Worst Game You've Played

Sonic boom.
Sonic 06 had some funny moments, shadow doing a chuck norris to silver is one example, Sonic boom has no good moments, and its more glitchy than sonic 06.
Every Fifa/Pes game
[DOUBLEPOST=1436718315,1436718198][/DOUBLEPOST]OH NEVERMIND, Habbo is seriously BAD it's not your everyday stupid, it's advanced stupid.
Ugh, LoL leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'll be honest, it's not the WORST game I've ever played (That would be Five Nights at Freddy's), but I have bad memories, and the only reason I ever played it in the first place is because of an ex boyfriend.
Methampetamimes Adventure is my favorite game of all time.
Seriously, at least the Wii version had an okay soundtrack. The DS version only has one - that plays throughout the ENTIRE game!
Doritos Crash Course 2. Its a Wipeout based game filled with annoying 12 year olds. Hands down the WORST game I have ever played.
For me, probably Ping Pals on DS.
It was an Avatar-dressing chatroom DS game.
It might've been fun, if there was anyone else who even knew the game existed and I could actually use the games main feature instead of talking to the generic NPCs repeating the same stories for miniscule amounts of cash to buy outfits.
Realm of the mad god. Just.. horrible.
It was god until... Kabam ruined it now its a standard mmo free to play.

My worst game is...M&Ms beach party... It had good mini games but most of them had a pattern and you could instantly win. Also it wasn't a big game and I got it on CD! It isn't a dinky Wii shop download. It had about 10 games and a seashell hunt. I did like it but it was plain and had more space to work with.
Cubic Castles. One of my friends convinced me to play it, and what I found was a game made with micro-transactions in mind.(My friend convinced me to play it just so he could hear me complain about how bad it was.)

If you want more info, look at the info for it on Steam. It's ridiculous.
Angry Birds.

When I first saw all the toys for this game I thought it would be a pretty good game for all this popularity. I got that feeling when I played Five Nights at Freddy's, but worse, FNAF had a pretty interesting story.. This game is just making bricks and wood fall on pigs who are just wanting some food. It's entertaining at first yes, but after 30 levels this game becomes rage and boring. and they have made so many crossovers, just begging for money.
Any game that's free to play but you have to pay for any hope in progression. Especially those that make you wait 20 minutes for a chance to do anything. Those types of games could get me to yell at the creators for an hour. The only reason it's not longer is that I wouldn't be able to physically do it for much longer. Though for whoever is in charge of king games I'd gladly make an exception. I hate that company, they ripped off a game and then ended up making a huge amount of money and annoying commercials.

But in all honesty, dead island. A former friend recommended it to me so I got it, I played through the entire thing to see if it got better. It followed the same things that most other zombie games followed. You were one of the very few people who were immune, the idea of zombies is completely nonexistent so the infection took out almost everybody, and that there's a zombie that explodes for some reason.

I found the constant weapon repairs tedious. Not because of the excessive amount of money, but because I had to drop what I was doing to find a workbench. How does one break a crowbar? You don't. I can see a katana breaking after a few uses but come on.

Also the NPC'S in that game made me wish I could take a fallout approach and take them all out. The random swearing and repetitive comments got old in the first day.
I have played ET and actually thought it was surprisingly fun. Very simple and broken mechanics at times, but it IS a game and there's some enjoyment to be had.

Aside from that, I typically try to avoid bad games, so it's hard to say. Probably Kirby's Epic Yarn, which barely even qualifies as a game due to the fact that YOU CAN'T LOSE. It's even more of a shame since it was otherwise decent, but the complete lack of consequences kind of removes the point of, y'know, a game.
Sonic '06 is the worst game I've ever played simply because of the many glitches, broken physics, awful story and terrible framerate. It gets a 1/10 from me because the soundtrack is okay.
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