Sprites Vermin Horde (Alternate Goblin Army)

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  1. Izzabelle

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    an alternate goblin army

    Surprise! Alternate Goblin Army!

    Vermin Horde is my first non-nature alternate suggestion, but certainly not the last. Like the Shooting Star biome, this is was one of those suggestions I used to work on when I got bored with the regular schedule of alternates. However... my casual projects are now part of the whole alternate project -- I'm just keeping them in reserve :dryadwink:. This particular alternate doesn't reference too much else, and what it does reference is simply cheesey! Ha! Hopefully you enjoy it still! Thank you to everyone for the massive support regarding these suggestions -- you guys rock and I love being able to make these for you. :dryadpassionate:


    ***** Please Read Before Posting *****


    Concept Music


    Environment & Items

    Sprite Name Replaces Type Max Stack Rarity Ingredients Crafted At
    [​IMG] Cheese Platter Goblin Battle Standard Summoning 20 [​IMG] [​IMG] x10, [​IMG]x5 [​IMG]

    Monster Drops
    Sprite Name Replaces Type Max Stack Rarity Drops From
    [​IMG] Cheese Tattered Cloth Crafting Material 99 [​IMG] Vermin Picket



    • DMG = damage
    • HP = health
    • DEF = defense
    • KBR = knock back resistance
    • [​IMG] Spawns during the day
    • [​IMG] Spawns during the night

    Sprite Name Drops DMG HP DEF KBR Inflicts AI Spawn
    [​IMG] Vermin Picket [​IMG] 100% 18 60 5 30% Fighter [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Vermin Drudge [​IMG] 45%, [​IMG] 0.5% 10 50 4 20% Fighter
    [​IMG] Vermin Boil [​IMG] 45%, [​IMG] 0.5% 50 30 3 20% [​IMG] Fighter
    [​IMG] Vermin Grenadier [​IMG] 45%, [​IMG] 0.5% 20 80 5 20% [​IMG] Fighter
    [​IMG] Vermin Alchemist [​IMG] 45%, [​IMG] 0.5% 20 50 4 25% [​IMG] Fighter
    [​IMG] Vermin Rogue [​IMG] 45%, [​IMG] 0.5% 30 75 5 30% [​IMG] Fighter
    [​IMG] Vermin Assassin [​IMG] 16.7%, [​IMG] 16.7%, [​IMG] 16.7% 90 1800 20 60% [​IMG] [​IMG] Fighter/Caster


    Weapons & Tools
    Sprite Name DMG Power Velocity Mana KB Use Time Rarity Ingredients Crafted At
    [​IMG] Rat Trap 14 5 2 14 (Very Fast) [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Poison Shotbow 25 8 2 29 (Average) [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Plague Kukri 42 15 4 12 (Very Fast) [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Plague Staff 14 10 10 3 35 (Slow) [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Rat Tail 40 14 7 4 13 (Very Fast) [​IMG]


    Feel free to copy the code(s) below to place the alternate sigil into your signature! And be sure to check out my alternates thread for more alternate suggestions!

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  2. Nobody Important

    Nobody Important Terrarian

    As always, an invasion happens when I least expect it.

    You are awesome. This is cool too.
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  3. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    No one is safe from surprise alternates!
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    Any VR planned for this too? :p
  5. KingNtheYoloMaster

    KingNtheYoloMaster Steampunker

    Whadda bout the alternate version of the goblin tinker, like a rat man
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  6. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    I had considered it. But I decided against it for 2 reasons.

    1. The Goblin Tinkerer's lines only require some basic swaps -- if any.

    2. I didn't want to remove the Mechanic's crush.
  7. VictorLes

    VictorLes The Destroyer

    Nice sprites and nice idea for an alternate invasion (that probaly is almost never suggested). Also the vermin alchemist reminds me of twitch :p
  8. Redknight910

    Redknight910 Official Terrarian

    "I didn't want to remove the Mechanic's crush."
    She's already gotten chained up the dungeon/castle, we wouldn't want her suffering any more.

    Great work on this, when you showed the image initially I almost thought it looked like a slice of pizza, but I like this better.
    Also, must not let drudges escape. I'll hate those boils enough without their numbers being reinforced. I also think the rogue and assassin idea is cool. Going to have to keep my eyes peeled for those sneaky rats.
    And lastly the lingering effects are an interesting touch, makes some level of strategy required.
  9. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    haha, i guess now i know what it's like for arachnophobes to play games. i've never liked rodents much. maybe i'll just pretend they're hamsters.:p good job tho.
  10. Punch The Pyro

    Punch The Pyro Terrarian

    Looked like a Star Destroyer/ floating island thing to me...

    Also, if this ever get's added I will finally have a reason to be happy that I didn't put my base at spawn. No boils for me. :happy:
  11. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Love the idea! If I could find one thing to gripe about it'd be the sprites :p A Black Outline should almost never be used, and some of the shading is quite off. Otherwise, great work!
  12. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    The reason for the black outline is for forum readability -- not game accuracy.
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  13. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Ah, I should have read that through :p. Well, I'd like to submit my own sprite for your rejection purposes, mostly because I was bored:
    The Rat Tail:
    Rat tail.png
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  14. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    You should add a NPC for this invasion, as it would feel a bit strange for him to appear if the Goblins don't appear otherwise. As for the lines, the suggested NPC could be a bit more of a "mad scientist" archetype.
    Judging by some of the enemies involved (Specially Boils and Alchemists), was the Vermin Horde based on the Skaven from Warhammer Fantasy?
  15. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    Nah. I was initially going to replace the Tinkerer -- but after inspecting his dialogue... there's nothing that really says the Tinkerer NEEDS to be captured by Goblins. Some of his lines only require some swaps.

    And since it would preserve a lot of the Mechanic's lines as well -- the Tinkerer is best left alone. If that's weird to you, it's because you're equating the Goblin Tinkerer's race with needing to be the race that invades. And that's just not a rule.

    But yes, the Vermin Horde is based on the Skaven! I'm a big Warhammer / 40K fan.
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  16. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    Well, then probabily the Goblin Tinkerer could also change some of his items so that, for example, he sells Rat Traps instead of Spiky Balls.
  17. Alamandra Vonn Pravus

    Alamandra Vonn Pravus Dungeon Spirit

    WOw! WOW! WOW! You took me by suprise with this suggestion. Are the vermin a giant sub species of rats?
  18. Moniguato

    Moniguato Steampunker

    This should have happened in 1.3.4, but maybe they didnt see it. ;)
  19. Xandoniangaming

    Xandoniangaming Terrarian

    Would the tiptool for The Poison Shotbow be "Sewer skewers for everybody!"?
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  20. Alamandra Vonn Pravus

    Alamandra Vonn Pravus Dungeon Spirit

    That pun doe