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What is the eaisest Celestial Tower?

Which Was The First Pillar You Killed?

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Terrarian 2

i'm a warrior , and terrarian/Solar eruption can kill dem stardust cells in one shot

To be fair, if you have already defeated the Moon-Lord for the terrarian and you have grinded the best end-game accessories, everything in the game is a cake walk and there is no challenge...


Skeletron Prime
Stardust is especially easy if you use the Vampire Knives. If you keep throwing them at a Stardust Cell, then you basically out-heal the damage caused by everything else.

Blood Crawler

Brain of Cthulhu
As a person who mostly plays ranged, i can confirm that Vortex is pretty easy.

Here's my top 4:
1. Nebula
2. Solar
3. Stardust
4. Vortex
The easiest must be the VORTEX tower. Cuz, you can just cheat by digging yourself into the floor and shoot the enemies with daedalus stormbow, cuz they cant go through blocks. Easy. And also, the enemies arent that hard, mostly cuz of the larvas, you can only be killing them and you can open the tower's shield


Official Terrarian
The Vortex Pillar, but that's mainly because It's the one I'm most familiar with when it comes to the enemies.
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