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What Gender's the Bosses?


Retinazer is a female because of her second stage ;) Moon lord doesn’t have a lower body nor <3bs so neither


Just saying, eyes themselves are organs so why the frick, and if they were organic they would come form the same body because they are connected by an optical cord


Vortex Pillar
Again, you are LITERALLY gendering EYES. Not just eyes, MECHANICAL EYES.
We are all humans, and humans don't follow logic, generally, so we think they must have a gender. Don't take that so serious as a religion. Everyone has the right to think what they want. Stop saying things with LARGE LETTERS, ok?


Here are my thoughts:
  • The slime monarchs are both genderless, as slimes in general seem to be no more than motile lumps of digesting jelly
  • The various parts of cthulhu would have the same gender as Cthulhu themself, whatever that may be
  • The Eater of Worlds is probably genderless
  • Queen Bee is most likely female
  • Skeletron's gender is completely up in the air
  • The Wall of Flesh is probably male, like the guide from which it spawns
  • The Twins are probably the same gender as Cthulhu
  • The other mechanicals are genderless
  • Plantera is probably bigender
  • Golem is genderless
  • The Empress of Light is female
  • Duke Fishron's gender is also completely up in the air
  • The Lunatic Cultist can't be determined
  • The Moon Lord, if it is supposed to be Cthulhu, will obviously have Cthulhu's gender
  • The Old One's Army bosses can't be determined
  • The Flying Dutchman is a ship with no real gender, but is probably considered female
  • Mourning Wood might be probably male
  • Pumpking is probably bigender
  • I don't know about Everscream
  • Santa-NK1 is genderless
  • The Ice Queen is female
  • The Martian Saucer is genderless
  • The pillars are unknown


Official Terrarian
I would assume Brain and Eye of Cthulhu have no gender, as they are... well, a brain and an eye. Also because Cthulhu itself is beyond any feeble human's limited understanding of gender.
i consider these female because body parts are female in hebrew and that's my first language
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