like the pc and console editions. I also think the key mold drop rate should be higher.;)
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    *Applauds amazing explanation of why the update is taking some time*
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  11. TheOrangeCat

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    Anyone who is thinking the mobile update is a joke u can STFU BECAUSE SOME OF US ARE EXITED ABOUT IT AND THINK IT IS REAL!!! :mad::merchantmad::nursemad::dryadmad:~:mad:`:mad:
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    Hi there @TheOrangeCat, welcome to the forums. :)

    Going forward, outbursts like this aren't in line with our rules or culture. I know it can be frustrating, but please try to keep your posts courteous. Thanks.
  13. Champharous

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    All I want for mobile is some new content like gift bags that contain special loot to compensate for the time spent waiting for 1.3
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  14. Arkham63

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    I’m sorry if this has been answered before but if I have an old phone, can I transfer my progress to another phone for the update? Thx!
  15. dirtlord

    dirtlord Skeletron Prime

    If you put your worlds/characters on cloud (moving them within the cloud is sometimes required)
  16. NightFuryis11

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    Since this update they speak of is the 1.3 update, all the items contained within 1.3 on PC will be added, as well as a more optimized user interfaces. Also in 1.3, Biome Key Molds are replaced directly with the appropriate Biome Keys, however the drop chance remains the same at 0.04% per enemy killed in the respective biome.

    FULLOFSTARS Terrarian

    Wake up, it's not real
  18. kittensauce

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    Someone suggested "the cloud", but cloud saves are very broken indeed, so I would not recommend using that if you ever want to use your worlds again. If you have root on both phones, you can backup Terraria with TitaniumBackup, and restore the backup on the newer device. If you don't have root, you can try factory resetting the new device, and then use Android's built-in data transfer tool to transfer all of your applications and data, Terraria included.
    That is... if you have an Android phone... hm.
    With iOS, I think you can backup your old device with iTunes, and restore the backup to the new device -- though I don't use iTunes often. I'm not sure if using it would work in this case.
  19. Unit One

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    Backing up an iPhone using iTunes and restoring it to a new Apple device does not bring your local characters or worlds, just the game.

    The only way to transfer characters and worlds is through cloud saving. I’ve not had problems with my cloud saves, but I have seen others that have. Just make sure your characters and worlds are on the new device first before deleting them from the old device. You can then copy your cloud saves to be local saves, instructions for that are here: Expanded Save Slots & Backup Function is Here for iOS and Google Play!
  20. ShadowOfDarkness

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    I'm not even sure quite why everyone wants their old worlds and characters anyway... You'd be missing most of the content from earlier in the game, plus new generation like Marble and Granite caves and Abandoned Underground Minecart Tracks.
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