Weird cases of world gen

Seriously world gen?..
I made new map to farm stuff in hardmode (so i just mined to underworld and killed WoF) and after that i found this. Lucky right?View attachment 121656
Well only one of them has a real sword but yeah, that is probably pretty uncommon
[doublepost=1473859713,1473859433][/doublepost]So, this one might not be as fancy as the others but...

You have probably seen a lot of pictures of random mini floating islands of dirt floating just above the ground with a single tree growing from them, here's a Living Tree that isn't touching the ground at all... And a small patch of dirt is growing from the giant tree which has a smaller tree growing from it. Oh, and there's also this random pot sitting on its root. I love Terraria's random world generation
I heard you like houses, so I put some house onto your house. :cool:


Something that is also very interesting is when your jungle and snow biomes overlap underground. Can only happen in large worlds afaik, but it's a real slush heaven. Everything beyond 5 layers of mud is slush, save for ores and some snow blocks...
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how am i supposed to enter
On the bright side you have accessible spear traps in prehardmode... Once you beat Skeletron you can do so much with those. (they are probably the strongest reusable trap in the game period...)
And don't worry about the temple too much as once plantera is beaten you will be able to force your way it via teleporters/ actuators or the Rod of Discord.
I was roaming my terraria world for a while, wanting to explore the whole world, but when i reached the ocean biome, it was just a wall, at first i was worried because i thought there was no ocean, but i built a ladder of rope, to be sure.

its either the world generated the area too low, or the world just wanted to make it like this


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Back to 1.3.4 with it's strange generations. I didn't generate many worlds but I already saw the poor showcase. The first was generated on a distant server whereas the second was in one of my worlds.

So far I got a jungle shrine inside a bee hive (+larva in it) and a jungle shrine inside an underground cabin with overlapping walls. Simply great to laugh.
Shrine 2.png

No commentaries but confirming what the wiki says.
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So I got bored yesterday, so I played on an Expert Mode world with my endgame character. Somehow, this happened.


Diamonds on the surface. Seriously?
I remember once browsing a world with TEdit, and it was a Crimson World, however, one of the altars in a chasm was a demon altar.
I will tell you the story of the very lonely tree.
This is the very lonely tree.

Her only friend is the very lonely sea star.
When having another view on the world...

And goldmelonmaster's mirror image :

That world was generated in
This isn't stupid world gen, this is stupid terraria:
-Spawned on floating island. The chest had a balloon
-underground house spawned completely submerged in lava
-random gold chest in the middle of nowhere
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