What Event Enemy needs to be nerfed?


Skeletron Prime
What event enemy do you think needs to be nerfed? It can be from any event, Martian Madness, Blood Moon, Solar Eclipse, etc. Personally I think the Crawlipede needs to be nerfed. You can only hit it in the tail right now, making it hard to kill.


I don't really see the need to nerf any event enemies. If you know what you're doing, most of them are no problem to take out. Of course, you may need to prepare differently on each enemy special to each class, but that's part of the fun playing the specialty of those classes.


I do have to agree that I feel the Martian Saucer should be nerfed. There are two ways to fight the Martian Saucer: fight it head-on and die, or do what some players consider "cheesing" and hide under some blocks. If anything, the Martian Madness event can simply turn tedious.


Eye of Cthulhu
They easy enough, but I want nutcracker and krampus removed, they are currently a fourth of enemy’s in frost moon, doesn’t make sense to have them keep upgrading.
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