Resolved [PS4] GAME FREEZES ON PS4 (all posts will be combined into this thread)

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UPDATE OCT 2, 2023

The fix is in!
See more details here: Terraria - Console & Mobile Fixes Out Today

UPDATE SEP 6, 2023

From Roboarms, part of the DR Studios development team:

Hi Everyone, Just to update you all, This was our most troublesome issue, thank you so much for everyone's patience. We believe we have traced one or more freezes, with the Water Quality being the one that appears to be affecting a lot of sessions. We are working on a patch which should clear up the random freezing. We will let you know as soon as the patch is available and hope this resolves the issue!

Many thanks! `:happy:


DR studios have sent through a new patch today for PS4/PS5 that will hopefully lessen the freezing for some players. Please reply if the fix has worked for you, or if it hasn’t, and your game is still freezing, please help out by giving this info:

Can you give us details on the state of your world?
  1. What's the current progress in the world where you're seeing freezes? (pre/post hardmode, which progression bosses defeated, etc)
  2. What kind of mounts/pets do you use?
  3. Has the frequency changed? Are they more or less frequent?
  4. Does turning off water quality reduce/remove the freezing?

All posts regarding the PS4 freezing issue will be contained in this one thread. The developers are aware of it and are looking into it.

Help the developers out by sharing as many details as possible, and also by sharing your zipped up game files.
Copy from PS4 console System Storage to USB
  1. Connect a USB storage device to the PS4 console.
  2. Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Device.
  3. Select a game.
  4. Place ticks next to the data you wish to copy, or Select All, and select Copy
  5. On a PC, zip up the ”PS4" Folder that is saved on your USB device
  6. Upload that zipped up file here on the forums using the “Attach Files” button, OR upload the zipped files to a Google drive (or something similar) and provide a link for it.
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The title basically says it all.

I was exploring the underground Jungle, and my game locked up. I was not able to move.

I closed the game and launched again, but the same thing happened after a few min.

I loaded the game a third time and just went AFK in the forest biome for a few min, and the same thing happened.

The game was frozen, but I could still use the PS4 menus. All of this happened on my first play session after doing the update. (1.33)
I am having the same problem. I just started playing terraria again as I now got it for ps4 and its frozen on me twice now in 2 hours. Once while I was in underground ice biome and second at my home.

Small world, and nothing crazy is going on. Haven't even gotten to the first boss yet. (This game is a bit harder on controller only)

I must point out, I just updated to 1.33 and just having these issues. Didn't freeze on me last night before this update.
I am having the exact same problem since that update, I am currently farming the Frozen Key and the game will randomly freeze (haha very funny) after some time, it doesn't matter if I am playing or afk, sometimes freezes 5 min in and sometimes after 2 hours, I have also tried switching from single player to multiplayer but there is no difference.
Same. My son and I play online (2 separate consoles) and since the update we can't play for longer than 10 minutes. Usually the host is the first one to freeze completely them the linked console screen goes black except for the linked terrarian. If falling you can eternally fall (we stopped after 3 min or so) and scroll left to right, but if standing still when the host freezes then you just freeze.
Hello guys, I've recently bought Terraria on ps4 and I'm noticing that it freezes a lot of time while I'm playing. Do any of you know how to stop it? I'm playing on a large world. Should I restart a world and make it medium to prevent it from freezing?
This is a problem on all updated consoles right now. DR studios, the people who work on mobile & console, are trying to fix it. Do you use keyboard?
This is a problem on all updated consoles right now. DR studios, the people who work on mobile & console, are trying to fix it. Do you use keyboard?
Thanks for replying. No I don't play with keyboard and by the way I forgot to mention that the freeze is permanent and when it happens I have to restart the game.
Question to everyone experiencing the issue, @cadillacactor @Howlingeight @DaJanitor @shadowjeffro : Which of the following behaviours best describe what you experience?
A) The game freezes for a few seconds/minutes and then becomes playable again
B) The game locks up indefinitely until you restart
Thank you all!
Definitely B.

Sometimes I can play for hours before it happens. Sometimes only minutes.
Ever since the latest update, my game has been glitching whenever it autosaves or loads into a world. At first, it started as just the music stuttering for a bit during autosaves. Tonight, the music stuttering got more severe, and the game completely froze on me. I can't tell if it tried to autosave when it froze as I didn't see the icon. The music continued playing but the visuals were completely frozen and no buttons would work. I reset the game, made a little progress to make up for what I lost, and when I saved and exited the game manually, the music stuttered again and I was afraid it was going to crash. I play on PS4 on the newest update. My world is a large world, if that matters. The crash happened while I was digging a hellevator near the ocean.
Before today, I haven't noticed any problems with manual saves, only autosaves.
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