What are you going to be for Halloween

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Probably Jeff the killer or maybe eyeless jack
(I was planning to go as a plague doctor, but I don't want to waste alot of money just for a mask I will use once)

Kyouko Tsukino

I'm going to be utterly disinterested in an imported celebration, specially since kid in this country don't even seem to know there's rules to trick-or-treating, and thus not opening the door for anyone does not incur any penalties whatsoever.

Was sort of amusing to scare two or three kids last year, but not going to bother this year.


Nothing, I can't make costumes and to buy one is a rip-off. I'll just watch some movies that night probably.


If I was allowed to celebrate Halloween, I'd be Red. :redspin:

But sadly, I'm not (don't really want to get into why at the moment, so I'll leave it at that). So I'll just carry on our family's tradition of watching ALF on Halloween night. :happy:


I'll be me... or myself sitting on my :red: in my room playing video games.

//did you seriously expect anything else?

But seriously, if I still did Halloween stuff, I would dress up as me... and bring around a cardboard Star Wrath I would make. If the terrarian yoyo was out, I would use that too, but nope.


Skeletron Prime
I'm going as the Riddler from Batman this year. Going to a costume party and tried to talk my friends into going as Batman villains so we would all sort of match each other, but no one was up for it and wanted to do their own thing. Spoilsports.


Party Girl
One of my old...employers from Germany said she's mailing me a surprise outfit / costume. So I'm excited to see what it is. (She designs clothes and such)


If I could easily get the stuff I want for cheap, I'd be the Devil's Lawyer, with a clipboard and folder with a (fictional) list of names of people on his Restraining Order list of whom can't be with in x distance of Hell.

Other then that.. Just normal ole me celebrating my cousins birthday on Halloween (because his birthday is that).


I'm going to be one of two things:


For real. I'm gonna be one of those two things. Myself is a pretty scary costume, if I do say so myself.
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