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  1. ClearConscious

    ClearConscious Community Manager Staff Member Pipeworks Studio

    Terraria: State of the Game (9/14/18)

    Greetings, Terrarians!

    Welcome to our first State of the Game featurette! This is a monthly report that is designed to shed additional light on where we are in development, regardless of the circumstances.

    We learned a lot during the initial 1.3 launch, and we believe this is a great way to keep everyone in the community informed about development happening on each platform.


    Xbox One & PlayStation 4

    Since April, the team has been working on a significant patch that resolves hundreds of bugs.

    We’re happy to announce that the patch has been submitted to both first-party platforms for release! As soon as we obtain approval and can release it, we’ll let you know.

    This new patch resolves over 600 bugs across every aspect of the game including UI, multiplayer, art and gameplay! Players new and old are going to have a much better experience overall!

    Moving forward rather than doing massive patches like this one, we are aiming to do more frequent releases. The feedback we received from the community while working on this patch necessitated this timeline and workflow, but this is the exception to the rule moving forward.

    Understandably people are wondering when the next content updates will appear. At this time, we’re focused on a few more follow-up patches that will be tackling a specific set of issues. There’s some technical housekeeping we need to take care of first that will put us in a better position to continue to work through the issues that people are most vocal about.

    Feedback from the community, will also be critical in helping determine what issues we address.

    Ultimately, we want to provide the community with a roadmap on what you can expect in terms of additional content.


    Nintendo Switch

    We have another full team working diligently in parallel on the Nintendo Switch version. As you may have seen from our teaser earlier this summer, we do have a development build up and running. The team can play the game for hours and the Nintendo Switch feels like a natural home for Terraria! That said, there is still much to do to get things ready.

    Diligent watchers probably noticed a “UI NOT FINAL” sticky note included in the video. Currently, the team is hard at work making noticeable size changes to the user interface so that it’s more visible on the Switch screen. It should have the same unified feel that the PS4 & Xbox One UI does, but with an emphasis on making everything bigger for the handheld mode. And yes, these changes will carry over to docked mode so that players will have a consistent experience both docked and undocked.

    We have a lot of tasks and bugs left to resolve, but we feel great about the progress that’s being made. We’ll have additional information to show you as we move through production and approach our internal alpha and beta milestones.



    As we mentioned in our last update to the community Switch remains ahead of mobile development. One major component of this has changed. We’ve made efforts to accelerate mobile development by increasing the team size!

    Our hope is that this larger team can help get the game into the hands of mobile players sooner than we originally anticipated. It will still more than likely be a staggered launch with Switch arriving first, however that gap in wait-time should be decreased. It’s important to note that just like console and Switch there’s a full team dedicated solely to mobile.

    We’ve got some very skilled engineers that have recently joined the project and are already making an impact.

    While it has been speculated within the community we would like to confirm that Terraria for mobile will be arriving in 2019.


    Closing Statement

    In the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing an FAQ for both Switch & Mobile which will answer a lot of the community’s questions. This will be frequently updated and will provide the community with a centralized location for some of your most pressing questions. We can’t answer every single question, but it will serve as a good basis covering as much as we can tell you at that time.

    With that said, it won’t include a release date for either platform. For those of you who want to understand a little more why we don’t give firm release dates (and we know there are a lot of you) it comes down to the fact we want to get these updates and releases up to the best quality that they can be. On top of that, sometimes problems we don’t foresee get in the way and we make a slight detour to correct those, as well as… one last thing, which sometimes turns into two. However, once things are narrowed down we’ll let you know.
  2. Nike Leon

    Nike Leon Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Glad to hear major progress has been made and looking forward to the next "press release" ^_^
  3. Tsg TheSmartyGamer

    Tsg TheSmartyGamer Steampunker

    Nice! Can't wait for it! :)
  4. Athrisir

    Athrisir Terrarian

    Is the next mobile update going to be 1.3 or will there be some bug fixes before then? Mobile is still a glitchy mess. I’m really hoping the 1.3 update fixes a lot of the issues, but some minor fixes before then would be amazing too!
  5. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    The coming 1.3 mobile codebase is a totally new one, from the ground up. Thus all the old bugs will not be valid anymore, by definition. Though, given how software goes, there will probably be some new ones. :p
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  6. LeftyRedd

    LeftyRedd Terrarian

    I'm super interested in getting the patch notes. Seeing what's being fixed has got me very excited. :)
  7. Chuy3210

    Chuy3210 Terrarian

    2019? Encerio? !!GENIAL!! ESPERO Y NO SEA EN DICIEMBRE DEL 2019
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  8. Xiarno

    Xiarno Official Terrarian

    Everything looks amazing for the future !

    Also, that new monthly thing seems to be a really good idea to keep us updated on everything !
    This should, at minimum, reduced the "When is mobile" thing everywhere wich really kill a lot :/
    Seing that every Terraria official member (Like Terraria_Official, Cennxx & more) have, for maybe 3/4, only "When is mobile" and is really bothering.

    For now, this should reduced it until 2019... I hope so :)

    So yeah. It's nice that you do these thing, and it show us that you are caring & that amazing !
    <3 you guys, keep being awesome !
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 14, 2018, Original Post Date: Sep 14, 2018 ---
    No veo ninguna razón por la que sería tan lejos.
    Aparte de problemas técnicos realmente grandes, esto no debería ser en diciembre, o incluso en los 3 cuartos del año en su totalidad.
    Pero hey, tendremos que ver. No puedo predecir el futuro
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  9. Athrisir

    Athrisir Terrarian

    Woah, that's great news! I was wondering when I read "we would like to confirm that Terraria for mobile will be arriving in 2019", wasn't sure if that meant a complete overhaul or just the next update.
  10. Xiarno

    Xiarno Official Terrarian

    If they made it on the old codebase and just expand from it, it's would've been 1 - Way too hard, 2 - Way too ressources eating and 3 - .... I had something in mind I lost've.
    Doing a new codebase make it so they can understand their code and have a easier time navigating and doing coding, but also allow them to directly optimize it, making it possible to have this big update :)
  11. Daroo

    Daroo Terrarian

    At least we know something. Sad thing is that announcement was over a year ago or nearly 2 year ago. I know developing a game takes time, but it is too much waiting for players and telling them "soon, please wait patiently". I found a information about mobile develepment: "
    • Target Timing for release of Mobile 1.3 remains a few months after Console, so you can expect this in the second half of 2017; hopefully sooner rather than later! "
    If we compare this to what was said it is huge miscalculation. I don't want to be mad, but it is a fact delay is huge. Don't get me wrong, I really love Terraria and always back to play, but still it doesn't say too much for us.
  12. Athrisir

    Athrisir Terrarian

    99% sure this was before Pipeworks began reworking the code or even took over
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  13. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    Awesome to see progress being made and a rough timeline for the releases! I can't wait for more Terrarians to be able to experience the majesty of 1.3!
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  14. ClearConscious

    ClearConscious Community Manager Staff Member Pipeworks Studio

    A lot of assumptions were made at that point. Some I think we all regret. It's always a balancing act between being too transparent and secretive.

    There's also a lot of things that go on in the background that we can't discuss and those decisions do have effects that ripple throughout development.

    Timeline switches, delays, and such are always a pain for everyone, but they come from the right place. Everyone on this project just wants to do good by the community and this amazing game.
  15. Aedan The Borf

    Aedan The Borf Skeletron Prime

    Yes new updates
  16. Tokengut

    Tokengut Terrarian

    I don't know how ya'll can handle seeing the same two questions over and over on other social media places, haha. Good luck with it!
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  17. cadoba123 2

    cadoba123 2 Terrarian

    Regarding the PS4/Xbox One versions, is any substantial work being done on future content updates? The post makes it sound as though they've been put on hold until you guys clear the existing issues.
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  18. CanadianBrownies

    CanadianBrownies Terrarian

    Do you guys know what the software requirements will be for mobile?
  19. ClearConscious

    ClearConscious Community Manager Staff Member Pipeworks Studio

    There's some technical aspects that need to be taken care of prior to switching over to future content updates, hence why the priority will be on that after this latest update.
  20. ClearConscious

    ClearConscious Community Manager Staff Member Pipeworks Studio

    Not yet. There's compatibility testing that will need to take place before we release specifications.
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