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-I'm a bit of an introvert (actually a massive introvert)
-My hobbies include: Drawing, Roleplaying, Video Games and collecting pointless things
-That's about it for stuff about me!
Full name: Foxen Valence
Species: Arcana
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Other: Foxen's Sword is called Arcanium Shard.
He is always joined by a wisp named Kristal, and he can summon an Arcane Spirit at will.
Foxen always tries to hide his wings and tail.
Can use fire magic.
Almost always silent.
Weaknesses: can't fly very well.
Personality: shy, but caring.
Text color: #5abbbf
Text color (Kristal): #8beebb
Full name: Wolf Valence
Species: Arcana
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Other: Wolf's staff is known as the Dawnlight staff.
Can use magic and is a very skilled mage.
Is joined by an AI called Holo.
Weaknesses: Can't fly very well.
Sometimes a bit overprotective towards Holo, which can get Wolf injured.
Personality: Caring and quite protective, though he is almost completely silent.
Text color: #a3d36b
Species: AI
Age(sphere): 9
Age(human): 12
Gender: Male
Other: Holo can switch between human and sphere forms.
Is able to lift Wolf into the air a bit when in his sphere form.
In his human form, Holo is an amazing archer.
Weaknesses: If the Button on his headgear is hit, Holo reverts to his sphere form.
Personality: Shy, but he cares about his friends.
Text color: #b4a5b6
Full name: Esther Goldenrose
Age: 12
Gender: Female (though she's occasionally mistaken for male)

Species: Human
Personality: Usually silent, barely ever shows it if she's happy.
Equipment: Upgraded Fossil Armor, a staff, sword of air, Nightglow, fishing rod, a bow.
Abilities: Wind magic, light magic, can teleport.
Quirks: very skilled in battle.
Flaws: her knees are weak spots.
Her right arm is also a bit of a weak spot, if she gets hit there it will sting a bit.
Other: She is an amazing pokemon trainer, with her team being:
Dexio (A Rotom Dex.)
Arc (A normal Rotom. Moves: Thunderbolt, the form-exclusive move, Hex and Swift.)
Name: Sandshrew
Nickname: Sandy
Level: 100
Gender: Male
Species: Sandshrew

Personality: friendly, clever, doesn't get stressed quickly anymore unlike earlier, doesn't raise his voice unless it's absolutely necessary. He also hates the idea of evolving.
Held item: Shell Bell.
Abilities: can switch between forms at will.
Kanto form ability: Sand Veil.
Alola form ability: Snow Cloak.
Grass type form ability: Chlorophyll.
Kanto form: Dig (sometimes replaced with Flash), Sand attack, Fury Cutter, and Sandstorm.
Alola form: Icicle Spear, Ice Beam, Rollout, and Hail.
Grass type form: Magical Leaf, X-Scissor, Solar Blade, and Tri Attack.
Quirks: he can talk.
He's basically everyone's Pokémon.
Flaws: he doesn't like raising his voice, even if it's a good idea to do so.
He's slightly forgetful at times.
He gets caught off guard by sudden, fast attacks.
Characteristic: Quick to flee. (19 Speed IVs.)
Nature: Jolly.
Text color: #c69102

Text color: #156eb6
Coal (A Charmander with the color scheme of shiny Charizard.
Text color: #ae3b0a)

Splashy (Mudkip): Rock Throw, Waterfall, Return, and Hidden Power.
Casty (Castform): Weather Ball, Rain Dance/Sunny Day/Hail, Return, and Thunder/Solar Beam/Blizzard (depending on which weather move is selected).
Pidgeot: Fly, Hyper Beam, Air Slash, and Facade.
she is often joined by a magic lantern (Named Spelunker), a flickerwick (Named Flicky), and an infernal wisp (Named Wispy).
She has an alternate version, named Traveler.
Gender: Female, but nobody knows that, so genderless.
Appearance: View attachment 278454 (Her eyes are blue when she's disguised)
Personality: Very quiet, very serious compared to Esther.
Equipment: Death Sickle reforged to Legendary, which she got during a solar eclipse.
Phoenix Blaster.
Hallowed Armor, hidden by her outfit, melee helmet.
Abilities: Same as Esther, but she barely uses her magic.
Quirks: Same as Esther.
Flaws: Same as Esther.
There's an entity named Glitch inside of her, sometimes it takes over.
Full name: Raphael Goldenrose
Age: 12
Gender: Male

Species: Human
Personality: sort of serious, he cares a lot about Esther. If you hurt Esther, Raphael will hunt you down for several weeks.
Equipment: a golden dagger.
Abilities: can use a few different elements, his main element is electricity.
Quirks: can't be turned evil.
Can take a lot of hits before having to retreat.
Flaws: somewhat clumsy at times.
A bit reckless.
Other: he is one of Esther's siblings.
Text color: #6daaca
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Other: Wields two swords, and he also has a bow for ranged combat. He also has a lantern-like weapon, and a weak hoverboard that is mainly white with a blue trimming.
He can use his cape to teleport.
Personality: Very quiet, doesn't immediately trust people.

Text color: #129e78
Comes from a place called Fox Valley
Species: Fox
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Preferred weapons: He has leaves circling around him that he can control, and that's his main weapon. He can also combine them into a sword.
Abilities: Pretty fast.
Can hover a bit above the ground.
Weaknesses: Sometimes, the leaves go in a different direction than where Valley aimed.
Personality: kinda shy.
Other: Valley is often mistaken for a welsh corgi.
Can speak english, but has trouble pronouncing a lot of words.
He is the lorekeeper of Fox Valley.
Text color: #ffff88 or #cceffa
Full name: Tiger Flamefield
Age: 12
Gender: Male

Species: Human
Personality: Very serious, completely silent.
Abilities: Wind magic, light magic.
Equipment: Tiger wields the Nightscale Dagger.
Quirks: Immune to shadow magic.
Tiger is the only one able to wield the Nightscale Dagger, which he can throw and it will return after hitting its target.
Flaws: Doesn't really show his emotions, making it very hard to help him even if you want to help.
Name: Nick
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Appearance: Well, same as Tiger, it's the same body.
Personality: The only way I can describe it is by providing a quote: "Killing things is my job, not Tiger's."
Abilities: Same as Tiger.
Equipment: Same as Tiger.
Quirks: Same as Tiger, and he really enjoys killing things.
Flaws: He gets bored somewhat quickly.
Text color: #007700
Text color: #00aa00
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Appearance: View attachment 278263
Species: Human...? She's based off of the Hat Kid from A Hat in Time, so I'm not sure.
Personality: energetic, rather mischievous, but quite friendly.
Abilities: The hat and badge abilities from the game.
Equipment: Her umbrella.
Quirks: The same as the hat kid. (Double jump, wall jump, etc.)
Flaws: Sometimes a bit too friendly.
Text color: #eeb760
Age: I don't know
Gender: Male
Appearance: View attachment 278268
Species: Bird
Personality: More on the serious side, Birdon often acts as the second leader of the squad, with Esther being the leader.
Abilities: Wing kirby's moveset, just look it up, I'm not gonna list it here.
Equipment: None.
Quirks: Being a bird, he can fly.
Flaws: Bad defense.
Text color: #5fa374
Nickname: Vani
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Personality: Calm, likes adventure. Often sneaks up behind the enemy.
Equipment: Wand of Sparking, Pulse Bow, Daedalus Stormbow, North Pole, Molten quiver, full frozen armor.
Abilities: None at the moment.
Quirks: Great at aiming.
Flaws: Bad at dodging.
Other: Knows the ancient floracian language.
Prefers being called by her nickname.
Always joined by her pet cat, Starlight.
She has beaten the Wall of Flesh and a Hallowed Mimic with nothing but the Wand of Sparking.
Text color: #60e5c7
Full name: Sam Candice
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Appearance: View attachment 283392
Species: Human
Personality: I'm not sure how to describe Sam's personality.
Equipment: Stardust Boomerang.
Abilities: none.
Quirks: doesn't need as many materials to craft things, and can craft things that normally can't be crafted.
Flaws: he can get annoyed easily.
Text color: #6beafd
Nickname: Spherical Mii
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Species: Digi wisp

Personality: Tries to remain optimistic, but gets sad if he fails to protect his friends.
Equipment: a bow.
Abilities: Unknown.
Quirks: He's very observant, and can quickly tell if someone is friend or foe.
Flaws: He gets scared easily.
Struggles with being alone.
Other: He can speak, he just chooses not to.
Text color: #a2fed3
Level: 72
Gender: Female
Species: Zorua
Appearance: A normal Zorua.
Personality: Friendly, a bit cocky.
Ability: Illusion.
Held Item: Silk Scarf.
Moves: Scratch, Protect, Shadow Ball, and Endure.
Quirks: She usually tries to end fights without killing anyone.
Flaws: The quirk often ends up backfiring, resulting in her getting injured more often than not in battle.
Text color: #673046
Level: 78
Gender: None, because Jirachi can't have a gender
Species: Jirachi
Appearance: A normal Jirachi, but wears a brown sweater.
Held item: None.
Ability: Serene Grace.
Other Abilities: Can blast off at high speeds. (they don't do this often.)
Moves: Swift, Helping Hand, Cosmic Power, and Shadow Ball.
Quirks: High attack stat.
Flaws: Low Defense stat.
Nature: Jolly.
Characteristic: Quick to flee.
Text color: #d2f400
Level: 69
Gender: None, because Victini can't have a gender
Species: Victini
Appearance: A normal Victini, but wears a light blue sweater, and has a purple scarf.
Held item: None.
Ability: Victory Star.
Other Abilities: Can blast off at high speeds. (they don't do this often.)
Moves: Quick Attack (Or Flame Charge, haven't decided which yet.), Shadow Ball, Helping Hand, and Solar Beam.
Quirks: High defense stat.
Flaws: Low attack stat.
Tends to be a bit clumsy.
Nature: Jolly.
Characteristic: Quick to flee.
Other (Also applies to Jirach): They don't have the defining trait of their species. (Mostly because that would be OP, and I know that.)
Text color: #e57a04
OCs that won't get their description here, just their text color:
Danila Curtainflame: #ca552d
Alternate: #ffff88 or #157730
Rose: #23a0e2
Jacky: #b3d4e8
Ellion: #b9a602
Ariah Blackfrost: #eb951d
Twilight: #04505e
Falchion: #6bb4e9
Dawn Blackstone: #e54a48
Pearl: #fec61c
Sibi: #f37a41
Raven Blackfrost: #392c77
Autumn: #c3842c
Stream: #5eccd2
Daniel: #adc9de
Citrus: #eca94f
Grape: #ce86a1
Ventas Eventide: #ed771c
Snowfall: #d2f8fe
Lemon: #e0e94f
Serthe: #2c9fe3
Antagonists that I use in RPs
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Appearance: View attachment 275138
Species: Human.
Personality: Evil and cunning.
Abilities: can turn most people evil with magic. (Cures: bright light, person affected gets defeated in battle.)
Quirks: he has somehow survived every encounter with Esther so far, and probably will survive many more.
Flaws: he often underestimates Esther's strength and skills, while also overestimating his own.
Other: he is Esther's arch-enemy.
Some people are immune to his magic. (Esther, Esther's Pokémon.)
Only text colors from here:
Amulet: #0b3d6b
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This makes it seem like blood types are some unlockable thing. Here's how you actually get a certain blood type: You have to be born that blood type.



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