tAPI W1K's Sizable Variety Package

Discussion in 'Released' started by W1K, Feb 2, 2015.

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  1. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    you have to extract the tAPI file from the rar file first
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  2. Nicb1

    Nicb1 Terrarian

    Awww yes. Your mods back :) (didn't realise you had started porting to tapi)
    Was a massive fan of it back in the day. Looking forward to giving the latest build a try.
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  3. duburu

    duburu Terrarian

    update for 1.3?
  4. tAPI has not been updated for 1.3, as a result, this mod cannot update to 1.3
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  5. Hax4Ever

    Hax4Ever Terrarian

    Y'know that banner may cause seizures. I recommend you change it before anything happens.
  6. W1K

    W1K Witch

    It's been the same since it was made, approx 2 years ago if not more. I've been thinking of making a new one but due to laziness I decided to just slow it down to avoid potential future issues.


    If TAPI would update to 1.3, the modpack would be automatically compatible too.
    Speaking of tModLoader, I don't think I'll delve into it 'till it will allow for the same possibilities as tAPI did, nor I can ensure I will port the whole mod to it as the lack of jsons sounds like one hell of an annoyance to manage every single piece of content. I'm not sure why peopel are so happy about having an API with no built in jsons support, they must like hurting themselves.
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  7. GT4tube

    GT4tube Terrarian

    Mod Dislike...

    Don't do mod better than original default is best!
  8. W1K

    W1K Witch

    In our language?
  9. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    I think he's saying:
    "Modding is bad because vanilla is better"? I don't know.
  10. Nicb1

    Nicb1 Terrarian

    I shouldn't say this probs, but here we go anyway.

    Why are you here then?
  11. Are you gonna make this 1.3?
  12. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    There's your answer. I suggest learning to read next time.
  13. metalmario

    metalmario Plantera

    I love how polite some people can be. It's too hard to simply answer the question.
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  14. W1K

    W1K Witch

    I'm currently building up an interest in porting my modpack to possibly tModLoader. Maybe not port, rather rework from scratch as the porting process is painful and I'd rather not get into tAPI 2.0 where most of my work can be summed up in copy pasting the contents of hundreds of files from one folder to the other while fixing typos.

    Granted, I cannot promise anything just yet. My attention span is comparable to a redfish. I will post results as soon as I have them.
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  15. Stereox

    Stereox Plantera

    I can wait ;)
  16. tAPI 2.0?
  17. W1K

    W1K Witch

    What I meant to say is, I don't want this to be as stressful as the tAPI port was.

    On a mod related note, some contents might be scrapped.

    For as much as I like them, Rathalos and Kut-Ku weapons offer nothing other than the average sword, if I can't find any unique ability to give 'em, they risk of falling into the scrap-o-matic. Djinn, Red Tail and the Kut-Ku counterparts will most likely still remain, reworked or not. I would enjoy some feedback on the matter, not being a Monster Hunter fan myself (the weapons were initially designed by a friend), my knowledge of the series is minor and I would love someone to come up with interesting weapon concepts inspired to it.

    Other examples of weapons risking an entire scrap are Magma Tooth and The Ripper, possibly the Chainsword and even Galaxia. They are such generic weapons and while Chainsword, Galaxia and The Ripper will most likely be reworked to have their own special quirks, Magma Tooth has a big chance of being scrapped altogether for a more unique weapons set.

    I'm also thinking of moving certain pieces of contents to better fit the current game's balance, tweaking them properly in the process. Terraria got a big balance update in 1.3 and it's only logical that a few contents need their stats tweaked.

    Regarding plans for new contents, expect every boss to give at least a weapon for each damage type (excluding minions, at least at the moment, until I have a decent base code for them). I also plan on adding a special item, currently named Transmogrifier, able to turn items into their alternatives (turning Crimson items into Corruption items, Mythril items into Orichalcum items, and so on).
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  18. W1K

    W1K Witch

    Not-so-fast update on things to come. Also merry christmas.

    So, as promised, contents are being reworked every corner, while less fortunate contents are being scrapped altogether. Sorry to see you go, magic wands, but you're now worthless as vanilla now has its own early-game magic staves. Yes, I talk to my own modded items.

    I'm doing my best to rework where possible. The Monster Hunter contents are somewhat in a good spot, altho Yellow and Red Bludgeon risk an entire scrap still, every other weapon should be otherwise outside scrapping risk.

    Four pieces of contents got reworked so far, these are The Ripper, Obscure Scythe, Chick Decapitator and Wyvern Blade. Lets review them one by one.

    The Ripper
    This was initially made when this mod was nothing but a really simple work of a community who wanted to enjoy their own small pieces of contents. This sword, specifically, has been sprited by @LordDark4 and served no purpose other than being a yellow sword with a cool name. We later on came up with the idea of it being a sword made mixing a golden sword and dungeon spikes. Simple idea, it came out being a really simple sword. We were satisfied with the result, but now that a quality revision calls, I applied a simple change to the sword while still following the same theme.
    The Ripper now shoots a spiked orb (or oversized spiky ball for friends) when swung. This ball deals 75% the sword's damage on impact, half the sword's knockback, lasts for 3 seconds and can hit up to 3 enemies before disappearing. It works exactly like a spiky ball. A simple solution for a simple sword, and I honestly had a lot more fun than I expected I would while playtesting it.

    Obscure Scythe
    Every scythe in this mod was made wit hthe intent of being a min-maxed damage sword, while still otherwise allowing for the same dps. It turns out that, sadly, most "just swing" swords are nowdays pretty much obsolete. Obscure Scythe was designed to be a melee alternative to the mages Demon Scythe, in fact, it used Demon Scythe as part of its recipe. However, this sword was nothing but a simple sword with the added flavor of having a chance to confuse enemies on hit. That's fairly bland and boring if you ask me.
    Now Obscure Scythe fully serves its purpose as a melee demon-scythe and shoots Demon Scythe projectiles on swing. These projectiles however accelerate much faster than their tome parent (so the scythe will hardly consume all its pierces on the same mob like the original tome does), they don't deal as much damage and cannot be shot as fast, all to compensate for the complete lack of mana requirements and added melee swing.

    Chick Decapitator
    Chick Decapitator is part of the Kut-Ku weapon set, craftable defeating Yian Kut-Ku. Like most other Kut-Ku waepons, this ended up being nothing but a sword with just slightly different stats. Well, not anymore.
    Following the Great Sword type of weapons from Monster Hunter, which Chick Decapitator is part of, the weapon now has a charged attack system. The sword now has an extra crit chance of 10%, also it can now be held to charge its stats, for a maximum of 2 seconds, reaching a total of triple damage, triple crit bonus (from 10% to 30% added crit) and triple knockback. Stats have been changed around a bit to compensate for the new mechanic, but otherwise, it is now a fairly interesting weapon to use.
    Red Wing, the Great Sword from the Rathalos weapon set, will most likely be changed in a similar way.

    Wyvern Blade
    Wyvern Blade is part of the Rathalos weapon set, craftable after defeating Rathalos. Again, like the other pieces of said set, it ended up being nothing but a slight stats swap compared to the others.
    Following the Long Sword type of weapons from Monster Hunter, which Wvyern Blade is part of, the weapon now has a spirit combo system. After hitting an enemy for a certain number of times, an hidden value called Spirit will charge. The available amount of Spirit can be determined by noticing the red particles surrounding the player when enough strikes have been dealt, said particles will appear when at least one spirit attack can be used and will increase in intensity the more Spirit has been charged. The spirit attack will consume a portion of spirit, will swing twice as fast, deal double damage, double knockback and add 10% extra crit chance to the weapon. Spirit is lost over time so, like its Monster Hunter parent, the weapon is designed to reward aggressive play styles.
    Yian Blade (name which will probably be changed soon to better fit) will most likely be changed in a similar way.

    That's all for now. The port so far has seem to be easier than I expected, however, no boss has been ported yet except for Death. Bosses are known to be a pain to port and considering the amount of bosses this mod contains, that'll probably take most of the porting time. tModLoader also currently lacks proper interfaces, but nothing too much of an issue as the main modpack has never exactly used advanced interfaces other than colored overlays (which might still be possible otherwise). It however also lacks global codes and that's a rather major issue, but luckily, they should be implemented soon.

    Also big up to my bro KobaltUranus (which has no forum account), a big portion of the port is his doing and it's definitely saving me a lot of time.

    Extra gif from a weapon that has also been ported and I'll never get bored of using.
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  19. Gratuitous Lurking

    Gratuitous Lurking Terrarian

    Yay for magic muskets!

    Still need ideas for the chainsword buffs? Well, as a 40k fan, here's a few ideas I could toss around for the 40k gear that was included in this.

    Chainsword - Tier: Late Easymode(?)/Early Hardmode
    Simple enough, chainswords are designed to RIP and TEAR. As a gimmick, perhaps turn the chainsword into a weapon wtih bleed side effects. In addition, perhaps make it a equivalent to Warframe's Grakata or Soma and make it rely heavily on crit- low base damage, but INSANE crit damage and a average crit rate meant to be accessory buffed?

    Bolter/Heavy Bolter - Tier: Late Easymode(Bolter)/Early-Mid Hardmode(H.Bolter)
    Bolters are designed so they fire explosive rounds, if I remember correctly the early versions of WiK just treated them as automatic guns with whatever ammo you used. Perhaps make it so base ammo turns into explosive rounds would be a start, as would perhaps turning the bolter to a semi-auto firing pattern.

    As a further idea, here's a few suggestions for expanding the weapons off those three:

    Chainsword -> Power Sword -> Force Blade
    The idea here to turn the sword into a melee/magic hybrid on the end here. Power Sword would probably not do much more, beyond maybe turning the bleed effect to perhaps something more energy related, however the Force Blade (a psyker weapon) could probably have secondary magic effects of some kind to give it more range.

    Bolter -> Chaos Bolter Set (Sonic Blaster/Plague Bolter/Rubric Bolter)
    Perhaps an idea for a mdi-tier bolter set, I'd say somewhere around Plantera/Golom/Hardmode Dungeon in it's level of acquisition. The idea would be each of the bolter variants would have a unique side effect: Sonic could do Armor Break/Silence/Slow and other sound-based status, Plague could mix Poison and Venom and other health-decaying on hit, and Rubric Bolter would involve Cursed Flames, fire, and other 'magic-ish' or fiery status ails. The reason there's not a Khornate one is it didn't feel quite in-theme, though I suppose if ya wanted to fit the four god dynamic there could be one for Khorne with maybe physical debuffs and bleed, and then it also temporarily gives combat buffs on firing for melee, encouraging it's use as you go inrange and then swap. Essentially, these guns may not be strong but they'd stack status effects occasionally with each shot (say, a 15%-25% chance for each involved status)

    Heavy Bolter -> Other Heavy Weapons (Lascannon/Plasma Cannon/Cyclone Missile Launcher(?))
    Another possible set of upgrades, with more focus on raw damage on each version upgrades. I don't expect some of these to really go higher than the Heavy Bolter in tiering, but I could see the Lascannon only being available at endgame. My idea here was each of these give a major projectile focus- Plasma Cannons would fire hard-hitting projectiles that exploded in a large radius, good for crowds of enemies like invasions but the main projectile being pretty nasty to single targets. Lascannon would operate like Final Prism, giving a short charge before unleashing a nasty laser shot that tears through enemies. Finally, you'd have the Cyclone Launcher, with slightly-homing projectiles that track targets, and the model would be a bit unique as it'd show on the player's back (I also chose the cyclone instead of standard missile so it could keep the fast fire rate).

    Feel free to use any of them, I was just blah'n ideas.
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  20. W1K

    W1K Witch

    Every piece of idea is very well appreciated.

    Chainsword still gives me a hard time, while the most obvious idea would've been to give it a bleeding sort of debuff, thing is, the vanilla bleed debuff does not affect NPCs in any negative way. With the current lack of global codes ModLoader got to deal with right now, I'm not sure how easy it would be to give it an effect myself.
    On the regard of crit-heavy weapons, that's actually a good idea. ModLoader lacks the crit modifiers tAPI used to have, but changing damage in the instance of a crit shouldn't be particularly hard. I also had a Soma coded in back in tAPI (which I was supposed to release eventually, and might with the new ModLoader release), so it's something I will have to look into eventually and fairly possible from what I can deduce.

    On regards of Bolter and Heavy Bolter, I'm aware they are designed to shoot explosive rounds, as such, my first idea was to exactly turn normal bullets into explosive bullets. Turns out, I'm not exactly fond of weapons which potential relies on using musket balls/silver bullets as it ruins the purpose of bullet types. As such, my idea was to code an unique effect that turns every bullet's impact (regardless of bullet type) into an explosion, even whenever the bullet would pierce or bounce. That comes with a lot of complications tho, as explosive bullets would be weird to begin with (double explosions yo), it's also hard to hook into the event of a bullet hitting a surface (while hitting an enemy is a quite easy task as there's a hook in the weapon specifically for damage dealing), I'd basically need to make a special projectile that mimics every other bullet's projectile stats and AI just so that I can easily edit, which is definitely not as easy as it sounds.

    Thanks for the weapon ideas, my knowledge of the series doesn't fall as very in depth, altho the Plasma Cannon was a weapon I had initially planned. I'll see whether I can fit in said weapons in the future, now that we got chances for a much longer progressios and so many more tiers.
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