Weird cases of world gen


Here's a dungeon with trees growing on top of it, and tin.
I once had a desert that started next to world spawn and went all the way to the ocean and at the ocean there was a HUGE flat dirt wall with an antlion spawned inside it (half of the antlion in air and half in dirt) and the antlion was going up a block every second, I have several screen shots :p

it was like an antlion scaling a cliff is was really funny
On mobile, on 1 spot, you could actually half of a floating island... On the "normal level!" Soz got no images.
I lost the world long ago, but once, the dungeon spawned with this ludicrously long hallway(I estimate about 600 blocks long) that was just underneath a crimson biome I was exploring.
I nearly had a heart attack whenever a certain flying flying skull popped out of nowhere and did 10,000 damage to me.
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