...I'm getting sick of this.
I've distanced myself from most of my emotions lately. Please don't push me as it will cause me to snap.
So I felt like I should put some things about myself here, hopefully this doesn't fill the character limit... There's a few things that are said again elsewhere in this about, but I'm too lazy to remove them so deal with it.

So, I'm Esther. Self-proclaimed idiot with literally no life outside of here, and who makes a lot of things.
I'm probably known for roleplaying a LOT here, though you can also find me roleplaying on Flight Rising (very rarely) and MagiStream (I'm in a single roleplay there). I don't RP much on those sites because 1: scheduling troubles, and 2: most of the RPs on Flight Rising are super complicated/have already started/are based on franchises I know nothing about/have other issues preventing me from joining, while MagiStream doesn't have very many group RPs. While I am on PFQ and Xanje too, (and I plan to get back into The Final Outpost,) I don't plan to join any RPs there unless someone were to ask me if I was interested in a RP that hasn't started yet. (For TFO I probably won't even be on its forum at all though)
If anyone has any questions about my characters (the main list is linked in my signature, but it might be missing some (please let me know if you see a missing or misplaced entry in the list, I can't keep it accurate alone)), just let me know (Preferably on my AMA).

I draw characters when I have time and energy, and I always draw on paper using pencils (I have pens too, but I don't use them because I tend to mess up lines. A lot. And the problem with a pen is if you make a mistake, you gotta start over. Pencils are nice because I can use an eraser (though most of my erasers lose their corners within the first week of usage, and because I draw small... yeah fixing mistakes that are in-between two lines is a pain in the :red:.)). I do have a drawing tablet (Wacom One), but I don't use it often right now. On the rare occasions where I draw something digitally, I just use my mouse or phone.

I also make pixel art, almost exclusively Terraria styled sprites for weapons and stuff like that, and for that I use Aseprite and my mouse. I also have Piskel downloaded at all times because there are a few things it can do better than Aseprite, but I almost never need it.
The weapon type I sprite the least is any kind of gun, I just struggle with them compared to swords and staves. And lanterns, I've sprited so many of them it's hilarious.

I'm working on various writing projects too, even if they go a bit slowly right now.

I'm planning to learn some amount of music making eventually, mainly for eventual game projects.

Oh yeah, I'm making a Terraria mod (technically a few but two of them are side-projects). It's still in the very early stage and I haven't had time to work on it lately (*Cries in solo dev with no budget*), but I have a lot of ideas for it already, including two new classes, a new biome, and at least one new boss. It'll definitely take at least a few more years before I upload the first version to the steam workshop.

Another thing I plan to learn is animation, both for potential game projects and animated series (and random animations for silly things that are in my lore). And there's also 3D modeling but Blender confuses me greatly so that's going to take a while...

I can be all over the place, in many ways. There's a few notes scattered in this about and in my signature for things to look out for.
If I'm silent in bigger RPs (Mostly RJITU and TLRPPW, right now) for more than a week feel free to poke me with a ping on the first Tuesday or Friday possible. I have busy days on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (And so for the sake of my mental health, I stay out of bigger RPs on those days) but the rest of the week is less messy so I can reply on those if I have the energy to. But seriously, don't pressure me, it does. Not. Help.

There's a few roleplays that I miss a lot and that I will forever hope get revived again (no resets on them though, I really hate it when a RP that has made a ton of progress is reset entirely because it messes up things for me in other places, which usually leads to me leaving the RP entirely). Most notable ones are Aftermath Adventures, Black, Tainted Calamity (I would accept a minor rewind to an earlier point if needed, but not a full reset), I Choose You!, Asterra: World of Magic, Phantomtale, and The Blinding Radiance.

I think I'll leave it here.

Current Theme/Music I vibe with:
The only reason this profile is public is because I link it in other places. I'd love to make it private but I can't.

Kirby Personality Test gave me Light (If you take it, please bring a translation thing, it's in Japanese)
1st was Togetic, but I don't have the code for it anymore.
2nd was
Current is

According to this EoS personality test, I'm the "calm, relaxed type" (Vulpix/Phanpy/Cyndaquil/Chikorita).
I moved my quote list to my introduction thread, because those quotes were getting close to maxing out the limit here.
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I have ADHD and Autism, too.
Also, I get uncomfortable with things way too easily and I should probably make a list of things I'm not okay with.
I have trouble showing my limits sometimes, please be very patient around me.
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Terraria: Mobile
  3. Terraria: Nintendo 3DS
  4. Terraria: Wii U
  5. Terraria: Nintendo Switch
Wishing I could hide somewhere safe


Intro Thread|AMA/OC Color List|Literature|OC Lists|My Playlist|ECU OST
They/Them pronouns, thanks.
If I act coldly at any point for no visible reason, it's probably been a really long and/or exhausting day for me. It's nothing personal, just my brain shutting off emotions a lot lately.

Current RP Availability: Available, but don't expect much from me.
Please read these posts, they explain my mental state and things I've been through the past year.
How Was Your Day Thread V5 - Page 5121 - MagiStream
How Was Your Day Thread V5 - Page 5118 - MagiStream
How Was Your Day Thread V5 - Page 5152 - MagiStream
How Was Your Day Thread V5 - Page 5129 - MagiStream
"Only time will tell its tale, if it all has been in vain"
-Lyrics from Frozen by Within Temptation

These two are here exclusively to stare at @Orchamut and the rest of you
NOTE: If I ask a yes/no question, I can not work with you simply liking that post. I will simply see that as acknowledgment of the post and would prefer an actual answer with words.
I tend to blame myself when things go wrong, even if it's not my fault, so please keep that in mind when talking to me about sensitive topics.
I'm the current moderator of Collision (A Whatever-you-want RP). If you want to, please feel free to join!
"Normal speech" (The only language I frequently use other than normal is that for Pokémon, in which case I mark it like "[this]")
*Actions if I'm lazy or in a hurry*
Actions if I'm not lazy/in a hurry.
<Thoughts> (If I'm using text boxes made with a PMD Comic Maker, then I instead mark thoughts like (this) due to <> not being supported in the program.)
Things in a table happen at the same time as each other:
*(Example)*<(Example part two)>
<_Thoughts except not even alternate personalities can hear them_> (When using text boxes I'll mark these like (-this-) because as of typing this I just found out the program also doesn't support _ meaning I had to switch those out as well.)
My profile
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Keeping these colors here until I don't need them in Blender anymore, just in case. Don't mind it.
I am the Corrupted Supreme Poster of TLPW (I think)


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