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tAPI W1K's Sizable Variety Package

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Kinda outdated fancy custom bosses vid.​

What is this fancy thread and why am I here?
Quite fun you ask, fine internet person. This is the, we could say, third coming of the not excessivelly great, not bad quality, not awful, W1K's modpack, or W1K's Content Packs Remix.

What the fword is that?
Quite fun you ask, fine internet person. The once W1K's Content Packs Remix, once upon a time, when tAPI did not exist, Terraria was considered by many quite of an almost dead game and everything was only and exclusivelly tConfig, it was among the most well known and high quality content packs, the few chosen ones the tConfig community did consider a must have. Sadly, due to the size of the modpack, the annoying work that is porting the codes over and my laziness in general, it was later on forgotten as 1.2 came out and TAPI eventually took tConfig's place. Forgotten no more, as it is finally back.

Why format a thread like this, are you stupid?

So what has to be expected from this mod?
Now this is where the fun starts. Everything has to be expected. One thing for which this mod was popular for was its variety of contents. There are references to quite a lot of different medias, including, of course, the mod's own and original contents. I worked on this hard and so far was the most satisfying thing I probably ever built up in my whole life as a programmer. To sum up the main reasons about why you should give this piece of awesome a shot:
- 50 npcs (10 custom bosses), 5 custom pets, 140 items, at least by the time this post was made.
- I broke my :red: on it and it hurts.
- Huge variety of contents, every single one tweaked to be balanced with the game's original idea of balance.
- Balance, balance, balance.
- Quite a few bosses (counting 10 from the last tConfig release) with entirelly custom AIs, including new enemies, not all those copy pasted NPCs you see in all those other paesantish mods.
- It got a fancy name.
- It possesses a sub-module that tweaks movement speed, if you think movement speed bonuses in the original game are pointless. This does also come with an indirect nerf to high-defense builds, as defense now gives you a movement penalty, altho just the tiny amount of movement speed bonus is needed to block such penalty.
- It got an accessory that turns you into a dayum dragon.
- Much more but I'm getting bored of typing.

Of course, due to the jump, you can't expect all the contents to be ported and be identical. In fact, as I port contents, I am also doing my best to improve their quality even further, or kill inconsistencies. If you are familiar with the mod, feel free to check the next version's changelog on its original tConfig thread on TerrariaOnline (due to reasons, google drive links are not allowed on this site without moderator approval). If instead you are not familiar with the mod, feel free to check the tConfig modpack's original thread for videos and more (Content Packs Remix is what this is all about).

Experimental Wiki
(may be outdated)​

TAPI Version: r15

Last updated: Apr 22 2015 (GMT)​
Consider using the main download link, aka adfly. It provides us programmers with an extremely minimal source of income along with a way of easily keeping track of downloads. We spend our time on free contents, we are not entitled to anybody's gratitude, but be ensured every modder who makes use of adfly links will be grateful for your support if you decide to get through its minimal 5 seconds wait in exchange of hours spent by our hands on such mods.

Requirements: TAPI (of course)​

This is all for now. Have fun and if you got any feedback or concern, post ahead.


Prime Needs (Check its thread)


Difficulty Changer

This small and simple mod for whoever is either bored of replaying the game with no actual boost in difficulty, wants a much easier life in the world of Terraria, or simply wants a stupidly hard multiplayer server, will let you globally change, based on a percentage, the stats of every NPC and hostile projectile in the game.

All NPCs are affected by default unless set otherwise. Critters, NPC projectiles (such as imp's fireballs) and non-hostile NPCs are ALWAYS unaffected.

Stats which can be edited are:
- Life and Life Max multiplier
- Melee Damage multiplier
- Defense multiplier
- Hostile projectiles damage multiplier
- Knock Back Multiplier*
- Let the system affect boss npcs or not.
- Let the system affect non-boss npcs or not.
Every multiplier can be changed independently. The values for each setting can go from 0.1 to 5 (from 10% to 500%).

*Knock Back is the percentage of knockback the NPCs will take when hit (high value means more vulnerable to knockback).

Version: 1.0.1
TAPI Version: r15

Last updated: May 22 2015 (GMT)

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Obligatory Credits Tab

Gaming Crew community

My italian gaming community. The modpack was born here as a friends project, although it expanded quite a lot outside of its boundaries, it will forever be the spark that started the whole circuit.
Kobalt Uranus (my brother) - For helping me in general, including testing and spriting.
Zeno and @LordDark4 - Both great friends of mine, made a majority of the mod's earlier sprites.
Surfpup - For creating tConfig and helping me out so to understand it better.
The whole TAPI team - For obvious reasons.
@Omnir - #blameomnir for the awesome Vampire sprite, the metroid related armors and the phoenix sprites.
Soran - For his support and his Masamune's sprite.
Frikman - For the touhou-related sprites, taken from the texturepack 'Tourraria - Another Touhou Texturepack'.
@Suweeka - For the touhou-related sprites and existing in general.
@Zoodletec - For his awesome sprites, which are currently about 80% of my modpack. Forever be awesome, dude.
@Yoraiz0r - For being himself. And for the phoenix projectiles codes.
@Zero-Exodus - For being a cool guy and contributing with the Chao extra forms (Ratha/Ivy/Death Chao).
houhu12 - Dem pizza guy sprite and idea.
@Geneen - Gravity Control Device's sprite.
@Zoomo - For being the awesome spriter he is. And for respriting Bloodseeker, Starstorm and Fire Queens.
Ghoul - For being a cool guy and respriting most of Rathalos weaponry.

I've used quite a great amount of custom sprites, so, if you find someone's sprites and i've not given credits to it, just let me know the mistake.​
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Just came to my attention that I forgot I got rid of the huge list of contents and replaced it with the experimental wiki instead, which is a tiny bit less useful as it got a ton of missing info.

The accessory that turns you into a wyvern is Okiku Doll, which is dropped by Okiku, altho it can be only obtained by cheat menu/inv editor at the moment.


Official Terrarian
Hello, I'm that guy who borrowed (read: stole) your Metroid modpack and made it into a (rather large) standalone mod. :merchantnaughty:

Great to see you finally release this for tAPI, W1K. Can't wait until it's finished. :happy:


Hello, I'm that guy who borrowed (read: stole) your Metroid modpack and made it into a (rather large) standalone mod. :merchantnaughty:

Great to see you finally release this for tAPI, W1K. Can't wait until it's finished. :happy:
Why yes my favorite definitely a thief who definitely didn't ask before using my contents.

I can't wait until it's finished either. In fact, every night I sit down on my chair, stare at my screen, hoping my mouse will move and copy paste all the boring stuffs all by itself. Turns out it never does and every night goes wasted. Very sad.

On a side note, I have the right to take your post and shamelessly bump the thread by posting more progress about the port.


Ding dong, if any of you guys have ever been in the hardmode dungeon of my mod, back when it was a place as desert as the desert biome (except for the fact this mod has giant :red:ing scorpions), you'll remember some quite interesting fellas.

Yes, Medusa Heads from our beloved castlevania and Death Casters (properly hidden behind their own projectiles) have been fully ported. Hooray.

But now you'll ask me, are they still as boring as they were before?
Why would you ask such stupid questions I wonder, do I look like some annoying modder who happens to clutter the game with annoying contents and leaves them like that? Of course I'm not. Nope. No way. Yes they are still boring.

Turns out, Dungeon is now a fairly populated place and has an actual purpose. Medusa Heads and Death Casters never had a real purpose other than giving the impression the dungeon is indeed still a quite dangerous place post hardmode, but back then. Ragged Casters did not exist. Death Casters were the Ragged Casters back in the days, and probably nobody ever knew they existed because nobody ever had a reason to visit the dungeon. They are however there. Back in tConfig I had plans of overhauling the hardmode dungeon myself and add unique contents, turns out Redigit beat me on it, but still, I might come up with some extra contents for it of my own making. For now, Death Casters and Medusa Heads will remain cool placeholders so to make hardmode dungeon a cooler place.

Death Casters are identical, nothing has been changed about them except for the fact they don't spawn as commonly anymore (and they don't spawn only at night anymore, which was not supposed to happen by the way, so whoopsies). The reason why I toned down their spawn rates is because Hardmode Dungeon bumps up spawn rates by one thousand (definitely legit number) and as soon as I descended the dungeon, I had 2 :red:ing Casters saying welcome to me. Thing is, with the new hardmode dungeon stuffs to grind, you don't want these :red:s to occupy NPC slots pointlessly, hence the spawn rates change.

Medusa Heads on the other hand had a slight change. Straight to the point, they don't spam green particles anymore, because that was boring and really awful to look at. Now their sprite is completelly bright even if they are in complete darkness, so you perfectly know where they are and how much you must swear to cover how much of a pain in the :red: they are. On a side note, their spawn rates are still the same, they don't occupy NPC slots and have their own global spawn timer, so nobody minds if they clutter up the screen or not, you still get the sweet loots.

About their drops, nothing changed, they still only drop Bones and Golden Keys in case you really need to visit the dungeon for those.

That's all for NPC ports. On a side note, I slightly changed some vanity sets, or more like, improved. Rumia's Ribbon (once called Rumia's Hair) and Baseball Cap now have "No Hair" versions which can be crafted by hand as long as you have their normal version in your inventory. The diference is, they don't have their own "fake" hair anymore and will not hide the character's hair, hence improving customization by quite a ton. If you don't like them, you can craft the original versions back as long as you have the No Hair version in your inventory, same way you got the alt version. Now, I did try to make them look flawless, but TAPI is well known for never being on my side and I yet do not know whether it is my fault as a bad coder or someone else's on the higher tiers.

Closing note, every change I am going to mention here is (most likelly) also going towards the changelog. If you still haven't figured out where it is, enjoy.


Bess mod dos it has batz? (I remember one time you told that it has bats but)
Not portin bats companions because minions overshadowed the usefulness of my combat pets, but that doesn't mean I will not potentially make my own minions at some point to replace them.


Not portin bats companions because minions overshadowed the usefulness of my combat pets, but that doesn't mean I will not potentially make my own minions at some point to replace them.
W1K as a minion-- er, 'Leader' that summons meteors to fall on the unfortunate souls?



W1K as a minion-- er, 'Leader' that summons meteors to fall on the unfortunate souls?
Don't think meteors count as minions, as they are pretty well projectiles redirected straight into someone's face, there is nothing sentient about them. On a side note, mod got Starstorm, huge :red: stars falling on wherever you point at works too I guess.


Fast update.

Metroid Larvas still cling to your head like they got nothing to do all day.

Jungle Spiders are not Jungle Spiders anymore because game got already jungle spiders of its own taste, so they are now called Goliath Spiders instead, because they are big and mean. Nothing has been changed otherwise.

The Pizza Guy is back and ready to open all your beautiful doors. It will not spawn unless a Guide npc is currently alive, so for it to go along nicelly with the dumb guide ordering pizza joke.

Sluggers still like to nuke your face with balls as soon as you peek out, only difference is they'll come in a little earlier (dropped the defense requirement for their spawn from 10 to 6).

All this means every NPC that is not a town npc, a boss or an add of a boss has been completelly ported. This leaves the big mean :red:as last, which might take quite a bit.

Meanwhile, I updated the download link to the latest updated version with said NPCs mentioned above.
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