PC Which item did you have the most trouble with to obtain?

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Paladin's hammer took me hours to get. I can't tell you how many shields I have from all the grinding.
Had trouble getting the Death Sickle, eventually I traded for it. The next eclipse I encountered gave me a Death Sickle and a banner to boot.
Every other key mold then frost
I got into hardmode killed a ice slime and GUESS WHAT DROPPED
A key mold (yayyyyyy)
Then when I need other key molds

Crickets start to chirp
Anything I want at a time but the RNG doesn't give it to me.
In actuality, all the damn quest fishes.
>Stays at the correct biome for the quest fish. >Lots of minutes wasted. >Finally gets it.

Item-wise... well, not quite really, except Guide Voodoo Dolls. Yes, I've beaten WoF lots of times, but to get those items are just a pain. Wow.
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