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What would you bring from other games to terraria?


Godhead from the binding of isaac rebirth.

Kyouko Tsukino

Every weapon ever from Dynasty Warriors... And their movesets.

Specially the Shuriglaive and magical girl rod (aka "Crosspike" and "Pugil Stick") because, even in a game where every weapon is OP, they still manage to look more OP than the rest.


if i played Terraria for 400+ hours and i still manage to have fun, it pretty much means that the game is good as it is. BUT, if i had to choose to import a characteristic from other games, i'd say "Lore". Don't get me wrong, i like how the game is so much open to interpretations and how a lot of players came up with some of the most brilliant theories, but i still feel that finding in-game some "official" old notes, books and info from npc about the world, hallow, crimson and corruption and all the bosses and mobs would be extremely interesting.


Empress of Light
If there was only one thing I would cross-over into Terraria, it would be a hand crossbow from Diablo 3: "Calamity".

Only in Terraria, it would be a repeater-type weapon, with a 5% chance not to consume arrow and a 1/6 chance to inflict Weak for 2-3 seconds. I'd probably call it "Essence of Hate", and the damage would be Hallow-tier, albeit a little faster.

[Base: Hand crossbow, which is usually 1.6 APS, with the following legendary power causing affected targets to take 20% more damage (Marked For Death). I use Weak, because it lowers armor and impairs the enemy, but not stupidlow like Broken Armor.]


Anything from all the games I've ever played....? The Gravity gun from the Half series, I think it would be fun to toss things around with that. A way to craft it first then upgrade into the super gravity gun with the blue glow so that we can also shoot around enemies too, or Maybe even have the super blue mode use up it's own special ammo, because it was a temporary state in the original half life appearance. While normal version can toss anything but mobs. Using the environment and objects to hit enemies has always been fun. Added bonus for randomly placed saw-blades!


Empress of Light
The Rock-it launcher from Fallout 3. Shoot all the random crap you don't need at enemies!

Dubstep gun. does this need explanation?

Covenant Carbine. Because I like that gun.

An ACU from Supreme Commander. Why? Because who the hell doesn't want a giant-:red: mech suit that makes tanks look tiny?

Scarab from Halo. Again, it has death laser beams of death.

And, of course, the Unrelenting Force shout from Skyrim. Because sending enemies flying away is fun.


Official Terrarian
I'd add the Engineer's Sentries from Team Fortress 2, the frying pan from Left 4 Dead 2, an R2D2 pet from Star Wars (if movies count too), the High Frequency Blade from Metal Gear Rising, Mortal Kombat vanities, just to name a few.


A tank.

We're getting mounts though, so... I might get my wish.

Um. A story? Campaign maybe? No, that wouldn't work. It would make things weird.

A mad cat mech. Yeah, Gonna go with a mad cat.
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