What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?

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  1. GawenStarTeller

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    At the same time, one has to wonder in what situation would make anybody say that in the first place.
  2. MACMAN2003

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    "Be careful, you might get rabbits from bats and dogs with rabbits"
  3. DankySkeleton

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    "Hillery Clinton will win the election"
    Too late, Trump won.
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  4. Kazzymodus

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    One of my health sciences exams:

    [Insert statement here]

    Is this statement:

    A) True
    B) False
    C) A bit true

    University level education, ladies and gentlemen.
  5. TheBezixx

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    "There's only 7 million people on Earth, so there's no way you can get 30 millions out of them."
  6. xXDiamondDogXx

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    Have you, in the last couple of months, liked Hillary Clinton?

    Is this statement:

    A) True
    B) False
    C) A bit true
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  7. Jill

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    One guy who's currently sitting with a :red:-ton of upvotes on the League subreddit claims that, and I quote,

    '90% of the playerbase never plays any ranked games at all.'

    Now this was in a thread about how China has 111m ranked accounts across all of it servers, so according to this guy's (gob:red:e tbh) that a hundred+ people seem to agree with, China has 1.1 billion people who play League of Legends! That's 80% of every single man, woman and child in the country who play, apparently!
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  8. Hie the Badger

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    Me(context): I have ibuprofen at home. Why do I need this for my flu?
    Doctor: Well Im giving you a higher dosage!



    I have the flu and the only prescription is more [​IMG]
  9. OptiPri

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    >Almost breaks a window<
    Why don't I get to go on the trip? I didn't do anything wrong!
  10. Diretooth

    Diretooth Steampunker

    Because grinding up medication and putting it into capsules is always the wiser solution. T.T Your doctor could have explained it better, but generally they know what they're doing when they're prescribing something.
    Speaking of grinding medication up and putting it into capsules, I've actually had an acquaintance taken to the hospital because they did that, having given themselves a higher dose than necessary because he didn't want to spend the extra money on what their doctor suggested. Medicine is no joke, it can :red: you up.
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  11. Hie the Badger

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    First of all. I am what you would call a renaissance man. I have my fingers in ALL kinds of information that I have studied well. More importantly what I put in all caps was a joke. The doctor prescribed an absolutely stupid dose of ibuprofen (note: I pretty much had no choice to go, but took advantage of that to drill for information) that I refused to take in any instance other than an emergency. I wouldn't actually grind it up to put it in larger capsules. Why?

    Because even the smallest dose possible of ibuprofen is an extreme hazard. Plus those capsules are better used for actual medicine.

    Your anecdotal friend (anecdotes sure are infamous here) didn't take into account his weight and tolerance. In fact most people don't even THINK about that when they gargle their chemical waste. It's just. ARE YOU UNDER 12, TAKE THIS MUCH. IF YOU ARE OVER 12, TAKE THIS MUCH. Well wait.. how much do you weigh? How does your body react to it? But I bet I know who has that information! The doctor who you have to have INSURANCE to afford. I just have it in a humble notebook.

    I bet someone is going to ask me for this information. But. Heh. You know HOW IT GOES.


    If you'd like to discuss this further PM me. I won't respond to this here and be off topic.
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  12. yugiohhero

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    To be fair, British soccer is called football.

    I don't quite understand how that works, though.

    For my dumbest quote, it would be my classmate.

    "Wait, people live in Japan? I thought everyone just went there to work and went back at night to go home"

    Yes, my classmate though people go over a giant bridge between china and japan to work in japan then go home to china.

    I'm not making this :red: up. I wish i could make this :red: up!
  13. PieOfCthulhu

    PieOfCthulhu Skeletron

    I think you win. That's by far the stupidest one I've heard yet.
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  14. Forty-Seven Rōnin

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    >Overwatch Competitive
    >Ally Pro Genji picks Genji
    >Squeaker: "Can the Genji switch? I'm a pro Genji"
    >Pro Genji refuses.
    >We attack first
    >Our attack is ending Squeaker is pissed
    >Bear in mind, our Genji got several quadruple kills and one quintuple with his ult.
    >Genji stays Genji for defense and I pick Ana to give him Nano when he ults
    >Kid is still asking to switch
    >Won game with a quintuple kill from Genji and got rid of squeaker.
  15. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    Somehow, that one reminded me of a similar case I had in TF2, while in playing MvM: We got a jerkass player that insisted on one of the other players to switch to Heavy. The latter was playing as Sniper, and pretty well at it (Specially as I was apparently the only person with a Sydney Sleeper other than me, and I am awful at Sniper). He outright said that switching the Sniper for a Heavy would "improve DPS". When I pointed out the value of mimi-crits, he said something like "What would be better: 1.3x or 2x damage?" I outright pointed out that it would be 1.3*5x, as Jarate allows other players to inflict mini-crits. In the end, IRC, we kicked him.
  16. The Eye of Horus

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    I guess it isn't the dumbest thing, but I knew a kid (14 or 15 years old) who insisted that Velociraptors were really big (human-sized). I corrected him, telling him he was thinking of Utahraptors, but he said that he has seen Jurassic Park and velociraptors are big.

    Of course, this was a toxic jerk who I hated so much that I was incredibly glad to hear he was moving away.
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  17. ONLY A Random User

    ONLY A Random User Terrarian

    "Adult: why are you on this 13+ site?"
    "Kid: "because i'm SAVAGE"

    oh gosh the cringe.
  18. OptiPri

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  19. Hie the Badger

    Hie the Badger The Destroyer

    "Why cant you take my 30 internet coupons?! They did it before!"
    "I have a [internet] coupon for every item here! Keep the receipt!" Attempts to leave before you gesture for loss prevention to watch them.
    "I know you can take all these [internet coupons] so don't try to discriminate against me!"

    Im very certain no one in my store or any store for that matter have ever taken 30 internet coupons. We cant even take 30 normal coupons unless you have *one* for every product set with no doubles or overlaps. I wonder if they know they are talking to a very good couponer who cringes at their terrible couponing tactics.

    The main issue with internet coupons is that they can be photocopied en mass without much of a trace unless you know printers and know how photocopies look. (they will NOT come out perfect from any domestic printer for sure. They barely come out right on PROFESSIONAL platforms.) THIS is why you can only use a few of them and only if the serial numbers are different. Absolutely no exceptions, absolutely no slides.

    Remember kids: Coupon fraud is as bad as theft and carries nearly a single life sentence.
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  20. AintDatTrueI

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    ''England is my city!''