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IC Yuu High : A Superhero Academy IC


The Destroyer
I decide to get up and write something on the blackboard.

I write, 'TEACHER Y U NO ARRIVE' in bold with red chalk and then sit down.

"Don't worry, I know how to keep myself busy in case I go to detention. Though, in some schools you can go to detention for tattling, so we might have to wait and see before anyone tells the teacher it was me who wrote that."

I start writing something down.

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
Hydraxon simply shook his head after Bubby spoke. "Asking a question shouldn't be punished... much. Besides, it is a reasonable question. After all, the teacher is incredibly late.(Like two days.) That shouldn't get you put into detention, after waiting for a long time for the teacher."

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
Hydraxon simply tried to answer the question with a quote,"To consult a sphinx is a test in patience. Perhaps that’s the point."


The Destroyer
"Hm. Yeah, maybe this is a test of patience."

I look at what I just wrote in my book.

"Anyway, what's your name?"


The Destroyer
"No, they're naturally like this. I think it ties in to how my mouth kinda looks reshaped when I use my gear."

I nod to Hydraxon, getting up and observing various things.

"Well, I'm not gonna vandalize anything or break stuff, and besides, what's the harm in a little observatio-!!!"

I accidentally knock a book in the floor, and pick it right up.


"This is taking too long, mind if I break the rules?"
Blue makes a small fire which he immediately extinguishes, making some smoke which is barely enough to activate the fire alarm, which will probably make a teacher come right away.


*A small sound of foot steps can be heard, as if it was the trodding of a small feet of an animal.*
*A medium sized figure jumps up onto the podium of metal, reaching with a long stick, pressing a tile in the ceiling turning off the fire alarm.*
"Hate to brea- Wait a second, where is everyone? I thought there was at least 10 people pose to be here. Either way, I am Happy! Happy the blue cat that will be your teacher!"
*Multiple students in the hallway are returning to class after the fake alarm. Echos from the hallway shows that many of the kids thought it was a drill.*

((@Yello_Xplorer Too bad it ain't Korosensai.))
((@Bubby Aurora Most of the images I got for the character in here are all from the internet. I do draw but I needed to hurry this RP to start it up and decided to get pics from the internet.))


"Hi there! I'm Blue and I triggered the alarm because nobody actually arrived to teach us."
He quickly puts his anti-octopus sensei toy knife into his bag and takes out a book and writing tools


Official Terrarian
he looked at the that, and smiled.
"Well you sure look happy, Happy! I am Mike! And these are Munar, Bubby and.....Sorry IDK your name...."
he looked at them all....and felt a sense of belonging.
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