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  1. ethanciavo

    I would suggest you get some better gear from the events (pumpkin moon, frost moon) as well as...

    I would suggest you get some better gear from the events (pumpkin moon, frost moon) as well as fishron gear. You might be able to beat the cultist, but you're going to have a hard time against the celestial pillars and moon lord. Specifically, I would recommend the flairon. North pole is pretty...
  2. ethanciavo

    What are you going up against?

    What are you going up against?
  3. ethanciavo

    TCF Suggestion Is it possible to make the links in status updates clickable?

    I think you guys misread my post. Links work fine in posts, but not on status updates, at least from what I can tell.
  4. ethanciavo

    TCF Suggestion Is it possible to make the links in status updates clickable?

    I don't see any forum for suggesting website improvement, so I'll just post it here. I don't know how this forum software works internally, but if possible, it would be nice if there was the ability to put clickable links on status updates. It's annoying to have to copy and paste links all the...
  5. ethanciavo

    Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

    I would like to see a trap that shoots out bombs, a super version of the bomb trap, and crafting recipes for the traps so that gathering traps is as painless as possible.
  6. ethanciavo

    Bottomless Healing Potion

    It should only restore 150 health, because this item makes super healing potions absolutely useless.
  7. ethanciavo

    Count to the highest number before a staff member posts

    98. What if someone who was not a mod who posted in this thread becomes a moderator?
  8. ethanciavo

    PC Two New Moon Lord Items

    Once again, summoner gets left in the dust. I like the idea of the weapons, but summoner needs a third weapon too. Maybe a weapon that actually summons minions instead of turrets.
  9. ethanciavo

    My biggest gripe with 1.3

    First of all, when did I ever establish this was "self-elevation to be a beta tester"? I'm sick of people who try to twist my message from every possible angle because I criticized (dear god, the horror!) some people. I admit that I may have been a bit too harsh, but I still stand by my opinion...
  10. ethanciavo

    Making the mana bar useful for all classes.

    Great, because we need to make warriors even closer to just being mages. Apart from that change, I like this suggestion. But I don't see the need to change projectile melee weapons, as stupid as they may be.
  11. ethanciavo

    My biggest gripe with 1.3

    Of course it's not really the devs fault. They aren't as much to blame as the people who let the bug slip by. Maybe I was being a bit too harsh on the beta testers. I know mistakes happen, but when it's time for the next major update to roll around, if re-logic does indeed select beta testers...
  12. ethanciavo

    My biggest gripe with 1.3

    ITT: People take what I'm saying, and twist it into "HEY THIS UPDATE SUX BECUS IT NOT PERFEEECT" First of all, this isn't a bug report. Ofc if I were reporting a bug, I would give the full description of what happened. But guess what? I'm not submitting a bug report. I'm stating my...
  13. ethanciavo

    My biggest gripe with 1.3

    Looks like you don't have the capacity to read a post. :/ 1. Saying that a new version is buggy does not justify it being buggy. Small bugs I can perfectly understand, but I won't accept the huge bugs that should have been incredibly easy to spot. 2. I know they are fixing the bugs. Keep in...
  14. ethanciavo

    My biggest gripe with 1.3

    Now, I'm afraid to talk about this issue on these forums for fear of insulting the community, but I have to talk about this. I was not happy with the beta testing for 1.3. Now, I was not one of the people who was selected to take part in the beta testing for 1.3, but I do know that something...
  15. ethanciavo

    PC Rod of Discord for Sale

    I'm ready to fight moon lord anytime today, just message me when you are ready to fight.
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