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Discussion in 'Released' started by zadum4ivii, Nov 20, 2014.


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  1. LegoTerrarian

    LegoTerrarian Terrarian

    ik i have tapi installed correcty ;P for v1.2.4.1
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    ik I Have Tapi For v1.2.4.1 Installed ;P
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  2. Passthejampls

    Passthejampls Official Terrarian

    Terraria is in V1.3.0.8
  3. LegoTerrarian

    LegoTerrarian Terrarian

    but i have a saved a copy of
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    if you can help great! but if not...
  4. Passthejampls

    Passthejampls Official Terrarian

    Not really, I've never had to use a game backup so I can't help, use the EDIT function double posting isn't allowed.
  5. LegoTerrarian

    LegoTerrarian Terrarian

    ok thx ill keep asking elswhere
  6. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    This is actually an issue with the mod. R16 of tAPI changed how it worked, so the mod has to be rebuilt.

    If you open the .tapi file as a zip file (that is all it actually is), the source folder should be inside. Copy it to Mods/Sources, then open the mod builder and rebuild it. That should work for any mod getting a similar cast error.
  7. LegoTerrarian

    LegoTerrarian Terrarian

    it Worked
    Thx a mill...

    Now When i create a world i get:

    System out of memory...

    it then crashes so i cant copy it lol
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2015
  8. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    That error kind of tells it all, either you have too many big mods installed, or you have too many other programs open (or you didnt have enough ram in the first place)

    How much RAM do you have on your computer, and what else is open? Terraria will use 1GB at max, so assuming you haven't hit that cap, you probably have something else limiting it. (If you're keeping your browser open, that is likely a big RAM eater)
  9. LegoTerrarian

    LegoTerrarian Terrarian

    ok ill try closing my browser thx
  10. marcos el bro 9000

    marcos el bro 9000 Terrarian

    :rolleyes:i have downloaded but she not installed :rolleyes:
  11. T3rrorDrome

    T3rrorDrome Terrarian

    In addition to vanilla itens yet?!
    OMG.. damm..i love you guys make this game ''more bigger''... xD

    By the way,wich version it is?
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2015
  12. moffatt

    moffatt Terrarian

    hello Zadum4ivii, i saw your mod from pedguins stream a couple of days ago and i gotta say that i love this mod, i was starting to get bored of the game because i almost played every map there is xD and there is not alot of good mods out there but sweet baby jesus you guys did an amazing job in this mod, like crafteable slime staff? genious, it makes farming eisier and you can be a summoner from the beggining of the game.unfortenly i do have some complains aswell but see it more as feedback:p i noticed that some things like the sheild and the stone armor slows you down even tho it does not say so and the fact that there is no english wiki for the mod makes it really hard to see all the amazing things there is in this mod and i found out that some things from the custom npcs in the beggining costs alot of "money" with low profit because the weopons are rather weak. dont mind if i typed anything wrong english is not my main language. so everything that i want added in this mod is a wiki in english and more tooltips so i know what the stuff does. also i think i found a bug aswell because i got like 4 arabish merchants in my town even tho i can only talk to 1 of them and i dont know whats upp with that xD but in general its an amazing mod and i look forward to see any inprovments of this mod.this is what i have to say atm because i have only defeated the huge vulture boss so im not nearly finished with the mod:p

    alot of cookies for the best mod ive ever played and keep upp the awsome work.
  13. jojo_362

    jojo_362 Terrarian

    Well I can't seem to get the world's I had on the original terrarium onto the molded version. I tried to copy and paste the world files into the mod loader world's, but that doesn't seem to work. What can I do?
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  14. When using mod loader this didnt work, any help?
  15. Goat Momther

    Goat Momther Terrarian

    Is anyone else having problems with buckets? I place 1 bucket down but when I pick it up I get 3, using the buckets destroys them after placing the liquid, so whats going on?
  16. M4RTNS

    M4RTNS Terrarian

    I don´t know if i got fixed, but on my version there is no recipe for the vortex ring with vortex fragments, they just can be made with nebula fragments. I think that is a mistake so i thought i give it a go and tell you. ;D
  17. Eledrin van Borgil

    Eledrin van Borgil Skeletron Prime

    Yeah so I got a problem with the TModLoader everytime I want to start it, it crashes since I downloaded this Mod.

    But I really want to play it because it looks fun, so yeah anyone can help me there?
  18. Seirz

    Seirz Terrarian

    Awesome! You dev-like mutants of gaming are just grand ol folks..

    Making another new post 1.3 char but only on this comp with Tremor and the other Vanilla.. Gonna be gud.. Oh, and EXPERT SKELE'S A B↑TCH! xD

  19. Wait...You can use tapi mods with tmodloader?
  20. Eledrin van Borgil

    Eledrin van Borgil Skeletron Prime

    Well I was told that this Mod is TModLoader compatible
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