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What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?


Skeletron Prime

This was on discord. (If seeing counts)

Blood Crawler

Brain of Cthulhu
Someone said that he dislikes a game just because it features a female protagonist and creators of this game must be "le egdy liberal SJWs" is they made the main protagonist a woman. So the creators of Metroid, Tomb Raider, Ms-Pacman are also SJWs in his eyes?. Also the game never states that she's musulim, unless you think that "not white = musulim!!!" which adds bonus stupidity points for him because he confuses race and religion.

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So, this one time maybe 2 years ago, I was talking to my family about music. I mentioned something about how the on-sheet music words are usually in Italian. My sister then responded:
"Italian? I thought they all spoke french."
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