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What is the dumbest thing you have ever done in Terraria?


So in mobile there is a glitch in mobile that makes you use the item in the first slot of your hotbar usually it is never a problem but one day I had holy hand grenades because I was going to fight the destroyer with them so I throw on into my house without notice then go off the my arena you can imagine the look on my face when I saw it


One time I was trying to get from one point to another and I came across a cliff. It looked far enough down that I could land safely, but when I jumped I died. ...I was using a Hardcore character at the time.
The dumbest thing I have ever done was when I was about to fight the Lunatic Cultist for the first time, I forgot all of my armor in a chest for some reason. Second time I went to fight it, this time with armor, I forgot all of my potions. I died both times.


Find a suspicious looking eye in multiplayer with friends

*Eye of Cthulhu has awoken!*
"…wait he's going to target me"
PTpirahna was ripped to shreds by Eye of Cthulhu
That's why you lure everyone to the beach and summon Duke Fishron.


Skeletron Prime
Sold my warding cross necklace to Santa Claus by shift-clicking it. Dunno why, but it didn't appear in the only empty slot in his trading grid.


Skeletron Prime
I was on ios version i wanted to summon eye of cachuchu with suspicious looking eye but then there was a message saying an evil presence is watching you so i summoned 2 eyes of cachuchu.
Then I died.


*Playing with Second Cousin , exploring Cavern Biome*

"Oh look , what's this red metallic thingy down here?" *We both see it , I rush trying to get to it first*

"Haha , it is mine , all mine!"

*I proceed to click the bloody thing and little did I know that it was a remote detonator set to explode a stack of TNT*

*BOOM , I explode into a shower of tiny little disembodied pieces*

Me : ._.'

Cousin : ._.'

We proceeded to laughing for about 15 minutes straight and he called me a dumbass.....ahhh Terraria.


Either being killed by wraiths on a character with endgame armor and gear (it was 1.2.4 and I had Specter gear) and getting killed by a possessed armor because I thought I had paused the game before getting a drink, or getting killed by a Holy Hand Grenade on mobile because I thought with max health and Shroomite armor that even if I was too close (It turned out I was about three blocks away from that), my armor and health would save me. Keep in mind I went back to the wiki after this and found out it had a base damage of 600. That and trolling a new player friend of mine into going into the dungeon before killing Skeletron and it turning out that he didn't despawn between the point where he killed my friend and the point where I had been standing at the dungeon entrance. Hey, he did try to take my supply of crystal shards when I invited him on my world.


Another thing. Sky bridge bomb war with a friend + under water base = under water base essentially being depth charged and eventually flooded.


Dungeon Spirit
I dueled my cousin who had frost moon/duke fishron items while I had chlorophite.
The ironic thing is, I won. Twice.
I owe everything to that leaf crystal.


2 things:
  • When my friend first introduced me to Terraria, we started out in a world together with new characters. Then with wooden armor we instantly went to fight Skeletron (before that I went into the dungeon at day on got the scare of my life). Well, we obviously died. XD
  • I was using the liquid duplication glitch by using buckets for my obsidian glitch when I tapped to release the lava a little too high. RIP my 3 NPCs.
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